Wanted: Won Bin Replacement

As we all know, Won Bin is officially taken by “She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.”

As a result, our dearest pinkblossom is absolutely devastated!! She’s been trying to recuperate from the loss, but it has been a tough time. So to take her mind off this sorrow, I thought we should make some suggestions for a Won Bin Replacement. He must have the following qualities.

1. Undeniable soul-ful eyes.


2. Rock hard abs



3. Boyish smile


4. Intense acting skills


Please send us your suggestions in the comments section. I will post up pictures of your suggestions if they are up to par. Pinkblossom has high standards.


21 responses to “Wanted: Won Bin Replacement

  1. i vote for lee jong suk…the boy has some nice eyes…nice body – granted he needs to grow up a lil more first…and that big ass smile of his. Choi jin hyuk is gorgeous too rawr…hyun bin??? the cutie that he is…kim rae won? he’s another one…ill come back with more later…:):):)

  2. Poor Pinkblossom, I feel your pain. (Why, oh why does Ko Soo have to be married??) Is it even possible to replace one of the most beautiful creatures to ever inhabit this earth? If I come up with a suitable substitute, I’ll let you know!

  3. Girls girls oh girls as much as you all work hard to find another one, the only person who has the same power as Won Bin is Kang Dong Won. To put it simple it’s Won Bin, Kang Dong Won and faaaar behind the rest of the dudes lol

    • I second Kang Dong Won. The man is extremely delicious to look at. I totally forgot about him too..He’s super quiet about his life just like our Binnie here. Pinkblossom, let’s try our best to move on. Every single picture used in this post that I scrolled through kinda put a bullet in my heart till I got to the comment section. Let me scroll up again…OHMYGOSH. WON BIN NOOOOOOOOOOO.

      • moveonmoveonmoveonmoveonmoveon… hmmm… is it working? i think so? whitecarrot’s campaign is the surest bet! ^^ heheheheheee!!

    • i practically keeled over from shock when i read about it in the news! i was busy typing up our “Love is in the Air: Part 2” post when his news popped up & i had to hastily add it in lol! it’s so cute that he and the ‘color of woman’ team are all still so close! ^^

      • I was like “hey let’s read some news” but when I entered NATE *boom* it was right on the front page “Shim Ji Ho got married”. He also remained friends with the people from Shut Up Family, hahaa true it’s cute that they all remained friends XD

  4. Hmmm as much as I think Won Bin is irreplaceable, I echo others before me in nominating hyun bin and kang dong won as being the closest. I unwittingly saw an ad recently with post-army Hyun Bin and his dimples could make me buy anything including that mystery meat he was selling πŸ˜‰

  5. Awwwww…. I think Hyun Bin meet the criterias. But ottoke? He is my biased! Lol. Hmmmm… lemme think and make some suggestions if I found one. Fighting pinkblossom! Hello whitecarrot!

  6. we need to make a “love” button for posts.
    this wanted ad deserves one.

  7. can we go with jung kyung ho please??? *totally hypnotized by cruel city* or we could do lee dong gun? ah i know!!! CHOI TAE JOON!!!!!!!! OMAGAH!!!~~~ those who dont know who this guy is, dont google him, obviously pictures dont do him justice, watch him at kbs’ 4 episodes series “puberty medley”. he’s the school jjang, so badass and swoon worthy. urgh!

    • how did i forget this man! omg his body…LOL ok…i respect your “mine.” please enjoy his gloriousness!

  8. gong yoo is actually my first asian man love..lol. I live in the states and grew up here but I’m asian and my generation like the blonde hair blue eyes kinda thing…gong yoo was my frist non caucasian crush. How can i forget him???

  9. omg, pinkblossom darling I feel your pain. I just found out that Won Bin was off the markets this morning when I searched him and I was an absolute wreck *exaggeration intended* GAAAAH. First Go Soo and now this?… K-WORLD pls, staaaaahp; I’ve been ogling that man for almost ten years now and youse have shattered my dreams </3 LOL.

    D'aaaaw /heartbroken </3

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