Akanishi Jin – He’s Back!

Yes, I am a KAT-TUN fan! Well, it is more like I spent one summer drooling over them in 2008 or something, I watched ALL their PV’s, shows, and dramas at that time. Real Face is the best single ever from KAT-TUN! I kind of calmed down on my fangirling since Akanishi Jin left the group in in 2010 and went solo to pursue a music career in the US. Akanishi is just pure hotness in my book. I don’t really enjoy his solo music that much as it incorporates a lot of auto-tuning and misuse of random English words.



Anyways, anyone who even remotely follows J-entertainment should know the “Akanishi Scandal” that occurred when he married Kuroki Meisa in February 2012. It didn’t help that he had a baby that came in October. But the scandal mainly occurred because he didn’t let his agency Johnny’s Entertainment (JE) know beforehand. JE essentially has a monopoly of the male Japanese pop idol market and is notorious for its control of the idols’ personal lives. Akanishi probably wasn’t even supposed to date anyone. So basically Akanishi was suspended from all activities by JE and was heavily fined.


But the time has come! Akanishi’s new single “Hey, What’s Up” was released on August 7th, officially signifying his return to Japanese Entertainment. Needless to say, his American activies have been put on hold until he proves himself again. However, he will be appearing in a supporting role for the American movie “47 Ronin” starring Keanu Reeves which will be in theaters on December 25, 2013.


“Hey, What’s Up” seems to be a sort of summer party anthem. It’s sort of catchy, but again the random English words are kind of meaningless and the song is mostly autotuned. Meh. But Akanishi Jin is HOT so he is post-worthy.


Here’s a short video. Credit yellowgold1984.

5 responses to “Akanishi Jin – He’s Back!

  1. Omg! I swear, that same summer you were fangirling KAT-TUN and consuming all of their PVs and variety… I was doing the same for Arashi. What a year for Johnny’s. I still remember Akanishi Jin’s performance in Anego. *drool* Though all he really needed to do was look hot.

    • omg yes! It’s like his only starring role in a drama. Limited acting but yes! all he needed to do was stand there and look hot!

  2. ,hehe..I think my fan girling days was around 2009 – 2010..KAT-TUN, Arashi and Shinhwa (throw in some NEWS and DBSK love) ..those were the days.. I wasn’t as hard core as you though..I only got to watch Gokusen 2, THnK and Nobuta..but I did devour cartoon KAT-TUN eps and the multitude of JE videos floating around in YT…
    ,and my phone wallpaper was a revolving pic of Shun, Jin, Jun et al…..:)

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