Heartless City: Episode 11


As explained in our Episode 3 Thoughts post, whitecarrot and I will be chugging along the Heartless City train in our own fashion. 😀  We want to focus on what we do best with the time and resources available to us, thus we’re opening up the floor to our fellow Gardeners and hosting this Patch Forum.  Heartless City is chock full of amaztasticness in so many areas, and one big thing is the look it inadvertently gives us into the Korean ‘underworld’, the workings of the legal system, and much muuuch more.  So pick our brains to your heart’s content!  Anything and everything is fair game!




I don’t know what just went by…  For seriously, Heartless City has some speed issues that always leave me in a doozy.  Things always seem to be in motion, but at the end of some episodes, you realize that not much has actually happened.  And then you get episodes like Monday’s, where everything just zooms by and you’re left going “Whaaat?  What just happened?!”

Let’s get the not-so-good stuff out of the way first: the love story.  I know, how could I, the biggest romantic of all time, the person obsessed with romance and more romance and even more romance, point to the romance as the big no-no of this show?  But it’s true.  For once, I think we could do without the romance – or for seriously stop placing so much importance on it – and just talk about Shi-hyun’s battle in that dark world of drugs and organized crime.  There are several reasons for my issues with the romance, but the biggest is the obvious disruption in storytelling rhythm and mood.  We’re cruising along – more like hurtling at breakneck speed, actually – and then out of nowhere, Soo-min calls her Kkang-pae Ajuhsshi and whines and pouts and tears up and does the ridonkulously hard-to-rationalize character shift.  And Shi-hyun does the same, minus the whines and pouts and tears.  In other words, he turns into someone very out of character, and our attempts to rationalize his actions prevent us from enjoying the show.  I shouldn’t have to rationalize.  Actions and thoughts should be rationalized for us.

I can understand Shi-hyun just being pulled to her somehow.  Attraction doesn’t always have rhyme or reason.  And Jung Kyung-ho is totally rocking his half of the supposed ‘relationship’ between the two.  But it’s a one man show.  I feel zero chemistry, and the sudden insertions of Soo-min into key moments really feels forced.  It’s like they keep forgetting that they’re supposedly writing a doomed love story because of the awesome underworld story we’re getting, and thus they attempt to drag the beast back to their original road.  It’s unnatural and distracting and just so frustrating, because this show deserves better.

Okay, enough of the ranting and back to the good stuff.  I was half-disappointed that they chose to make Safari yet another undercover cop, but his confrontation with Chief Min – and the drive home afterwards – were just absolutely amazing.  Choi Moo-sung is just bringing it home every single episode, and this one was so amazing because we went from hating him to suddenly feeling horribly for him.  It’s a testament to the writers – and hands down to Choi Moo-sung – that such a turnabout was possible.

I’ve oftentimes wondered what the true motivations of Chief Min were, and today’s big reveals really further muddied the waters on that issue.  He seemed like such a great guy when exhibiting his support and trust for Hyung-min, and then he suddenly turned into Shi-hyun’s savior.  But a few episodes back, when he started pushing Shi-hyun for more and more and more, and kept pressuring him and kept bringing up Kyung-mi to guilt-trip him, I started feeling uncomfortable.  Now with Safari’s cryptic accusation today about what Chief Min really did with “the information”, I’m starting to have doubts about Shi-hyun’s safety and well-being.  I mean, the guy’s in danger 24/7, but if he ain’t got someone to back him and his big mission, then… well… yikes.  (I’m really scared – yet half-expecting – that we’ll have a tragic ending.  And what could be more ‘fitting’ than for Chief Min to desert him and leave him as nothing but the hunted, notorious Bahk-sa Ah-deul? *sob*) 무정도시11_00001

Things are starting to get crazy for realsies, and I have no idea what in the world is waiting for us.  I feel nervous all the time because the writers have spread things out so much – so many characters, so many different storylines going on all at once – but I’m holding out hope that they’ll bring everything back together in a nice, cohesive, continuous movement forward.  As seems to be the routine, Monday’s episode isn’t really complete without Tuesday’s, so I’m excited to see what Episode 12 brings!


Once again, whitecarrot will be adding her thoughts once she’s good and ready 😉

And once again agaaain, the purpose of this new format (thoughts only, no traditional recap) is to provide an open forum for all of us.  If you have any requests  or questions about translations, cultural what-in-the-world-I’m-confused things, or anything at all, please ask away!  I’ll start us off with Example #1: I demand to know what is being said in the videos posted above!  Noooow!  Example #2: Why is the man of the hour called Doc, Doc’s Son, Doctor’s Son, Shi-hyun, Parksa, Parksa Ahdeul, Bahksa, Paksa, etc. etc. etc.?  Ask ask awaaaay! 😀

No Heartless City post is complete without a shmexy picture of our Jung Shi-hyun.

No Heartless City post is complete without a shmexy picture of our Jung Shi-hyun.

10 responses to “Heartless City: Episode 11

  1. i have to agree with you about the romantic plot line. i was very much disappointed that the writer cast nam gyu ri to play the leading lady. i think she doesnt have much acting, let alone facial expressions on that plastic face. now that i got that out of the way, i gotta say that cruel city/heartless city is making my mondays and tuesdays brighter! hihihihi. this drama is yes, very fast and have so many plotlines, but you cant help asking for more~! especially after each cliff hanger, id find myself, screaming to my laptop asking WHYYYYY or WWHHAAAATT!!! hahahha. it engages me in a way i havent been engaged in a drama for such a long time. last time i was this invested in a drama, it was when i watched reply me 1997. i keep on refreshing daylimotion just so i can watch it asap. i love the fact that jung kyung ho become such a badass, especially after watching him on smile you. this drama got me invested on him, that i started to watching his old movies, like gangster high. i absolutely love jung kyung ho as a badass more than as a beta male! tho he looks too flimsy and thin for a gangster. but who doesnt love a badass fighting in a well made suit?! gotta love guys in a suit! what i find sometimes confusing is the flip flopping of the character. it’s like, so are you the bad guy now? or still the good guy? so who killed who now? so many questions, yet every episode seems to quenched my thirst for the answers. i cant wait for episode 13 and 14 next week!

    • welcome to the Patch, miumiu099!! 😀 😀 hehehheee yesyes “heartless city” is a special one ^^ and ohmygollies YESSSS “1997” was a crazy ride! ^^
      jung kyung-ho is totally killing this one like no other — i just vaguely remember him being cute in “smile” and don’t quite remember what he did in “dog-wolf” xD but no way am i ever forgetting him in “heartless” hehehee! but yeah, he’s so thin… but totally makes up for it with the immaculate suits and laser shooting out of his eyes ^^ can’t wait for 13&14!! 😀 welcome again to the family — hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  2. Dude, what’s wrong with the love story? it’s like a cherry on the top of my favorite gellato. I have no problem with it and I think their chemistry is mindblowing, unless if you are blind. You want to have it black or white but no grey area? wrong to the max.. this drama is all about grey area. So, get on with it and enjoy it.

    • welcome weeelcome to the Patch, BallerinaMom!! 😀 😀
      hehhee i’m so glad you’re enjoying the OTP and their romance — gelatoooo! ^^ personally, i just don’t think nam gyu-ri is at the level that she needs to be (acting-wise), and she just doesn’t have the emotion rolling off her that i want~ it’s definitely not a matter of black or white or gray — i love the grayness of everything in this whole show. it’s just that the romance is forced into the situations the writers need for setup/motivation, and i wish it was more natural, more flowing with the rest of the awesome drama 🙂 i mean i TOTALLY loved the meeting between the two in front of The Mansion in ep 12 in that critical moment — and i know it worked because of the previous setup, but the setup itself was poorly set up, if that makes any sense~ hahahaa in any case, there’s no doubt that “heartless city” is an amazing show, and i’m so glad to have a fellow fan watching with me! 😀
      thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts with us, BallerinaMom! welcome again to the family!! 😀

  3. i just started this drama and i cant believe how good it is. OMG!!! this drama is like Law and Order meet Scarface!!! I cant stop watching it and its the first drama in a very long time that i didnt fast forward any part yet…love it love it love it!!!

    • EEEEEEEEEKKK i’m so HAPPY you’re on the “heartless” train with uuuuus, MEK!!!!!!! gaaaah i just can’t express in words how awesome it is to slowly – but surely! – find fellow watchers!! 😀 😀 😀 yeah for SURESIES this ain’t one to fast forward — i’m too busy rewinding! ^^

        • yeah, he’s so thiiiiiin. i mean, it totally works for him, but can you imagine if he had a build like lee jae-yoon (hyung-min)?! gaaaah!
          jung kyung-ho was off serving in the military the last couple of years, so you have to backtrack to see his stuff 🙂 some of his more memorable projects were (1) “smile” aka “smile you” (그대, 웃어요) with lee min-jung; (2) “time of the dog and wolf” aka “time between dog and wolf” (개와 늑대의 시간) with lee jun-ki and nam sang-mi; and (3) “ja-myung-go” aka “princess ja myung go” (자명고). the last one was a big flop in korea, but he and jung ryeo-won were really good together 😉

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