Master’s Sun – Belated Ep 13 Thoughts

First of all, I’m kinda sad episode 13’s ratings clocked in at a lower 15.6% (TMmS) or 14.8% (AGG Nielsen). I mean I totally get that it was during Chuseok and that you people actually do stuff on holidays but I’m still sad cause I really want this drama to continue to break its own ratings.

A lot of netizens had a problem with Joong-won’s coma/memory loss issues. I actually did not. Granted, these plot devices are so overused, overdone, over-everything. But I felt like it was valid within this story because the supernatural ghost stuff backs it up. It’s sort of a cop-out for the Hong Sisters to use memory loss as a plot point, but really looking back at their repertoire have they done anything super out-of-box. Ultimately, their dramas are just a cutesy, zippy, punny, metaphor-filled good time.  There are no overarching grand themes and insights about life. Just cuteness and great chemistry between the main actor/actress.



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Some other points of interest:

1. Gong Hyo-jin continues to act without boundaries and just cries her heart out. I literally felt my heart shatter into pieces every time Gong-shil had an encounter with Joong-won after his memory loss.

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2. Kang woo is beginning to feel like an afterthought. We still don’t know much about him at all, and he actually just takes up space/screentime. Just about zero character development. If I didn’t love Seo In-guk this much, I’d be annoyed why he’s even still in this show. Same goes for Tae Yi-ryung but she’s kind of useful when she pushes Gong-shil and Joong-won together.


3. Hanna downright gets on my nerves. I guess she’s doing her job as the villain. There are a lot of theories floating around on Soompi. People think Hanna is actually an evil Hee-joo and the Hee-joo ghost is Hanna. Ehh, I don’t really know about this theory. I don’t think the Hong Sisters go that deep. We’ll see about this one. At least Secretary Kim seems genuinely not evil/not involved with the plot against Joong-won cause I love the token fairy-godmother in the form of an old ahjussi Sectary Kim.

4. Them little neighbor boys are sure adorable. And useful! Make Joong-won remember!





2 responses to “Master’s Sun – Belated Ep 13 Thoughts

  1. yes!!! my point of interest is the same!!! 😀
    – i love gong hyo jin! she is the best actress i had ever seen.
    – i become more and more courious about Kang Woo.
    – Hanna.. she is evil and scary and i hate her.
    – the little neighbor boys is SO cute. their facial expression is priceless.

    cant wait for the next episode!!!

  2. you know – i wasnt doing my normal visits to blogs etc last week and was waiting for Master’s Sun to come on Wed and it didnt – then when I finally figured it out this is what came out…I love gong hyo jin always but you’re right about the memory loss shit that they always use…sigh…so sick of it. I guess we’ll see what happens next this Wed/Thui

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