2_1024x768_01Current daily drama crack Princess Aurora just served up some awesomeness in today’s Episode 47 – so awesome, in fact, that I had to share. 😉

Just a leetle background: Hwang Ma-ma (Oh Chang-suk) is a popular novelist who writes under the pen name “Hwang Ma”.  One of his novels is being made into a drama, and he posed as an assistant director on the drama set (to act as a consultant) for a while.  His (three older) sisters want him to marry Park Ji-young (Jung Joo-yeon), a journalist-turned-actress.  She’s the female lead of the new drama in the works, and our resident evil second lead.  Oldest Hwang sister recently met with Mama Park and basically settled having the kiddos marry.

Ma-ma finally caved to his sisters’ crocodile tears and said he would end things with our Princess Aurora (Oh Ro-ra; played by Jeon So-min).  Ji-young called and asked Ma-ma to meet…


Evil *bleeeep!* Ji-young: The press conference (for the drama) is tomorrow – it feels weird to be interviewed when I used to be the one who interviewed others.

Prince(?) Hwang Ma-ma: There will be a lot of other people.  (Implied: Uh, good try.)

Evil *bleeeep!*: [unfazed] Hankook Newspaper said they would publish the article tomorrow morning.

Ma-ma: [nods without much interest]

Evil *bleeeep!*: The filming set feels empty without you.

Ma-ma: [no response, just vaguely smiles into his water glass]

Evil *bleeeep!*: [carefully] Did you hear anything from your oldest sister?

Ma-ma: About you?  (Aka: about marrying you)  I heard.

Evil *bleeeep!* smiles in happiness

Evil *bleeeep!* smiles in happiness.

Ma-ma: I told her it’s ridiculous.  [lets it sink in]  You’re just starting your rise to fame – I told her not to be so greedy.  Don’t feel burdened by (aka ignore) her attention.

Aaaand, her reaction to his bald rejection.

Aaaand, her reaction to his bald rejection.

Evil *bleeeep!*: It seemed like everything was worked out among the adults.

Ma-ma: What use is it if the adults talk about it?  You know the old saying that a person gets 3 big opportunities in life – don’t miss out on this one.

Evil *bleeeep!*: [grimace-smiling] There must be someone you’re dating, then?

Ma-ma: [vaguely] Who knows what’ll happen (with people)?

Evil *bleeeep!*: To be honest, I began to develop feelings for you after hearing from your oldest sister.  You can’t go wrong listening to adults.  What about if we just met like this occasionally?

Ma-ma: You’re going to become famous soon, so it’ll just be uncomfortable for both of us.  Translate: No, thanks.

Evil *bleeeep!*: [attempting pouty aegyo] Are you not interested in me?

Ma-ma: No.


LOLOLOLOL!!!  Talk about a smack down!  Their conversation continues for some time, and Ma-ma just railroads her at every turn.  What I love is that he’s never actually rude.  He just chooses the best words to put the evil harpy in her place, all with a smile on his face.  Heee!  And to make things EVEN better, the preview shows that he’s going to tell her that he likes our Ro-ra!  Yeeee!  Now, I haven’t decided if I want Ma-ma or dark horse Seol Seol-hee (Seo Ha-joon) to be her Prince Phillip…

Dark horse Seol-hee FTW?

Dark horse Seol-hee FTW?

Or Ma-ma?

Or Ma-ma?

Only Ro-ra can decide...

Only Ro-ra can decide…

This conversation is such a small – but pretty good – example of the cutting wit and sarcasm of writer Im Sung-han.  I just love love LOVE it, and though the show has had its issues (real life drama), this is the type of thing that sets it apart from the other daily makjang madness.  I don’t deny that what’s presented – adultery, overbearing in-laws, etc. etc. – are the staple of makjang dramas, but what’s different is HOW those elements are presented.  Simply, Princess Aurora is absolutely killing it.


11 responses to “Rejected!

  1. Now that I have read a good review of this drama, I wanted to try and watch it since I dropped off Crazy Love from my watch list because it is becoming stupid that my eyes hurt just by looking at it. Hmmm… now I envy you, you, you pinkblossom because you can talk and understand korean. I have to still wait for this to get subbed for me to understand everything. Me and my limited korean lang knowledge. *sigh

    • i totes LOVE this one, and it’s so sad that there aren’t good/fast subs out there for dailies like this one 😦 so much is in the finer details~~ *sigh*
      please share what you think of it if/when you ever watch it! 😀

  2. I’ve been loving this drama, even though my language skills have limited my understanding of some of the details. Love the way Aurora speaks.

    • Ahh! I’ve been out of the country and fallen behind on my episodes, so I just read your post that two of Aurora’s oppas have been cut. What are they going to do to fill those gapping holes in the storyline?! Those this does mean I can be less worried about the relationships between the MaMa noonas and Lora oppas to skew romantic while the wives are abroad. The pairing-ness was rediculously coincidental in true kdrama style.

    • welcome to the Patch, Mayisoon!!! 😀 😀 😀
      yeeeeeeeeee “princess aurora” fan!! it’s hard to find lovers of dailies xD
      and YESSS i lovelovelooove the words and attitude writer im sung-han puts in rora’s mouth! 😀 i wish i could be half as sassy! 😉

  3. May I ask what real life issue happened with the drama? Does it have to do with why they’ve written out Aurora’s three brothers?

    • LML!!!! oh my gollies i’m so glad you’re still with us!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 are you watching “aurora”?!?!?! 😀
      yeah, her 3 brothers were booted off the show without warning~ no one really knows what went down behind the scenes… but there’s no doubt it sucks for everyone involved 😦 the original intent was to have a 4-way in-laws story, which is totally up writer im’s alley with her love for the ridiculous (which i love!)… and they were totally going down that path, when seol seol-hee and his parents suddenly showed up out of the blue~ it looks like writer im decided to dump her 4-way in-laws plan for a romeo-juliet one, which is sad bc i loved her brothers… but i also love seol-hee right now lol xD

  4. this is random…but this made me laugh so hard. her name is Oh Ro Ra…and the name of the drama is Princess Aurora…omg…my best friend and i are in stitches…Oh Rora…lol

    • hehehheee yepyep writer im sung-han is known for her love of twisty twisties and ridonkulousness and all-around mastery of words 😀 😀 the way “aurora” is pronounced in korean is literally “oh-ro-ra” 😉 but her name is actually pretty — unlike our prince hwang ma-ma — his sisters call him “ma-ma-nim” as in sageuk “ma-ma” lol!

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