We Got Married – Taecyeon and Gui Gui

I don’t usually watch We Got Married. It’s just not as good when you don’t have Korean language comprehension. But I’m loving the Global Edition with Taecyeon from 2PM and Gui Gui from Taiwan. Taecyeon‘s English is so good! I was informed by pinkblossom today that he actually spent time in America. His English speaking skills suddenly made him way hotter. He can’t act for his life (i.e. Dream High) but he has a nice body.

As for Gui Gui, she is a Taiwanese semi-pop singer and actress. I use to watch her when she was a Hei She Hui Mei Mei on Wo Ai Hei She Hui (我愛黑澀會). It was a variety show with Blackie as the MC and a lot of young girls as students of the a class who showed off their talents and cuteness. The show has ended a while ago and Gui Gui has gone solo focusing on acting. Her most recent drama is Summer Fever with George Wu. Anyway the point is it’s nice to see a Taiwanese actress expanding her horizons especially into the red hot territory of Korean Pop Idol-dom.

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We Got Married kind of confuses me because I know the show is fake and set-up, yet the couple is adorable and I want to root for them. So its like a fake reality show. So confusing! The “Missions” or tasks the couple are  assigned is generic, such as go take wedding pictures. But I think Gui Gui really lets her personality shine through as she makes every task hilarious by joking and poking and generally bothering the heck out of Taecyeon. She’s like the playful mischievous daughter, and he is the stern dad that put up with everything. Gui Gui was kind of whiny at first, but once I got use to it, I realized it’s just her way of cutting the awkwardness and trying to connect with Taecyeon. Whenever she calls him oppa, his eyes soften a little and he gives in to her pleas. She also keeps touching him which at first seemed odd but it works out. The couple plays off each other really well and know how to win over the audience. Their communication is hilarious since Gui Gui’s English is very basic. She often stirs Taecyeon up with incendiary random Korean phrases.


The running gag in the show is that Gui Gui likes Nickhun who is Taecyeon’s fellow bandmember in 2PM. This is hilarious since the show continues to  bring up Nickhun and Taecyeon acts all jealous when Gui Gui gets super excited.


Now that I’m on episode 8, things have gotten more serious. When Taecyeon expresses his feelings to Gui Gui and proposes to her, she basically tears up and cries throughout the proposal. This expression of love is extremely realistic. Maybe she’s just really easily touched and cries very easily, but the emotions they built up definitely seem real on some degree. Gahhhh. I really want them to be together forreal.


12 responses to “We Got Married – Taecyeon and Gui Gui

      • I have to be honest I’m not that into HongMina. I skipped a lot of their scenes. 😦 But they are pretty cute. But I do know what your saying that Taec is not 100% into Gui Gui.

  1. I read that Taecyeon was starting to have feelings but Emma said that she didn’t think it would work. Shame, they are adorable together.

  2. I just recently finished it and it was beautiful to see how much they have come through with each other. I have come to really adore them as a couple. I never expected myself to love them as a I do but it just happens! I especially love that they have a communication barrier because this ups up the cuteness in the way that they communicate. (:

  3. Was listening to it when my sis was watching it and I find gg so annoying with the constant “Opppaaaa~~” whenever she wants something. Have to agree with tac between food or sleep, sleep wins hands down.

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