Last Cinderella- Jdrama Review

To clarify, this is not really a review. This is a rant because this drama did NOT end right. I was so addicted to Last Cinderella for the first 10 episodes, rooting for the 2nd male lead. Not knowing that the he WAS only the 2nd male lead. I am devastated. The two leading characters should not have ended up together. For the record, I have nothing against noona-dongsaeng relationships if there is chemistry. However, in this case there was zero chemistry. Here’s the breakdown + spoilers included.

Toyama Sakura (Shinohara Ryoko) is a 39 year-old-going-on-40 hairstylist who has been working at the same salon for 8 years or so. She hasn’t dated in 10 years. According to the drama, she is turning into a man due to overwork and hormonal imbalance. Hard-working and pure-hearted, she has been the assistant store manager for many years. Despite this, the hair salon company keeps appointing others as the head manager of the store.


This time is no different, as they appoint Sakura’s “enemy,” Tachibana Rintaro (Fujiki Naohito), to the position. Tachibana is the same age as Sakura yet he is an 100% chauvinist and teases Sakura incessantly. However, throughout the plot, they bicker and build a strong platonic relationship. They become next door neighbors as well and often help each other out. They meet for baseball and tell each other their problems.


Saeki Hiroto (Miura Haruma) is a 24-year old BMX biker. Hiroto is rich man’s son who is rebelling. He hurt his younger step-sister when they were only children. As a result, he feels like he owes a debt to her. The younger sister is in love with Tachibana and tells Hiroto to make Sakura fall for Hiroto, so Tachibana is not distracted by Sakura. Thus begins a relationship between Sakura and Hiroto despite their 15 year age difference.



The relationship between Hiroto and Sakura is so fake. Every scene when they are together depicts them acting cutesy and cuddly. I don’t see how they have anything in common besides the fact that Sakura is obsessed with Hiroto’s youthful body. The drama spends three episodes dragging out the time before Sakura and Hiroto have sex. Absolutely zero chemistry. Absolutely no tension. They never have a real conversation about their future, interests, or life together. So unrealistic. It’s all fun and games and going to have babies together.


Meanwhile the relationship between Sakura and Tachibana is so organic and so fun. They are good friends who bicker and help each other out in times of hardship. I was truly rooting for this couple. Down to the very last second I hoped Sakura was running to him to be with him. But alas, the writers are crazy and did not actually watch the drama. They couldn’t see how far they built this lovely relationship. They threw it into the dirt because they want to break the mode and go for the age difference.


The only shaving grace in this show is HOW HOT Fujiki Naojito is with stubble and his ragged look.

Shame on you drama. You sucked.

20 responses to “Last Cinderella- Jdrama Review

    • Sorry I don’t mean to spoil it Myles but you will only like this show if you are a huge Miura Haruma fan. Lots of nakedness! Fan pleasers. kekeke

      • hahahaha… yes yes. Fans of Miura Haruma had a feast over him in this drama. Lots, lots, lots of nakedness plus a shower scene. lols

  1. I really liked it. I actually stopped watching it when she started getting together with the 2nd lead. Im not a fan of any of them but I think Hiroto and Sakura were cute together…im sorry you didnt like it…

    are you watching itazura no kiss? I like the jap version better…what do you think?

    • No I’m not is the new version better? I know there was a japanese version in the 90s with fujiki naohito! I want to watch the new itazura but I havent been on top of the japanese dramas recently. I’ll definitely check i out!

      Sorry I have some strong opinions about Last cinderella. I’m just a big fujiki fan so i’m probably biased. I really like the main girl in Anego too. But yah. 😦

      • what i love about japanese drama is that they get to the point fairly quickly. The Taiwanese version was far too long and the Korean version was so so. This version is cute and to the point…real cute!

        Dont apologize for your opinion on Last cinderella…I’ve been looking around blogs and a lot of people are really rooting for Tachibana and Sakura to get together…i just think that scenarios like that always ends with the “right thing” to do or happen but lately the japanese have been pushing the envelope…i love it. that its ok for a 40 yr old woman to be with someone 15 years younger than her – i saw another show where the niece fell in love with her uncle – and i really thought they would not end up together…guess what? they moved to another country and got together. Kinda gross but glad to see out of norm stuff…

        • LOL an uncle and a niece. Damn I haven’t heard that one before. There does seem to be a trend. Japanese dramas seems to be looking for the a new winning-ratings formula. There have been so many detective dramas lately. It’s kind of getting old.

          But I will definitely check out this japanese version of itzanaru kiss. I completely agree Taiwanese stuff is always wayyy too draggy.

          • i need to find the uncle and niece drama again – if I find it i will definitely let you know – its one of those REALLY DEEP dramas but when the ending came – my mouth dropped – i coudnt believe it…

        • Uncle and niece—that’s a problem! Ew! LOL! That’s not pushing the envelope, that’s just WRONG! LOL! Were they blood related?

          • omg yes – shocked me but you know it was a good drama…i cant believe i cant find it…i will though…i just need to look at all the dramas on aznv.

      • Whitecarrot – i found the uncle and niece drama…its called Mitsu no Aji~A Taste of Honey~…you have to check it out

    • I am also watching Itazura No Kiss and but do not like the lead girl’s facial acting. Its irritating like the Taiwanese actress. I liked the acting of the Korean lead actress better. Just an opinion.

      • Ariel Lin’s acting in the Taiwan version was quite annoying even though I love her. I didn’t 100% follow the Korean version so I can’t quite judge that one. I like your opinions. 🙂

  2. I finished watching this drama and I can say that I am half-annoyed with the ending. Ottoke? Why does she have to choose Hiroto. Wae? Wae? However, if only if Rintaro realized his feelings for Sakura earlier then the story might be a lil’ different. lols

    • 100% agree. I dunno. the love line/build up was way too strong for rintaro/sakura for them not to end up together. sighhhh

  3. great! there’s my excuse for not watching the finale then! btw I looked her up and her hubby is like 20 something years older than her…mmhhh…iiinteresting….;)

    • Yah!!! Ive checked it out before too. Totally weird. I don’t even know what to think or even how to judge lol.

  4. Writer and director did not give enough screen time for Sakura and Rintaro to develop a romance! Ugh! I like noona/dongsaeng if done well but it didn’t feel organic. Otherwise, I did enjoy the drama.

  5. Are you kidding me, I was mainly reading recaps for this drama since life gets so hectic and I prefer to marathon jdorams, this is ridiculous. nuts

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