Heartbreak: Won Bin + Lee Na-young


It’s official.  The one and only Won Bin is dating actress Lee Na-young. *sob*

After a crazy day deep-sea fishing, this is what I come home to.  Talk about a day to remember.

The world is tilting and spinning and it ain’t just me trying to find my land legs after being out in the ocean…

I just have no words.  The minute I saw “Won Bin” at the very top of the Naver Top-Searched Topics list, the first thought that came to mind was “No freaking way.  No no no freaking way.”  And then, of course, it was yes yes yes freaking way yes horrible violator-of-my-dreams Dispatch has dropped the bomb on yet another celebrity couple.  I’m absolutely devastated, and yet… after all the weddings and official dating reveals and whatnot this year, I kinda feel numb.  I mentioned this before, but all the news about our generation’s Oppas getting married this year made me realize that it’s time – time for me to let go of my Oppas and let ’em be Papas.  Weird.  But sadly true.

Even my snarky comments or fangirl wailings are somewhere still lost out in the sea…  I just don’t know what to say.  On the one hand, my heart is irrevocably broken.  But thanks to the aforementioned, I’m also happy for him – not that he particularly cares or even knows.  LOL.  And that is where I think I find myself today – in that weird state where I love me my celebrities and laugh and cry with and because of them, but I’m also all too aware that they’re just some random people who don’t even know I exist.

Okay, who are you, lady, and what are you doing impersonating me?!  Won Bin is about to be snatched from your hands and you’re just gonna sit back and enjoy?!? *smack smack!*

Aaaaack!  *comes back to life*  Okay, enough with the attempting to be calm and civil about this business.  I’m on the next flight out to Incheon Airport!  Who’s coming?!



14 responses to “Heartbreak: Won Bin + Lee Na-young

    • hihiiii, afufu long time no garden! ^^ sigh. i. have. no. strength. heh heh heh. don’t worry, i’m alllll revved up and ready to go claim my man hahahahaa! 😉 😉 😉

  1. Upon reading the news about Won Bin and Lee Na Young to be dating, I hurriedly went to the Patch because I know you will be making a post about it. I feel for you pinkblossom. But what to do? 😦 sigh news about celebrity dating here and there…. argh!

    • haahahahaa hate to be predictable, but you know me too well, `Eun!! ^^ 😀 😀 😀 ^^ so much love going around the k-ent world these days~ sigh. hehehee! ^^

  2. Oh my gosh I was just about to tweet to you about this. I’m taking this so hard..I’ve read so many different articles already making sure this is true…I haven’t accepted it yet. We both lost. I will go with you to the airport! But when it comes to actually stealing him back, you’re on your own. I’ve devised my own plans hehehe.

    • great minds think alike! 😉 no for seriously, as soon as i saw the news, i was like “AAAAACKKKK naoooomiiiii~!!!!” lololol! ^^ i’m waiting at the airport!! ^^

      • You’re already at the airport? Oh golly, wait for meee, I’ll be there in a jippy.
        So are you going to move on? For now I’m avoiding any pictures of him because then a dark cloud just looms over me. But I have a huge list of biases, so giving up Won Bin won’t necessarily kill me. Maybe a coma, but not death xD

        • *taps foot* the plane is leaving soooooon!! 😉
          i’m still trying to get my bearings… but old flames are starting to rekindle already~ i mean, i can’t help that other people suddenly look gorgeous, can i? don’t worry, naomi — i’ll wake you up from the coma 😉 😉 😉

          • LOL, yeah South Korea is filled with a lot of gorgeous guys..I might forget the real reason why I’m on this plane right now.
            Oh will you? If you bring Kim Soo Hyun or Song Joong Ki or Kamenashi Kazuya with you, then you m i g h t get me to wake up. See you soon ^^

          • if we get distracted once we reach the streets of seoul… well, it ain’t our faults 😉 😉
            hehehehehee i’ll be sure to bring one of ’em — or all of them! — along!

  3. “… time for me to let go of my Oppas and let ’em be Papas. Weird. But sadly true.”

    Aww. You’re hilarious in your fangirliness. Here’s a ((hug)). heh.

    This man is so beautiful to look at though. I’d say good for them. Both seem to have “good” tastes. hehhehehe. Oh, I’m so biased.

  4. I am suffering from a major heartbreak here.. Ok why does it has to be lee na young.. On other note I might just say the same thing even if it was someone else..
    Aigooo, Won Bin shii waeeee :((

    • hahahaa i was toootally wondering “why lee na-young?!” bc i just never understood korean netizens’ obsession with her. i just don’t quite see her ‘beauty’… but i’m sure i would have been upset no matter who it was heh heh heh 😉
      won bin sshi waeeeeeeeeee T_T

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