XI The Classic


The Classic.

Mean anything to you?  Would you buy a metal box with those words – and nothing else – on the cover?  Well, if you answered yes, then you, my friend, are a real Shinhwa Changjo.393002_568184993202539_976966117_n

Let me tell you my little story about Shinhwa and their apparent desire to drive me up the wall.  Back in February, my Pinkblossom Special Agents met with failure.  So I left for the Land of Kdrama Milk and Honey in early April, figuring I had a pretty darned good chance of watching Shinhwa in action – either on a talk show or a music show.  They had said they were making their comeback sometime in the not too distant future, and I figured a whole month after their 15th anniversary concert was enough time indeed.


I was wrong.

Nooooo album, thus noooo promotions during my month in Korea.  And then I heard they were going to host SNL Korea (at yet another undetermined date).  Time passed.  My last weekend in Korea rolled around, and though the official SNL Korea website had not yet announced their host for the upcoming episode, I figured I’d give it a shot.  They didn’t even ask for a Korean ID – sadly, the big factor that prevented me from visiting any of the broadcasters’ shows – thus making SNL Korea my best bet at visiting a TV studio.

Well, we ended up going to Japan that weekend.  And guess who was the SNL host that Saturday?

I came back home, leaving the Land of Kdrama Milk and Honey behind.  And guess who started promoting their album?


Guess who made guest appearances all over the airwaves?


Guess who won EIGHT(!!) trophies for their 11th album’s title song “This Love”, crushing the likes of Lee Hyori, 2PM, 4Minute, and B1A4 in the process? 


I’m not talking to you, Shinhwa.

Go enjoy your trophies and filled-to-the-rafters concert halls in countries I can’t reach.  I’m gonna find me cutie dongsaengs who’ll call me noona and actually allow me to love ’em.  Anyone got suggestions?

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8 responses to “XI The Classic

  1. How can I not love them, they’re so adorable even in their 30’s, funny ahjussis haha!! till next album next year…. Teen Top is one cutie dongsaengs, I like them but I love Shinhwa!!!!

    • long time no seeee, Lit Roman! 😀 😀
      sigh, i know, that’s the problem. i want to be mad, but their adorkably shmexy antics just won’t let me 😉 heh heh heh
      andy’s teen top?! heeee i’ll have to check ’em out beyond the cursory glance i gave them for the sake of andy hahahaa!

  2. LOL the way you describe the whole ordeal is very amusing. I was in Korea too back in April and was bummed there was not enough time to attend a music show. I was even more bummed that their concert was a week after I arrive in Korea that I seriously contemplated on changing my travel plans. OH well… it’s hard to be a fangirl when you live on the other side of the Pacific. Our luck and happiness relies on timing. Or money.

    I love their new album and of course the tiltle track This Love. I love how they can show everyone ,especially their hoobaes, the reason why they are still here. And why they are called Shinhwa.

    • oh my gollies long time no gaaardening, Maria!!! 😀 😀
      yeee we may have randomly passed by each other on the subway kdrama-style in april! heee! 😉 but for seriously, it sure is difficult living on the wrong side of the ocean. sigh. 😉
      yesss i do looooove their new album, and i am so so SO happy they are still rocking the kpop world. idols, move aside for the real deal! ^^

  3. Yeah, you said it right, it’s really difficult living on the wrong side of the ocean, the limited edition XI Classic were sold out before I even get to order it thus it left me with the thanks edition and tickets for kpop concerts here in the Philippines are way too expensive but if my Shinhwa comes here, no questions, take all my money, yeah take them all hehehe!!!

    • sigh. i haven’t even set eyes yet on a physical album… the local kpop music store was doing some reconstruction or whatever — another sign from shinhwa for me to stop loving ’em? 😉 but yes, if shinhwa ever comes to LA, oh my gollies i’ll be the first one there!!! 😀 😀 😀

  4. *sigh! I feel for you. How disappointing it is that when your vacation is finished, then that is the time they start promoting. Oh well, pinkblossom, maybe it is not the time yet. lols. (but when will the time come that you’ll be able to meet them? when they are too old to perform? @.@ just kidding) Hope you see them soon. I am fervently wishing this for you. 🙂

    • `Eun, you did not just go there. lolol! but for seriously, it’s exactly what i worry about — when will i ever see them?! before they’re 90 years old, please! 😉 😉 heh heh heh keep on sending those happy thoughts — with my name! — their way, please hehehee! ^^

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