Headlines: July 19, 2013

2013071803011_0Shinhwa took home two trophies at the 20’s Choice Awards the other night.  There were lots of trophies and idols and actors – Ryu Seung-ryong! – and the “unintentional” wardrobe malfunction, but meh~.  The takeaway: Our Oppas are still going strong!  [nocutnews]


2013071901109_0Apparently, the fact that Won Bin has a look-alike – not taken by Lee Na-young – is supposed to make me feel better.  *waits*  Nope.  *waits again*  It ain’t workin’.  [chosun]


rkgus020130718085949_I_02_C_1New tvN variety show Grandpas Over Flowers is a hoot, and the Korean netizens are gobbling it up like a Haagen Dazs coffee ice cream cone in the middle of July in Vegas.  The H4 (Halbae 4 aka Gramps 4) and their Geum Jan-di  have officially committed to a Season 2.  This time they’re sticking a little closer to home, and are planning to leave for Taiwan at the end of the month.  Yee!  [hankooki]


56560832.2Speaking of cuties, Daddy, Where are We Going? is apparently garnering interest in Japan, with Yoon Hoo leading the pack.  You just can’t say no to the kiddies.  [dkbnews]


201307171155773375_51e60c486065b_59_20130717121604Adorable Jeon Mi-sun, who’s having fun rolling kimbap and bickering with Kim Tae-hoon in Pure Love, sported an “ear cup” (made famous by BoA) at her newest movie press conference, and the industry predicts it’ll be the Big Thing this season.  Her thriller film Hide and Seek, about two families fighting to protect themselves from strangers living in their homes, also stars Sohn Hyun-joo and Moon Jung-hee, and opens August 14.  [hankooki]


20130612000486_0My latest favorite daily drama Princess Aurora has been a hot topic of discussion this past week – not for its supposedly makjang storyline, but because two of its central characters, played by Oh Dae-gyu and Sohn Chang-min, were summarily dismissed out of the blue.  I’m a big defender of Princess Aurora, but this move was… hard to swallow.  Of course, no one really knows what went down behind the scenes, but I can’t deny this one sucked big time for the two actors.  Actors and actresses clear schedules when going into projects, and these two exited in Episode 39 of what will be an 100+ episode drama.  Sohn Chang-min at least still has his Chief Min in Heartless City, but Oh Dae-gyu is out of a job.  Maybe he can rejoin writer Moon Young-nam for her upcoming KBS weekend drama The Wang Family.  They’ve already filled out their cast… but… I’m sure she can fit him in. 😀 [etoday]


11 responses to “Headlines: July 19, 2013

  1. Haha, when you replied to my comment, at the same time I was addressing your question on here. I refuse to accept that anyone looks like Won Bin. I will not succumb to this netizen trickery. 😛
    As for that wardrobe malfunction. Well let’s just say whatever plan she riled up, it worked.

    • hahahaa we won bin lovers are connected, i tell ya! ^^ yah, he reminds me of won bin in certain shots, but he will never BE the man 😛
      and yeah, i think i read somewhere it was well planned ahead or whatnot~ it always is xD

      • There was also some other news about our oppa floating around. Apparently Lee Mi Sook believes Lee Jong Suk will be the next Won Bin…I’m trying to see this possibility but can’t. Not because of my ultimate fangirl feelings that there can never be someone like Won Bin..but more along the lines of acting ability. I feel both of their styles and the works they choose are a bit different. w

        • really?! well… that’s certainly interesting. i’m scared of setting off all the rabid fangirls out there, but i’m not much of a lee jong-suk fan… *ducks for cover* it’s half the reason why i’ve only seen bits and pieces of “i hear your voice” xD but looks aside, yeah, i don’t see the similarity at all.
          my own head-desk ^^

  2. I love Grandpas Over Flowers. ♥♥♥. I cracked up with the mental torture that Seo Jin experienced. I can’t believe he signed up for Season 2. hehehehe

    • Oh, another show to make me laugh. I love Dad where are you going ( those kids crack me up esp. Hoo). I might take a look on the usual sites and give it a watch. Wonder if its sub or not?

        • Thanks for that, I’ve been watching the series on Kshow.tv. But on another note: that site you mentioned also has the new variety “Grampas over Flowers” you have to take a look. Its so funny what the elders get up too, and the poor ‘porter’ struggling minus two well known kpop idols (yeah the men know what they love!!), and dreams that one day Sunny and Hyeon Kim will come to his rescue!!

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