Master’s Sun: To Watch… Or Not?

I ain’t a fan of extensive previews.

I ain’t a fan of horror flicks.

I ain’t a fan of the Hong Sisters’ last project.

So, naturally, I watched the 12-minute highlight reel of the new Hong Sisters horror rom-com Master’s Sun making its debut this Wednesday.

And then I watched Gong Hyo-jin and whitecarrot’s normally very stoic man So Ji-sub be absolutely adorable together.

The distant land called the Real World will demand every single minute of every single day come next Monday.

Do I watch Master’s Sun?

Or not?


PS.  This lover of Korean puns could not resist the urge to share how much she loves the play on words – as to be expected from the Hong Sisters – in the title.  The title “주군의 태양” (Joo-koon-eui Tae-yang) is being translated as “Master’s Sun”.  “주군” (joo-koon) is “master” or “lord” — it was what kings were called in older times.  (Think medieval times in the western world, when there were lords and battles galore.)  “태양” (tae-yang; yes, it’s the same as the Big Bang member’s name ^^) is “sun”, and “의” (‘eui’ or ‘eh’) is used as a possessive — it’s like an “apostrophe-s” after joo-koon.  Thus “주군의 태양”, or “joo-koon-eui tae-yang” means “tae-yang of joo-koon” or “joo-koon’s tae-yang” aka in English: “master/lord’s sun”.  Now, where the Hong Sisters got creative is with the ‘alternate’ way to read the title.  Our hero’s last name is “Joo” and our heroine’s is “Tae”.  “군” (koon) is a ‘title’ of sorts affixed to someone’s name, like “sshi.”  But “koon” is almost exclusively used by an older person speaking to a younger person, and it is for boys/men.  In the same way, “양” (yang) is used for girls/women.  For example, if an older person wanted to call me, they might say, “pinkblossom-yang”.  So.  “Joo-koon” is like “Mr. Joo” and “Tae-yang” is like “Miss Tae”, thus “Joo-koon-eui Tae-yang” = “Mr. Joo’s Miss Tae”.  Get it?!  I know, it bores the heck out of you all, but this Korean language/culture nerdist just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share. 😉


14 responses to “Master’s Sun: To Watch… Or Not?

  1. I have never understood the appeal of Gong Hyo-jin. She’s always in good films and dramas with very magnetic leading mean, but her performances never “stand out” to me.

  2. lol girlfriend I was just thinking about posting about master’s sun! Good thing you did! woot! So excited for this. My love so ji sub!!!

  3. I’ve been waiting patiently for this ever since the first promo shots of Gong Hyo Jin wearing creative head ornaments came out! I lub her so.

  4. Argh! I just made a solemn vow to not live-watch this one and… argh! Now I’m soooo tempted!!! Must. Be. Strong!

    In other news: I loved your cultural / language nerd insight! I love those kind of word games. 🙂

  5. I love Gong Hyo-Jin’s work. I think she is a wonderful actor. I loved Greatest Love, skipped Big–despite Gong Yoo.

    Really Really want to watch


    terrified of horror movies,

    the idea of watching a horror series at home late at night gives me the willies..

  6. Yessssssshhhhhhooooo pinkblossom!!! Watch it, watch it. Love GHJ in Best Love. Will definitely watch this.

  7. hello there PinkBlossom,
    its been a while after the MDLSY days…
    I love this drama after watching eps 1 & 2…
    Now, eagerly waiting for ep3….

  8. Hellllloooo, pinkblossom! How’ve you been? I’m just getting back into the blogging swing of things. I, like you, don’t ever watch trailers or previews of dramas because I want to go into it fresh (hence the reason why I haven’t been reading the recaps for this drama). So, when you say, “horror” is it really bad? I don’t do horror, but you know how I love my So Ji Sub dramas. . .

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