Master’s Sun- Ep 5 Thoughts

OMG!!! I’m in love! The Hong Sister’s have upped the ante! More romance, more feelings. Joong-won is obviously much more partial to Gong-shil. He’s gets all jealous that Gong-shil seems to have an admirer in Kang-woo.

The ghost story of the episode is kind of bland, but at least it ties in with Joong-won’s business endeavors. Some rich grandma’s dead grandson needs Gong-shil’s help to pass his last message to his first love. Meh. What I like about the story is that Joong-won rushes to Gong-shil’s aid knowing she’s trapped in rich grandma’s house. This mirrors his actions from the end of episode 4 when he rushes to save Gong-shil from the ghost stampede at the scene of a major car accident. This is another blatant indicator of his growing feelings towards her.


I also am intrigued by the message the ghost matchmaker left for Gong-shil. Ghost matchmaker says that the ghosts flock to Gong-shil because she’s shining too brightly but that darkness will eventually take over the light. I don’t know if this is a hint-drop/foreboding of the darkness to come. It would be nice if this was incorporated into the ultimate explanation of how Gong-shil can sees ghost. Perhaps Gong-shil is a pure soul that attracts ghosts while Joong-won is a darkness that makes the ghosts disappear when Gong-shil touches him? Again, I hope the Hong Sisters give a satisfactory explanation of this supernatural issue and not leave any plot holes.




Also, in the last scene of episode 5, Joong-won again rushes to Gong-shil after seeing her talk to Kang-woo. I know the purpose is to convey jealousy. But as much as I love So Ji-sub, I have to admit his face totally fails at portraying any sort of emotion in this scene. He looks 100% stoic. Come on! Can’t you even overact? Am I asking for too much? It was really quite disappointing because this is a major scene that should demonstrate Joong-won’s feelings, but it really falls flat. Perhaps it’s just because Gong Hyo-jin is such an expressive actress that So Ji-sub fails in comparison? I LOVE YOU SO JI-SUB!


Again another plot point that keeps me watching is Kang-woo. Seo In-guk is such an enigma in this drama. I think he is doing a splendid job, and I don’t even see a hint of our favorite A+ student, Yoon Yoon-jae from Answer Me 1997. One gripe about Gong Hyo-jin is that I keep seeing hints of her Best Love and her Pasta character. Seo In-guk doesn’t have this problem at all. And one last fan girl note, Kang-woo’s action scenes are super cool, and makes Seo In-guk look extra hot! Let’s pray the director puts in more action scenes.




Excited for episode 6! The little kid brothers seem to be the star of the next episode. Younger brother can see ghosts! Finally Gong-shil will have someone who understands her. The two kids are frigging adorable so…episode 6, come to mama!

Credit to softycadence for video screencappy things that helped me screencap my favorite parts

6 responses to “Master’s Sun- Ep 5 Thoughts

  1. i really shouldn’t be dramaland-loving right now… or online…
    i couldn’t resist, drama soulmate whitecarrot!!

  2. OMG, that action scene! I was squeal when I saw that! Soooo hot! I love this episode overall, but I wish the ghost-of-the-day story was at least not so random. Oh and did you notice that Seo In-guk almost slip onto his Busan satoori in the scene with Yi-Ryeong?

    • yes yes! I thought i heard the Busan satoori but im not korean so i doubted my ears. I guess its really hard to change things like that. cute!

  3. Yeah, I agree So Ji-sub is quite stoic, but I guess if he do acts or overacts, he’ll end up just like Cha Seung-won in Best Love, and I mean the character ’cause they’re both jerks.

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