Dating Agency: Cyrano – Ep 2

No preface is needed. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Episode 2 Mini-cap:

Min-young and Byung-hoon continue their banter on the train platform. We switch to Seung-pyo aka Master aka chef aka owner of the restaurant next door. He is going through some paparazzi pictures of Cyrano Agency and it’s employees, dwelling specifically on Byung-hoon. The two actors Byung-hoon employed in the vet/librarian first-meet staging come into the restaurant and greet Master as boss. The mystery heightens. Back in the agency, the employees chatter on and wait for the librarian to take the bait. The guys reveal they never cared much for romance, and Min-young is shocked. She berates her “robot” coworkers for being in the field of romance when they don’t even care. The agency managed to leave vet’s library card in librarian’s purse. Librarian calls vet’s phone which is all hooked up to agency’s super tech stuff.


Master drives and sees Min-young waiting for the bus and picks her up. I have to say this scene is super creepy. This is like the beginning of a serial killer murder of a young girl. But my mind is twisted, so ignore that please. Master tells her he thinks she will work at the agency for a long time. We see that the agency boys are all brooding over what Min-young said to them earlier, “Everyone dreams of romance!”

3 4

Librarian girl gets off work and feeds some neighborhood kittens only to see that the mommy cat is lying on her side sick. She rushes onto a cab to see the vet, which happens to be the vet we’ve all be watching. Min-young and Master see this from the other side of the road. It’s too early in the game for our librarian to meet the vet as the vet. Moo-jin and Byung-hoon hop onto a motorcycle to try to stop the taxi as Min-young and Master do from their car. Over-dramatic car chase ensues ending with Min-young and Master cutting off the taxi in front of Dr J’s office. As time runs out, Min-young confronts librarian and physically tries to stop her from going into the vet’s office.

6 7

When librarian and Min-young enter the office, guess who the vet is?


Glad you made it, Byung-hoon. The day is saved! The next day, the librarian finds more clues about mystery man aka the vet in the books that he borrowed. Min-young goes the library to give some weak explanations to the librarian about how weird she was being yesterday. Min-young wants librarian to see the vet in his natural normal state. At the vet’s office, Byung-hoon convinces the vet that the best way to go is to listen to the agency. The vet worries that the librarian is not falling for his true self.

10 9

For some reason, Master is driving Byung-hoon around and they pick up Min-young from the bus stop. They have a welcome party later that night for Min-young. Or rather she holds one for herself at Master’s restaurant. Min-young gets piss drunk and makes a big deal about how the agency just creates a ruse for its clients and does not show reality. Min-young wakes up at the agency and sees Byung-hoon watching a video of the past. They argue some more. Blah blah blah.

11 12

Part two of operation librarian+vet begins.  The agency plans another cat and mouse chase culminating with vet pushing librarian into safety away from Moo-jin and his motorcycle. Librarian asks vet to dinner as Cyrano keeps tabs.

13 14

Vet asks to leave for a bit, during which librarian imagines all the super action he is going through. In reality, the vet goes back to the van and gets some makeup done so he looks like he’s been through a big fight. Librarian falls more in love. Finally, the big finale is planned to go down. Still uncomfortable with tricking the librarian, Min-young meets with the vet to push him to reveal his true self. She believes that he needs to be real with librarian. Meanwhile, Byung-hoon wants to have librarian go to a fake address then meet vet and have vet reveal he’s a vet. Librarian will be excited at vet’s double life and fall in love with him because of her confused hormones/adrenaline/excitement.


Min-young takes vet to go meet librarian, so the vet doesn’t take Byung-hoon’s call. Byung-hoon quickly realizes what’s up and makes Cyrano Agency implement emergency plan C. This involves Moo-jin returning a library book for the vet and Byung-hoon texting the librarian. The librarian worries for her mystery man’s safety and calls back to the Cyrano Agency (yes, they rewired the phones). Min-young rushes into the library first to find librarian, but Byung-hoon stops Min-young in front of the library and fires her. And the episode ends on a cliffy!



I want episode 3! Now!

4 responses to “Dating Agency: Cyrano – Ep 2

  1. I started watching this drama because I am a fan of both Lee Jong-hyuk and Lee Chun-hee. That said, I was very disturbed by the depiction of the quick clip of the black man as a drug dealer. Let’s hope this is not a trend…that black people are only shown negatively in dramas!

    • I’m sorry they did that too. Unfortunately that’s something i see quite often in asian dramas. It’s worse in the Taiwanese variety shows i watch with race/sexism. Hopefully this doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the rest of the drama.

  2. I really want episode 3 too. The drama is just that good but I really hope that it isn’t the kind which got you addicted at first and then, got boring.
    I can’t wait for more interactions between the agency members. The car scenes were adorable because Moo Jin and Min Young had some kind of conversation XD.
    I don’t know if he refered to their relationship but when he said “Loud but Heaven. Interesting.” but in this small sentence, you already have clues about how the presence of Min Young affect Byung Hoon and in a very good way. I’m a sucker for these kind of romances.

    But yeah, the car and restaurant scene were really creepy because of Cha Seung Pyo. I had goosebumps when he said that he couldn’t show his KNIFE SKILLS to Byung Hoon which is a shame. I was like WTFFF. I really want to know what he is. I thought that because of his variety image, I couldn’t take him seriously in a dark role but he is quite good 🙂

    • Yah I’m not completely understanding Seung-pyo’s role. It kind of weird and its so different from the character he was like in Smile You. So i keep getting confused.

      I’m totally loving Moo-jin though. kekeke

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