Heartless City: Episode 14


My vocabulary just cannot hold up in the face of Heartless City’s continuing amaztasticness.  It just gets better and better every episode, every week, and I have no words to express such prowess.  I mean, you can only add “super” so many times in front of “daebak”.  I don’t think “super super super daebak” quite captures the step up from “super super daebak”. 😉

This thing called time is such… a strange thing.  Sometimes, I need to give myself a bit of time to process what just went down, to organize the whirl of emotions and thoughts.  But oftentimes, those initial feelings and exclamations dissipate with the passage of time…  Though I don’t doubt that I certainly held strong feelings, the intensity isn’t quite as rational or fathomable after a good night’s rest.  So the question remains: Should I give myself time to think?  Or not?

And then we’ve got the added complication of Heartless City’s continual move up, its indefatigable racing up the mountain of intensity and mind-bending acrobatics.  I’m blown away by Monday’s episode, and then I forget all about it in the face of the blown blooown away state I’m in after Tuesday’s episode.  Why make life so difficult for this Gardener, Heartless City?


The Basics of Episode 14

Shi-hyun drops off Soo-min and tells her to stay away – she’s now in danger because of him.  He gives Hyung-min a call and attempts to protest his innocence regarding Kyung-mi’s death, but Hyung-min ain’t having any of it.  So instead, Shi-hyun offers the hotheaded cop a chance to catch him: “Come to where I am.  Now.  Don’t forget.  Because I don’t want to die at someone else’s hands (other than yours).”무정도시14_00002

Aaaand Shi-hyun goes right back to Chairman Cho. *disbelieving laughter* Can’t accuse the guy of being chicken, that’s for sure.  Basically, Shi-hyun uses himself as bait for Chairman Cho, even kindly providing 3 kg of meth to be found on the scene.  Gotta love a helpful guy.  The best part, though?  Shi-hyun ripping off his suit jacket in the middle of the battle – and then shrugging it back on. *swoon* (0:48-0:57)

Alas, Chairman Cho’s under-custody stint lasts all of one night – maaaybe two? – as expected, thanks to Papa Ji pulling his strings.  I really wonder who’s behind our Attorney General Ji… surely he’s not operating on his own… right?

Chief Min rips off Shi-hyun’s head for ‘turning in’ Chairman Cho, reminding him that his duty was to “find Chairman Cho’s weakness.”  I don’t know what his obsession is with Shi-hyun entering the Busan Organization, but it’s really quite worrying.  There ain’t a single person you can trust in this lineup.  Shi-hyun, despite knowing that he can’t win, still gives the all-clear to his peeps to stage war against Busan.  Rather than just distributing, they are now going to manufacture the goods as well.

Safari pays Auntie a visit, and he asks her to lay the bridge of reconciliation and beautiful living (heh heh heh) between him and Bahksa.  But Auntie is through with him, and Safari finally acknowledges it.  It’s such an awesome scene – neither of them says a word to each other, but they both know it’s over… his love for her… all those years spent together… everything is now officially history.

Papa Ji hints to Prosecutor Ahn that President Jung may in fact be Bahksa (eep!), and Hyung-min uncovers Ahn’s mistress Joo-young, whom he recognizes as Soo-min’s friend.  Yikes.  The noose around our poor Bahksa’s neck is slowly tightening, inch by inch.무정도시14_00005

In an interesting parallel, reporter Cha Hyo-joo (Song Min-ji) waits for Hyung-min, while across town Soo-min waits for Shi-hyun.  Both men show up but remain hidden, the former at least conveying his regrets for having to stand her up tonight.  Soo-min wallows in self-pity and sobs to Joo-young, “I must really love him.  I want to see him so much…  What do I do if I can’t ever see him again?”  Our Bahksa don’t need no complications, girlfriend.  Back off.

Bowing to Bahksa’s requests, Soo lets Kim Bbong go (they had him in captivity), but the loyalty-gene-lacking man merely neatly falls into Bahksa’s trap.  Alas, Safari recognizes Kim Bbong is being used as bait and prematurely ends what would have been an iiinteresting meeting.  Instead, Safari – who learned that Shi-hyun and Kyung-mi grew up together in the orphanage – tells Bahksa over the phone that Chairman Cho was the one who killed Kyung-mi.  That sends Shi-hyun off his rocker, and the two finally meet at their old spot next to the Han River.  Uh, just in case you two didn’t know, that’s the meeting spot for every person and couple in every Kdrama ever.  Just wanted to let ya know.무정도시14_00006

Safari and Bahksa seal the deal for an alliance in the war against Busan, and then things take an ugly turn when the topic of Shi-hyun’s mom is brought up.  Shi-hyun demands to know why Safari killed his mom, which is news to the grizzly mastermind.  He points out that Bahksa ain’t no different – the drugs he supplied probably ruined lots of lives – but then he drops the bomb: Mama Jung was a middleman of sorts – she took the goods from Safari and distributed them in the red light district. *shocked silence*

Safari leaves Shi-hyun reeling, and old memories finally begin to surface: Shi-hyun delivering a small package to his mom from Safari; his mom pouring white powder into small plastic pouches; and then the flashback to the night he found his mom dead.  He stares at his hands, they which essentially (at least in his mind) brought about the death of his mom… and smashes a rock against one, weeping in agony.

Shi-hyun meets Chief Min and numbly confirms that his mom died of a drug overdose.  “Okay,” he responds and listlessly gets up to leave.  Chief Min stops him, calling out, “Shi-hyun-ah.  Is it too difficult?  Even Chairman Cho was released – I’m worried for you.  If it’s too much, just let me know.  You can return to the police.”  Shi-hyun retraces his steps to grab Chief Min by the lapels and demands, “Why?  Why are you doing this to me?!”  He cuts off Chief Min and screams, “Don’t call my name!  I am Bahksa Ahdeul.  Now…  It’s over now.”무정도시14_00012




Gasp!  Has Shi-hyun officially joined the dark side?!?!  Gaaaaah!!

Bit by bit, Shi-hyun’s world has been crumbling over the course of this show, but the revelation today really was the straw that broke poor Shi-hyun’s back.  Everything he believed, everything he had lived for, all those days spent in the underworld, all those years spent living like a dog… were for naught.

There’s a weird pull to this story and its characters that can’t be described in words.  The most representative example has to be Safari, whom I both hate and love in equal turns.  I trust him about as far as I can throw him, and yet I feel for him.  Until recent episodes, he was such a riveting character because of his unflappable calm, his carelessly tossed words holding so much venom and a wealth of meaning, and his unfathomably quick – and brilliant – mind.  But when he was abandoned by Busan, and we were given a teensy glimpse into a wronged past, I actually felt sorry for him for the first time.  And then today, when he and Auntie said goodbye without a word to that effect…  Gah, it was just so heartbreaking and chilling and just too much for words.

Just when I thought I finally had a handle on the incredible journey that is Heartless City, a whole new can of worms is opened up.  I know, I should have known better.  With only six more episodes allotted to us, we open a new door and are primed to step past the threshold.  Hold onto your hats, everyone.  It’s gonna be a wild ride.

Absolutely gorgeously shot scene.

Absolutely gorgeously shot scene.

9 responses to “Heartless City: Episode 14

  1. i was watching this raw last night….thinking this show is too deep not to know what everyone is talking about – you are right about the romance thing – i kinda dont like it…or is it the actress?

    • most prolly it’s the actress. ahhahaha. well at least that’s the reason why i dont like it. i feel like she’s just not up to his par, you know? acting wise, level wise, storyline wise~~ she just happens to be there, because every kdrama needs a heroine to be rescued *sighs.

    • hahahaa so true — this one is a bit more difficult than others to watch raw w/o understanding xDDD
      and yeah… i just let out little puffs of sadness when i consider what the show could have been with someone awesome like su ae or kim so-yeon… xD and a better planned out storyline T_T

  2. Thank you pinkblossom for the recap. This episode is daebak! How bad ass is Shi Hyun? Can I say 101%? kekeke. On the other hand, I definitely loathe Chief Min!!! I can’t even say which side is he on or does he have his own agenda. If so, why use our Shi Hyun? Poor Shi Hyun! All these years, he is doing his best to get justice for his mom only to find out that bitter truth. And yeah, this is gonna be a wild ride! *come Shi Hyun-ah I’ll give you a hug.

    • thank YOU for continuing to stick with this really out of order erratic irregular bad baaad job of covering the show T_T *tears of gratitude*
      101010101%!!!! 😀 😀 i really reaaally don’t like chief min right now… and i have a bad feeling i’m gonna like him less in the coming weeks -___-;; you can hug shi-hyun-ie — i’m gonna hug jung kyung-ho heh heh heh!!! 😉 😉 😉

  3. why do i find this episode less climaxy? it’s weird in a way, since every episode has always blew my mind away. i feel myself in an “ok” state after watching this episode, as if nothing much happens-nothing really life changing happen i think. yes yes he may just sold his soul to the dark side, but we gotta wait for episode 15-im pretty sure there will be more twists.

    • i’ve gotta agree that the ending was less of a gripping-your-seats cliffhanger, because the whole letting out of pent-up frustration and shock and dismay and everything on the menu was presented before the “real” ending of the ep~ and funnily enough, even the big shockers don’t shock us anymore bc we know there’s gotta be something EVEN bigger right around the corner xD the trap of these stories with so many twists hahahaa 😉
      thank you for continuing your heartless journey (har har) with us, miumiu099!! 😀 😀

  4. thanks for sharing your thoughts! but here are my two cents:
    i don’t get why it was that earth shattering for Shi Hyun to find out that his mother was a distributor. He knew she was a druggie and was prostituting to earn money for themselves to live and for her drugs. So with that mind set it was highly possible that she would take part in distribution to make some more money for the drugs. Besides distribution is what Shi Hyun himself has been doing for the past 8 years and and now he wants to extend his business by producing too. What is the big difference for him finding out that his mother wasn’t just a user but also a distributor? I don’t get why he would harm himself over it.
    For me it is also not plausible that he has had a vendetta against Safari, because he has thought that Safari had sold his mother drugs and had made her into an addict. Shi Hyun’s mother was an adult and she could have decided for herself to use or not use drugs, like his Auntie, who is also working in the same business line but not using drugs, or Safari or Soo or he himself, they are in the business but did not become addicts themselves. So if Shi Hyun’s mother had become an addict, how could have that been Safari’s fault? Why would Shi Hyun accuse him of murdering his mother?
    All his life he has been distributing that poison to others, like Safari said. What makes him think that his mother was innocent by just using the drugs and not distributing them? Let’s say, he thought his mother was just a cornered user, who did not know any better, why has he been doing that kind of dirty work then?
    If he thought that it would be okay, because he was an undercover cop and was sacrificing little fish in order to catch the bigger drug lord, so he became an underling for them to trust, so he could rise above them and put them in jail, what happened to all the people, who bought their drugs, became addicts and maybe died because of them? Do their deaths not count? Or does he take them as casualty? Why would his mother be then special? Just because she was his mother?
    And at the end, if he regretted his deeds and thought of himself as the reason of his mother’s demise, why did he decide to go to the dark side?
    I am so happy, that you have this discussion/forum. I have read all your recaps of my daughter seo young belatedly, and just read the comments, didn’t participate. But this one, i am watching currently with you, haha, so i needed to comment. Sorry for the lengthy two cents. I am thankful that you gave us a place to rave and rent about it!

    • welcome weeeelcome to the Patch, dedicated!! 😀 😀 😀 oh my gollies there is never such a thing as too late in these parts — as you may have noticed, i’m rather slow myself xD so welcome to the MDSY family, and welcome to the heartless family, and welcome to this madhouse called the Patch!! ^^
      i totally totes toootally LOVED reading your thoughts and can’t thank you enough for taking me up on my offer to use this place as a discussion forum! 😀 😀 😀 i started typing in my response, and my inability to be concise kicked in with a vengeance 😉 😉 😉 soooo i’m dedicating a separate post to discussing this lovely topic hahahaa!! it’ll be up soonsoon so please feel free to continue the discussion there! 😀
      weeelcome and thaaank you agaaaain!! 😀 😀

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