Answer Me 1994: Casting Almost Finalized

20130621_1371781494_51107000_1Lots of talk has been floating around for quite some time, but it looks like the Answer Me 1994 crew is gettin’ down to business for realsies.  Our sequel of sorts (perhaps we should call it a spinoff?) from the director and writer who brought us the cracktastic Answer Me 1997 are coming back with a story that rewinds three years – to visit Seo Tae-ji and Boys – and enters the basketball courts.  Seems fitting with The Finals currently going on… and it’s a pretty close one right now.  Only 1:25 remaining in the 4th quarter of Game 7!  Aaack!  But since this drama will be about college kids, perhaps we should reference March Madness instead?  Anyhoo.

Being officially courted as leads – and the actors’ agencies have stated they are working out the contracts, not just merely taking a look at the script – are… not what I expected.  But I’m intrigued.

Our male lead: Jung Woo, whom most will recognize as the Bread Man in current weekend drama You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.  I haven’t seen enough of him to comment, so I’ll wait to see how things pan out.2013062201001775600138521

Our female lead: Go Ara.  Well.  She has been improving… I think?  Or perhaps I just hope.  Well, she wasn’t cringe-worthy in Pacemaker, so maybe I can hope for good things?30000160410_700

Our other male lead: Yoo Yeon-seok, whom Gu Family Book watchers will recognize as Chung-jo’s (Lee Yoo-bi) brother and Kang-chi’s (Lee Seung-gi) rival.  I ain’t watchin’ it so I don’t know how he’s doing there, but he wasn’t all that memorable in Midnight Hospital and was bland (his character didn’t help) in Pure Pumpkin Flower (horrible translation).30000067546_700

Our other other male lead: Kim Sung-kyun, who’s relatively new in the mainstream scene.  He has stage productions under his belt, and it seems he blasted onto the silver screen scene in 2011/12 with several Best New Actor awards on his shelf.  He made a special appearance in current Wed-Thurs leader I Hear Your Voice, another show I’m not watching, so no comments yet here either.1371781735204

Other peeps who’re being courted: Baro of B1A4 (sorry fans if that ain’t the correct spelling of his name); Min Do-hee of Tiny-G; and Sohn Ho-joon, who’s been off the scene for a couple years.

Our kiddos will be basketball players from all over the country who come together – literally living together in a ‘boarding house’ (하숙) – for some college basketball madness.  Hoping this blast to the past will be as amaztastic as 1997! 😀


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14 responses to “Answer Me 1994: Casting Almost Finalized

  1. Not much clue on the cast itself, since I’m not very familiar with any of them myself, but I’m definitely curious to see what 1994 looks like! Thanks for the news! ❤

    • curious here as well! ^^ thank YOU for always leaving such kind and encouraging words, kfangurl!! <333

  2. Oh my gosh the bakery manager is the lead. He finally made his breakthrough, that’s nice to hear. Go Ara as the lead girl though..I will give her a chance, hopefully she got better since I last saw her in Who Are You?

    • hehehee yesss, it appears jung woo (bakery man) is finally getting some traction in the k-ent world. he’s most remembered for the 2009 film “wind” (바람) for which he won a “best new actor” award, but he hasn’t really made a splash since~ we’ll see how things pan out from here! ^^ and fingers crossed for go ara 😉

    • that’s defs good to hear! the media seems to have labeled him as someone with a solid foundation, so i’m looking forward to good things! 😀

  3. I love AM1997 so I hope that AM1994 will also be an awesome drama! 🙂 I agree that Jung Woo is doing a great job in YTBLSS so seeing him in another project is nice. Btw, pinkblossom, please check out I can hear your voice. This drama is also daebak. I love Kim Hae Sook’s character. Well of course, I love the three leads as well. 🙂 about Baro’s name, that is the correct spelling. 🙂 *I miss yours and whitecarrot’s posts. 🙂

    • i’m hoping for awesomeness as well!! ^^
      i’ve been hearing a lot (esp from k-media) about “i hear your voice”, and since you say it’s daebak, i think i’m gonna give it a try! i loooove kim hae-sook, and i really like a LOT of the veteran cast. it’s just that *whispers: i don’t really care for yoon sang-hyun or lee jong-seok* *ducks for cover* i know i know, it’s blasphemy for lee jong-seok lovers, but i just haven’t warmed up to him. but. we’ll see how things go once i start watching! hehee!
      and thanks for the confirmation of baro’s name 😉
      i was feeling non-bloggy the last couple of weeks, but your comment got be back on here, `Eun! thanks for continuing to encourage us!! 😀 <33

  4. I love the bread guy from YTBLSS, I’m rather happy with him being the lead male, but not sure about Ara she’s ummm…..we’ll see how it’ll go I suppose

    • welcome to the Patch, Soori!! 😀 lots of people seem to be happy with jung woo cast as one of the leads! and hesitant about go ara hahahaa 😉 let’s keep our fingers crossed! ^^

  5. Yoo Yeon-seok is on of the few (very few) interesting characters in “Gu Family Book” and while he doesn’t get much screen time — I like him when he’s there! 🙂 And I’ll fourth (or is it fifth) the support for our adorable Bread Man.

    The rest I don’t know… but I knew only a couple of the 1997 version so I’m still happy. 😀

    • heeee yay more support for bread man! and ooh, i’m glad to hear yoo yeon-seok is faring well!
      you totes nailed it: i didn’t know anything about most of the “1997” cast so i’m gonna trust the crew and be eagerly waiting! 😀

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