Love is in the Air: Part 2

This has been a LONG time in coming.  But whenever I go to write up the latest on dit regarding the K-ent dating scene, a new couple crops up.  And then another.  It’s never ending!  Stop stealing away all our Oppaaaaas!


Wedding Bells

image_readtop_2013_525988_1372663962965880Actress Han Hye-jin and soccer player Ki Sung-yong tied the knot on July 1 in what was reported to be a beautifully moving ceremony.  I still think she’s a much better catch than he is – he’s still so young and immature – but in any case, I wish them all the happiness in the world.  Btw, LOVED her wedding gown.130701_51d130db27948


20130612001125_0What should have been a joyous occasion for singer Jang Yoon-jung and ‘announcer’ Do Kyung-wan became a makjangfest as dirty linen was aired in public and the netizens hopped on board.  The two are so committed to each other, though, and I hope that unwavering faith in one another never fades.  (Ps. Their wedding pictorial was gooorgeous.)


f4d95823ac0b43babd22c094c9048c6eActor Kim Jae-won, he of the Killer Smile and Milk Complexion, slayed us all with the sudden announcement last month that he was marrying his long-time childhood friend.  So cute he married a friend-turned-lover, but gah, another Oppa bites the dust.  Fellow actor, bestie Lee Dong-wook, was the MC for the wedding.  Random fact: Actress Park Eun-hye was actually there as a friend of the bride, not the groom. ^^  (New info: His wife ain’t just a girl-next-door — her dad is the CEO of a famous advertising company and she’s got quite a resume herself.)


136983456066_1_180118Actor Bae Soo-bin recently announced that he’s planning to get married this fall to a lady 8 years his junior.  They met through a mutual friend in February and started dating in earnest in March.  Talk about a whirlwind romance.


0030Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Lee Min-jung are really for realsies this time getting married.  The wedding invitations went out recently, and the date is set for August 10.  Twelve years difference?  Pshaw, that’s nothing.


45757877.2Pop star Lee Hyori is indeed marrying her boyfriend, musician Lee Sang-soon.  The two were absolutely adorable on Thank You, and I can’t wait to see Hyori in a wedding dress come September.  Fellow former Fin.K.L member Ok Joo-hyun is already preparing a wedding gift in the form of… a song!  I can’t wait to see Fin.K.L together again…  You know what, I just can’t wait for this wedding in general.


10000006881Actor Shim Ji-ho made a surprise announcement today that he’s getting married… tomorrow.  Gasp!  He was really quite adorable in Color of Woman, and I just keeled over when I saw that the four cuties still hung out like besties.  With Jae Hee already married and Shim Ji-ho following in his steps tomorrow, the ladies better get busy if they wanna go on fun family dates together!



Just Dating… for now

20130416_1052531169793_6_59_20130417080003Tony Ahn and Hyeri are a whopping 16 years apart, and every single one of the 1st generation idols are giving Tony a good ribbing for it. 😉  The first thing I thought when I heard the news: Oh no, Shi-won is probably flipping out right now!  LOL.  This cynical meanie sees all the buzz Girl’s Day got from the dating acknowledgement – and subsequent air time for their last album – but I’m sure she really likes him.  Right.  (Thanks, jaraket, for the reminder!)


30000260241_700Actor Lee Ki-woo’s character may have lost out in Flower Boy Ramen Shop, but he’s the real winner where it counts.  He and actress Lee Chung-ah acknowledged they are officially an item, and all the pictures the netizens dug up after the announcement highlighted just how adorable these two are.  (PiscesDragon gets the claim on this one!)

Can you spot the two amongst all the people? ;)

Can you spot the two amongst all the people? 😉


54735356.4Singers Lyn and Lee Soo (of M.C the MAX) have been friends for a decade, but they more recently found themselves spending a lot of time together because they’re represented by the same agency.  Aaand, you know the rest.


news1366777713_336321_2_m“Dispatch” has appointed itself as Korea’s very own TMZ, dropping the bomb on couples like Kim Tae-hee + Bi and Go Soo + his wife.  They stirred up a frenzy with the news of an imminent big announcement back in April, and when the couple was revealed to be actor Jo In-sung and actress Kim Min-hee… well, the response wasn’t quite as big as they had wanted.  There’s no doubt Jo In-sung was all over the news for That Winter the Wind Blows, but Kim Min-hee has publicly dated so many people over the years that people just… weren’t that ‘shocked’.  Kinda funny and kinda sad.  (Kerstin for this one!)


원빈-이나영People were shocked, however, when that evil entity dropped its latest bomb.  I… *hicc*  It’s still too soon.  Ask me about it in a few months.



9 responses to “Love is in the Air: Part 2

  1. Okay I knew there were a lot of news about marriage in K-ent these days, but boy, there are A LOT. I’m a little worried about some couples though, I think some stars might be just jumping into it too soon. But that may be because I’m just sceptical about marriage overall.

    • i know, right?! i turn around, and another couple crops up — i just can’t keep up! xD keeping fingers crossed for happyhappyyy marriages 🙂

  2. LOVE is definitely in the air. I know your heart is broken into pieces bec. of Won Bin. (I don’t want to experience the same process if Hyun Bin gets married.) sigh* I wanna get married too… XD

    • i missed out bc i didn’t have the guts to declare myself — go find hyun bin and let him know you’re his one true love! ^^ heheheee!!

  3. This definitely feels like the year of couplings in dramaland. Many of them seemingly random like rain and kim tae hee

  4. love is in the air ~~ is there any oppa who available please? after won bin akkhh i just can’t get over it

    but i’m happy for them! congrats! 🙂

    • sigh. i can’t quite get myself to say i’m happy for won bin and that-lady-whom-i-will-not-think-about… 😉 😉

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