Letter to Shin Ha-kyun


Dear Shin Ha-kyun,

You are… simply magnificent.  No, I don’t mean the character Kim Soo-young, though I love him to bits as well.  I must confess to having only heard of your impressive prowess in passing.  I watched a random episode or two of Brain.  But I never quite knew for myself just how special, how amazing you were.  Until the much-beleaguered All About My Romance.

To be honest, I wasn’t all that impressed in the opening episodes: I fell asleep during Episode 2.  But your loud-mouthed, foul-tempered, poopy butt congressman Kim Soo-young really got to me when he fell in love.  And I say he is yours, because I love YOUR portrayal, YOUR rendition, YOUR reprisal, YOUR bringing to life of a man who loved himself above all else because no one else would.내연모_00020

A man who fell in love with someone else for the first time in his life… and just poured out that love that had been bottled up inside, waiting for another vessel to receive it. 내연모_00009 내연모_00011 내연모_00010 내연모_00012

A man who unhesitatingly gave everything, showed everything, did everything for the woman he loved. 내연모_00014 내연모_00017 내연모_00026 내연모_00029 내연모_00030

A man who was all too willing to reveal to the public his biggest secret, and his greatest source of pain – to protect the woman he loved.내연모_00039

A man who ceded to his woman’s wishes – even when she poopily suggested they break up.



to shocked...

to shocked…

to quietly questioning...

to quietly questioning…

to acceptance.

to acceptance.

And a man who has quietly stepped back… but refuses to let go.내연모_00001 내연모_00003 내연모_00002 내연모_00004 내연모_00005

It’s a one-man show, and I bemoan the fact that you aren’t receiving the accolades you deserve.  But I do hope you know that you’ve acquired a die-hard fan who will shout your praises to the ends of the earth.  I’m mighty hard to get rid of.  Just so you know.




18 responses to “Letter to Shin Ha-kyun

  1. OH! i’m so in love with him too! everytime he smiles, i just found myself smiling along. I can feel his hurt too =(. I’m one of the followers of AAMR too =). I saw some of his movies, who can forget Guns and Talk, My Brother, Welcome to Dongmakgol and the crazy “save the green planet!” =). Watched Brains too, and in the middle of watching Harvest Villa. But i first fell in love with him in “The Happenings”, which happens to be his first movie =). He really is quite loveable!!!

    • i knooooow, right?! it’s that smile gaaaah *swoon* as soon as i posted this, i realized that i HAD seen him in other movies lolol. he was amazing in “jsa” and “dongmakgol” and pretty much everything ever hehehee!! i’ve heard so much about “harvest villa” — i need to watch it!! and i’ll have to get on “the happenings” and “guns and talk” (aaaackkk how have i not seen this before?! it has everyone i looove!!!) and “my brother” and “save the green planet” and pretty much everything! heeeee!!! 😀 😀 😀

  2. for a non-cable show,there’s way too much kissing (i mean the real kissing!) I guess they r making up for the low ratings but i ain’t complaining-he’s a fabulous kisser!

    • i don’t think there’s such a thing as too much kissing.
      for seriously.
      hahahaha no you’re right, they have quite a few smooches, but something about them is very non-cable appropriate… it’s more ‘sweet’ than ‘shmexy’ i think… oh i don’t know i’m just eating it all up hehehee!!

  3. My dear Carrotblossom you’re late to the party. Please join all of us lovers of Shin Ha-kyun on his international fans Facebook page. We have been raving about his performance in “All About My Romance” and disappointed with the dismal ratings this drama is receiving in Korea!

    • weeeelcome to the Patch, Debra Thompson!!! 😀 😀 😀 i am indeeeed late to the party xDD but yes, i feel so bad about the ratings T_T he’s just so fabulous this sucks.
      thanks for joining us!!! we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us!! 😀 😀

  4. Hi pinkblossom, I’m watching this show in snippets. Skipping the political part because I only want to see Shin Ha Kyun and his antics. For all the things that you said above, I definitely agree to all of those.

    • hihiii `Eun!!! 😀 😀 😀 yeah, to be honest, i usually skip through the political stuff… shhhh. heh heh heh. but oh myyyy i just looooove shin ha-kyun i just can’t say enough!!!

  5. He is a wonderful actor. [but I must confess sometimes he is a littler actorly and the work shows as work]

    But I loved him. I was successful in turning folks on to BRAINS, though I did try. In BRAINS his performance of pent up fury was fascinating to watch.

    I am loving him in ROMANCE. I thought he was a little old for the role but his talent is making it work. I also love the score for romance. It is so frustrating to love a great show that the world refuses to discover.

    • hihiii, Yumi!! 😀 so glad you’re still gardening with us! ^^
      i totes feel the frustration of what you so perfectly summed up: a great show that the world refuses to discover 😀 😀 so many of my fav shows don’t make it big and it kiiiills me 😉 though i can’t say “romance” was one of my favs, i’m so grateful for the hours of shin ha-kyun we got muahahaaa!! 😀

  6. I just saw this. OMG, I’m so pumped up that I don’t watch this on my tv. This is because of Lee Min Jung that I abadoned Shin Ha Kyun but when I watched one episode, I’m hooked up. I really love him in Brain and yes, he is a good kisser. The chewing gum kiss in Brain seal it for me.

    • welcome to the Patch, Langit13iru!! 😀 (psst! please do share if you’d like to go by a different name ^^) it seems i need to go back and watch that gum kiss heh heh heh 😉 but yesss shin ha-kyun is just all kinds of amaztastic 😀 we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

    • weeeelcome to our little madhouse, Susan Sia!! 😀 😀 i couldn’t agree more about our adooorable shin ha-kyun heeee! ^^ thanks for joining our little gardening family! 😀

  7. you should share your letter on Soompi’s AAMR’s thread ^^
    love your letter very much.. SHK is just so irresistible XD

    • welcome weeelcome to the Patch, samasta93!! 😀 awww thank you for the sweet words! if you’d like to share it on soompi, please feel free to do so! ^^ and yessss, shin ha-kyun is just all kinds of irresistible 😀 😀 😀 hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀

  8. you should have seen him in Brain. He was awesome in there and became a fan for life. Ive watched AAMR a while back and found it boring after 2 episodes and recently read a review and gave it a try again and it was definitely worth it!!!!

    • hi, aro! welcome to the Patch! 😀 😀
      i really need to go back and watch “brain” at some point… oh, if only i had more of that elusive thing called time lol!
      i’m so glad you loved “all about my romance”!! it wasn’t perfect, but gosh darned it was shin ha-kyun amazing! 😀
      welcome again to the Patch Family! 😀

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