Master’s Sun – Ep 3, 4 Thoughts

I’m officially 100% hooked on Master’s Sun. I’m on board this ship!


There are two main mysteries that are keeping me hooked. I think the Hong Sisters are doing pretty good so far at keeping these secret plot lines going. They drop just enough to keep me hooked and don’t reveal too much.

1. Kang Woo. What the heck is going on with this boy? I love Seo In-guk, but is he playing a bad guy here? He’s definitely not approaching Gong-shil with 100% good intentions. With the guise of liking Gong-shil, he’s can have the excuse of doing some intense stalking and background-checking on her and her relationship with Joong-won.  With episode 4, we find out he seems to be working under his dad’s direction and his dad has Joong-won’s diamonds. This is too complicated to fathom. Don’t be bad please, Kang Woo!


2. Joong-won’s kidnapping incident/Cha Hee-joo. So what really went down in that kidnapping room? Did Hee-joo set Joong-won up? Joong-won obviously has conflicting feelings about the incident. We see just how much he cared about Hee-joo and how affected he is when he meets Hee-joo again by courtesy of a drunk/unconcious Gong-shil. I really how the great reveal lives up to the build up.


Also, just to put it out there, the chemistry between Gong-shil and Joong-won is exploding! I love how positive Gong-shil is and how Joong-won is visibly warming to her. Episode 4 really amped things up when Gong-shil and Joong-won enter “unwritten contract.” Gong-shil will be Joong-won’s 10 billion dollar radar and Joong-won will be Gong-shils safe haven. Clever excuse for more character interaction.

Another reason, I’m loving the show is because Joong-won is actually really lovable. The character development is palpable and growing. Just when you think he’s going to be an asshole, he redeems himself. For example, we can see his good side in episode 3 when he steps in to help reveal shoe store owner’s evilness and episode 4 when he hugs Gong-shil to save her from a ghost stampede. All these actions, makes up for his yelling and angry-ness. In contrast similar male characters, like Kim Joo-won (Won Bin) in Secret Garden, just stay angry, hating, and yelling 24/7 and makes it difficult for the viewer to root for them.

Some might argue that Joong-won seems to have softened to Gong-shil too quickly. He seems quite partial to hugs already. But I think it just goes to show, Joong-won has always been good at heart. He just built up a wall to protect himself after the harrowing kidnapping incident.

Lastly, the bed scene was too die for! So cute! I wanna hold hands with So Ji-sub in bed!


Here’s a bigger one.


Last one. I promise!


10 responses to “Master’s Sun – Ep 3, 4 Thoughts

  1. Ditto! Ditto! I am hooked as well! 101%!! GHJ as TGS and SJS as JW, I am really rooting for this OTP!! And yes JW is adorable!

    With regards to the jewelries, I think what they are showing that JW’s dad have it was a flashback? Or am I wrong? Kekeke

  2. Is Kang Woo still a boy? 😀 He sure looks more mature now xD. And actually I don’t mind if Kang Woo is a bad guy as long as he is the type of bad guy who we love to hate. Or perhaps he will change in the future. I mean he become genuinely fond of Gong Shil, so he needs to choose between his secret job or his real feelings. Poor guy. And yes, I love the main leads chemistry soooo much!

  3. You know the Hong sisters have gone & done it again when my sister who has NEVER watched a Korean anything in her life and who always scoffs at my korean drama-loving self, is watching this drama with me and religiously waits for the next episode (ok granted she’ll watch anything with a supernatural theme, but still they are always in English!) Then when she saw the final scene of ep 4 she pressed rewind i don’t know how many times and am like, dude you see such scenes in practically every k-drama, what’s the big deal?!!

  4. I am officially hooked too, and this is one of the drama’s I loved to rewind and rewind again!!! I love So ji Sub’s acting! and yes bow to Gong Hyo Jin!!!! Can’t wait for wednesday!!!

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