Korea: Part 3

I’ve been jumping all over the place this past week here at the Patch, and now I’m back to that To Do List I published back in May.  I just read over the list, which didn’t have anything too crazy, and guess how many items I checked off?  Zero.  *hangs head in shame*

So I’m gonna continue on in this out of order, out of place random hopping I’ve been doing through the various plots of fruits and veggies and flora and fauna – okay, maybe not quite fauna – in our Patch.  Let’s rewind two months and visit Korea once again!


Korea: Part 3

So Cousin Blossom – not the hip one who does makeup for celebrities, but a just-as-awesome cousin – sacrificed herself on the altar of family duty and spent her precious Saturday afternoon + evening with this nowhere-near-cool weirdo from America.  She had wanted to visit a “pet café” for some time, and there was a famous one in Hongdae, so I braved the subway system and, without fail, got turned around juuust a teensy.  But I managed to find the right exit at the right station, and voila there was my cousin, waiting for me.

Fun times in the subway station!

Fun times in the subway station!

I had nooo idea what to expect, but I did NOT expect to be blasted with the smell of doggies and doggy pee as we climbed the stairs to the second floor of a random building.  We hadn’t even reached the closed(!) doors of the café, and I could already smell the doggies.  Now, I love doggies.  I do I really do.  For those who haven’t yet done so, meet my very own Kleenex monster Poppy:

Poppy giving the one-eye lookover.

Poppy giving the one-eye lookover.

But I was… ah… let’s just say I was taken aback by the sights and smells that greeted me as we entered the pet café.  Doggies of all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages ran around the “café” barking at newcomers or plain ol’ snoozing on the sofas.  After a 30(!) minute wait, we were finally seated at a table and our freakishly expensive drink orders were taken.  It was… quite an experience attempting to swallow my piping hot milk tea while trying not to notice the smell of doggy pee and simultaneously trying not to get trampled by the fat bulldog lumbering from my side of the table to my cousin’s.  The rest of the time was spent playing keep-away with said bulldog and my drink.

Yes, that is a doggy on a table.

Yes, that is a doggy on a table.

Pet cafe = glorified pet daycare + drinks

Pet cafe = glorified pet daycare + drinks

I did have a teensy bit of quiet time with a sweet little Maltese, but I felt guilty the whole time, because I could feel Poppy’s wrath from across the Pacific Ocean.  I’m sure she was shredding Kleenex with a vengeance as I cooed over the floppy-eared puppy.  Don’t worry, Poppy, you’ve got longer legs and are much lighter.  That other doggy could never be a runway model like you.

Poppy's competition.

Poppy’s competition.

Anyhoo, we finally escaped the pet café and had dinner then took the subway for our real entertainment of the night: a play in one of the famed “small theaters”  (소극장) of Daehak-no (대학로 = literally “College Street”).  On a single-set stage, actors and actresses poured their hearts out in scene after scene, drawing laughter and tears and sighs of happiness from all of us audience members crammed into the tiny theater like leftover banchans and assorted kimchis in a refrigerator.  It was absolutely marvelous.20130427_195200 20130427_220759-1

And then on the way back to the subway station, we got ‘couple rings’ like every K-couple ever.  Who said a couple ring can’t be shared with your cutie cousin?  A perfect ending to a lovely day.


Next up in the Korea Series: Star Spotting!



8 responses to “Korea: Part 3

    • welcome to the Patch, Lexi! 😀 i’m sad i didn’t get a chance to enjoy a better dog cafe experience while i was in korea — but if/when i go back, i’ll be sure to check out bau house!! 😀 (hopefully it’ll still be as cute as it looks now!) thanks for joining us here — we hope you continue to ‘garden’ with us! 😀
      ps. love your blog! 😀

  1. Pet cafes strike me as something that can either be awesome or horribly, horribly wrong. Depending on the level of pet-care.

    But it sounds like the theater was very cool! 🙂

    • couldn’t have put it better — i’m sure there are wonderful pet cafes out there… i just didn’t quite find ’em lol! and yesss i was so pleasantly surprised and awed and very impressed! 😀 if you ever get a chance, i’d highly recommend it! 😀

  2. I watched Shim Eun Jin’s On Air Chocolate 온에어 초콜릿 2 years ago in Daehangno. It was a tiny theater and we even got lost finding it because the people we asked in the neighborhood didn’t know as well. But it was intimate and a small crowd, the actors are very passionate about their craft. I enjoyed it very much.

    Looking forward to the next post: Star Spotting. One of the best “things-to-do” in Seoul. ㅋㅋ

    • i TOTALLY got turned around at daehakno — there are just so many tiny little side streets and soooo many theaters! but yes, it was such a wonderful experience 🙂 yay for shared fun times!! ^^
      hehehehee nothing toooo exciting, but it was still fun nonetheless checking off the top item of any sane person’s “must do in the streets of seoul” list lolol!! ㅎㅎㅎ

  3. Kleenex Monster!

    “… I could feel Poppy’s wrath from across the Pacific Ocean. I’m sure she was shredding Kleenex with a vengeance as I cooed over the floppy-eared puppy.”


    • hahahaaa yepyep, the kleenex monster was actually at it again just last night! ^^ she says thank you for the lovely nickname 😉 😉

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