DramaCrazy Shutting Down

Ok so this morning I went on DramaCrazy.net to try to catch up on Heartless City. But I see this post instead:

DramaCrazy is shutting down

To Our Loyal Fans:
After a great run, we have decided to shut down DramaCrazy and move on. The drama streaming landscape is ever so changing and it was a fun ride while it lasted. Rather than just shut down without a note, we’ll leave the site up for a few hours while we allow you guys to gather your contacts and stuff on the forums. Much Love, -The StaffΒ 

This is what I feel like.


What to the What What?!!!! How can DramaCrazy.net shut down? I need my milk and honey. How can I survive??? I’m not one to download dramas since I speed through dramas like no other and only rewatch if I feel like dramas are worthy. In addition, I need my English subs because reading Chinese subs is a little difficult for my American-Born-Chinese 5th grade level Chinese comprehension.

This is TOTALLY DEVASTATING. I was kind of sad to see mysoju.com go a while ago. But I always knew I had a backups in dramacrazy. Now I’m left with an empty heart and no easy-access dramas. I know all though copyright laws are to protect shows and artists. But how can we, as internationals, share the joy of awesome dramas when they don’t have English subs and the shows aren’t put on Netflix. So SAD.

Just needed to share my sorrows. You guys know of any good streaming sites with English subs?

40 responses to “DramaCrazy Shutting Down

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      • Hi i’m Elycia Hope from England came across your disappointment with regards to drama crazy shuting down which in truth really saddend me BUT i found dramacarzy.eu i get to watch all again try it hope you have some joy best of luck

        • But is dramacrazy.eu a virus/malware site? The folks from DramaCrazy posted on their FB page that sites imitating their name are virus/malware infected.

          • dramacrazy.eu is just on a different domain, basically eu is like europe maybe.. I don’t really know, but basically, it’s exactly the same website, just for a different country :3 I hope this helped, and yes, don’t worry It’s completely safe, I watched my favourite k drama (white christmas) I highly reccommend you watch it if you havn’t already and I didn’t notice any difference

          • So it is safe? I’m still not wholly comfortable with going on it. I wish the dramacrazy people will communicate with the public somehow about the status. is dramacrazy.eu hosted by people who just took everything from dramacrazy.net? or are they the same people? I can’t believe dramacrazy.net website ppl can just shut down and not go through withdrawals/major depression. Drama is an addiction you cant just cut off!

          • I have watched a few dramas on that eu site, and have found nothing hinting to viruses or such! The only issue I have is that the content isn’t up to date, and it doesn’t list most of the content that the original site had! At least don’t use DramaFever as they charge you to watch even older content that is already ‘free’!! That’s what happens when an American company tries to take over the Korean/Japanese drama content – force smaller sites to close while they charge users to access: premium content!!

        • DramaFever has done the same to Mysoju and Dramacrazy!! Little by little it will destroy the freedom that many non-koreans/japanese have enjoyed: watch Asian content ‘freely’ and broaden that genre around the world. But company greed will cash-in and force many away, or with promises of ‘premium’ content at a ‘small’ charge per month!!

  2. thank God lately i prefer gooddrama to dramacrazy. there’s also kshow.tv for quick raws. altho, i’d recommend installing adblock before going to gooddrama.
    there..there.. everything’s going to be fine (sheldon cooper) πŸ˜€

  3. Your pain
    I feel
    in my heart
    sharp and wounding
    although viki is there
    (and much appreciated)
    its offering is limited
    to the expected, the popular and _______?
    and dramafever
    takes the fun out of watching
    with it’s subs that lack humor
    and quirk i ness
    no oppa, noona, hyung, or unni for you
    just the character’s name
    over and over and over and over
    when I can clearly hear
    sunbae, and seon-sang-nim with my own ear.

    in a word
    and quickly gave
    those of us
    desperately gnawing at the bit
    the raws
    before the credits rolled in Seoul
    so if you had no patience
    you could get your fix
    but not understanding
    but not knowing
    what was happening
    the subs came hours later
    and fully satisfied the hunger.
    few places give us raws
    and those that do
    we fear naming
    in case the licensers
    get a whiff
    and send them into the ether
    where my internet service
    can’t connect.

    I may have to move to Korea 😦

    • This is possibly the most creative reply ever. πŸ™‚ yes if i spoke korean I would be looking at options to live in korea forever. hahah i agree i loved dramacrazy’s breadth of material and great subs. It was a great run really. time to move on to other sites i guess…

    • oh my soulmate!

      thou speaketh
      from depths oh! too obscure
      of my meek, wounded heart…

      be blessed, oh dearest.

  4. I was a DramaCrazy fan too. 😦 Where else could we watch Ojakgyo Brothers or My Daughter Seo Young? I started out watching K/T/C/J dramas on Mysoju and quickly transferred my show watching to DramaCrazy when Mysoju was taken down. It is really frustrating. I have found another site since DramaCrazy shut down. I think it was referred to on the FaceBook page by another DC fan. After looking at the contents, I think this site is just beginning to start up since it doesn’t have much material on it yet. It is http://www.yodrama.com/. There is another one that you don’t hear too much about. It is http://korean-eps.com/. Hopefully, these will help fill in some of the missing shows that DC used to provide. We can only hope. Gooddrama had most of the material you could find on DC. However, DC was good about showing the raw shows that weren’t translated yet, and with shows like My Daughter Seo Young, we could watch and read the recaps you so graciously provided getting our drama fix while waiting for subs to come online. Btw, does anyone know the reason for them shutting down? Was it because of a suit, petition, or something else? Just curious since there’s not anything I can do about it one way or the other.

  5. You can try dramaload. I believe you can watch streaming videos free and they post new episodes of current dramas pretty regularly. The site is called dramaload. If you want to download the episodes, there is a fee though. Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  6. I feel super devastated after seeing Dramacrazy shut down. I am also not fond of downloading dramas because it eats up my pc and external space thus I heavily rely on sites like Dramacrazy and for what had happened, I feel the agony and pain. this is just too much for a kdrama addict like me. 😦

  7. I first cried, and then I had a couple of bottles of soju!! Dramacrazy was the only site that had most of the dramas that I watched, and now I have to go else where. The trouble is most other sites are either incomplete, or so far behind! So sad reminds me of the soju drama site that closed down last year due to some one hacking the site!!

  8. i still cant move-on i a enjoying everyday routine watching dramacrazy then all of a sudden its a total shut down… i never watch n my soju but i love dramacrazy they are so active!!!! been crazy the whole week >..< I am so proud that most of dramas currently airing to my country are dramas that i have seen before through dramacrazy. T.T i hope they will be back T.T

  9. Dramacrazy like mysoju were the only sites that I was able to view ALL the dramas and movies to my hearts content, because they obtained permissions allowing us downunder to view! But now sites like Dramafever and kshowtv and others are so behind, or worse blocked from me!! I’m sad and can’t handle watching my Korean ladies, romance, comedy, and such anymore without having to wait for the subbers or admin getting permission! Not happy but I have to learn to be calm……… I’m trying, really trying!! *sob*

  10. That’s true while Dramacrazy did a lot to help those where Korean was definitely a second language! Other sites are that up to date, and worse most who do have the series your looking for. In some cases don’t have the permissions to allow you to watch them, for example here in NZ I can’t watch most series on Hula, Dramafever and such high quality sites!! Which limits to where I can watch them – how I miss Dramacrazy…. There’s the other ‘clone’ site that someone here listed earlier, but its not up to date; but the quality is very good.

    • Yes it is, but it doesn’t have all the content that the old site did, plus not all kdrama’s are uploaded. But the quality is better then the old site, just not all the dramas and movies are loaded/linked.

      • Is that site safe? I mean the dramacrazy.net site is proclaiming that they will not come back in any form. And that all similar new sites are not real/safe. I’ve been on dramacrazy.eu and it looks fine but im still a little wary.

        • I had my doubts as well, but spent some time searching through the site and it appears to be a ‘clone’ of the old site! Funny though last time I checked the listings it had links to more Chinese and Taiwan content than Korean and very little Japanese dramas and movies? Though I suspect that being that it just started after the closure of the original site, they may be still uploading links and such!

          One advantage that they have over the old site is that the quality of the sites they used are more stable of the episodes that I did watch, but whether this continues – who knows. Just note that they don’t have all the latest content loaded which is a pity, but just have to wait and see. In the meantime I’m using Viki, dramafever (when it allows me to watch episodes!), kshow, chia-anime.com, and dramastyle. But there’s also KBS international on Youtube that has good variety subbed shows that are in excellent quality like 2 Nights & 1 Day (great comedians and situations).

  11. Anyone remember the Facebook page DC was sending/referring us to? It had alot of info too. I forgot to “like” it, and I can’t remember what it was. Thanks.

  12. Wth, I love Dramacrazy!!! They were my first only website that had current kdrama episodes!!! I’m pretty sure they were shot down by the goverment. Like all other pages that I used to watched american/kdrama/jdrama/tdrama/etc, they have all been shutdown. It was just a matter of time. It was mysoju then, and now is DC. You want the cause of this, its all pretty much; netflix, hulu, dramafever and other sites where you have to pay to watch them. The only that’s left that is mostly known is Viki. Although do not be surprised if they get shut down as well or start charging a subscription fee. Its pretty much like big businesses monopolizing mom and pops stores.

    Currently the market for kdramas are in its highest right now and still rising. Fansites will eventually all get shut down, the only thing that they can do to fight back is to start a new one with a different domain. Dc.eu is one of those that is still fighting back. Who knows, are any of you sure that the Dramacrazy staff put up that farewell message? It may be the one responsible for the shutdown. My free movie website was shutdown awhile back, i don’t know if any of you have ever heard of movie2k.to, I’m just happy their up and running again.

    So basically, its pretty much our governments and investors are the one that may be responsible for this damage. They are all bunch of bullies!!! Just shake it off, and go google a new site. All those website do offer either free subcription, usually for 7 days. Anyways good hunting!!!

    • I have to agree, since last year when mysoju was shut down I have seen other sites closing down and sites like dramafever expanding content (and charging for it). Also sites like viki incorporating CM into episodes either beginning/middle/end that didn’t happen before! I wouldn’t be surprised if all those free sites suddenly close while bigger (American sites) sites charge user each month the privilege to watch what we have been watching for ages – for nothing!! Call it greed folks!

      We need to fight back and let Korea and Japan know that non-speakers love their shows, dramas, and movies. But hate when big business steals from the little guys for their own greed!! *waver banner in the air*…. *fist pump the sky!*

  13. Yeah just tonight I visited the website of dramacrazy but to my dismay and i was really frustrated, so sad really that I can’t believe it, I need to keep on trying, restarting my phone hoping it’s kind of a joke or an error. Ugh… I can’t watch Hwarang anymore 😭, how I wish I had the chance to download all the episodes.

    • There’s Kissasian and google other sites, this isn’t the only site that’s been closed lately. But it seems the trend to happen, like some time ago there were many other sites that existed for a time and then vanished because of thing or another! It happens but there’s many other sites to watch on!!

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