Heartless City: Episode 9 Preview

That’s it.  No more can do.

We’re so so sooo behind on recaps, and at this rate, we may never catch up.


Goodbye to order and chronology and holding off on out-of-order posts and all that stuff.

Episode 9 preview.

Watch it.

2 responses to “Heartless City: Episode 9 Preview

  1. Aw…. This news really saddened me. But of course, we understand. Writing a recap is not an easy task especially if there are a lot to recap. Anyway, we will be looking forward for your next project. 🙂

    • yes, it really pained us to decide not to continue with recaps T_T but we’ll continue to write about it — it’s just a different kind of project heee! ^^ are you still watching it?!? isn’t it faaabulous?!?! 😀 😀

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