The Won Bin Replacements

Thanks for some great suggestions guys. I think pinkblossom’s spirits have lifted exponentially. Here’s the breakdown for the some great guys who are in contention for the Won Bin Replacement. Sorry if I accidentally omitted anyone awesome. Let me know and I will update.

1. From MEK, we have Lee Jong-suk. This guy is red hot right now! He’s in literally every freaking drama, one after another. His work schedule is seriously nonstop. I wonder if he’s going to burn out, but I really want him to become a top star. However, Lee Jong-suk doesn’t quite make the cut for pinkblossom. He’s a tad too skinny and pale.  Sorry!

1 4

2. Another from MEK is Choi Jin-hyuk. I don’t know much about him, but looking at his pictures, I definitely want to get to know this guy better. Pinkblossom, what do you think?

2 3

3. Kim Rae-won is such a cutie. He’s pretty underrated but so earnest in every drama. Can he be THE Won Bin Replacement?

5 6

4. Totally diverging from the point of the ad (since Ko Soo is married), I have to put a picture of him just because he’s hot. Fay Ellis, I get you.

7 8

5. Kang Dong Won. Great suggestion, Soori and analogueblues. He’s most definitely in the running. Kang Dong-won seems to have a mostly movie-heavy career like pinkblossom’s Won Bin. Piercing eyes just brings his acting skills to a whole other level. The goofy glasses pic is pretty cute.

9 10

6. Hyun Bin seems to be another popular suggestion (shout out to DDee and ‘Eun). He seems to be delving into a movie career with his post-army comeback The King’s Wrath in 2014. Pinkblossom and I agree he got a little too skinny for Secret Garden, but the man does have dimples to die for.

11 12

7. Jung Kyung-ho is miumiu099’s choice. Yes, pinkblossom is 100% mesmerized by his eyeliner-ed hotness in Cruel City. This man’s definitely in the running. I have added tattooed body pic as a added bonus.

13 14 15

I think pinkblossom has a lot to mull over now. Byebye Won Bin.

13 responses to “The Won Bin Replacements

  1. Aiyah!!!! Too many hotties to choose from! Kekekeke. Whitecarrot you are really a great friend for posting about this. XD. Pinkblossom, your choice? Hehe

      • Hahahaha. I see. XD. (Does that also mean, we are using her as an excuse too? Kekeke)

        Cham, how bout Gong Yoo?

  2. and ladies – lets not forget lee sang yoon…he has got the manliest bod!!! he looks long, tight, fit…wait i jsut drooled…need to go get some tissue…lol

  3. That’s a lot of good choices right there. Clearly, this is a campaign to get behind. (If I vote for “all of the above” does that miss the point?)

    Also, never have I been so saddened by camera blurring. That tattoo is meant to be seeeeeen!!!

  4. Woo hoo, thanks for the gorgeous pictures ladies! And Pinkblossom is right about Lee Jong-Suk. He is adorable, but you just know there’s no Won Bin ab action goin’ on underneath the clothes.

  5. *gasp*
    falls off chair
    and rolls over
    and can’t get up
    like a beached whale
    because this
    is pure
    that about sums it up

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