Love is in the Air

As we enter the fanciful season of spring, love has bloomed along with the flowers.  There are dating rumors flying all over the place and quite a few official announcements as well.  Here are just a few!


Han Jae-suk & Park Sol-mi

We just wailed about poor Han Jae-suk never getting the girl, but no more!  Han Jae-suk and Park Sol-mi met while filming Merchant Kim Man-deok and fell in love for realsies.  There was a wave of reports at the end of last year that the two had broken up, and Park’s agency even admitted that it was true.  Han’s agency quickly denied that allegation, stating that the two were still happily together.  Uh, maybe check with your actor/actress before making any press releases?  In any case, the two announced a while back that they were getting married in April.  With their wedding right around their corner, they released several loooovely photos from their wedding photoshoot. *swoon*201304170906011110_1 201304170910531110_1 201304170901591110_1


Yoon Kye-sang & Honey Lee

Now this one was a bit of a surprise, because I can’t recall the two ever doing any project together… but everyone knows everyone and is friends with friends of everyone in the entertainment industry – and especially in the small K-ent world – so I suppose nothing should ever be a “surprise.”  (Just one of their mutual friends: Gong Hyo-jin, whom you recall did Pasta with Honey Lee and Best Love with Yoon Kye-sang.)  I still remember when Honey Lee first hit the news with her Miss Korea/Universe run – an auntie (mom’s friend) called to tell my mom that the girl in the news was their friend’s daughter.  LOL.  Happy dating!201302221031310510_1


Jung Suk-won & Baek Ji-young

Sorry, whitecarrot, your faceless bod man is gonna be off the market come June.  The two just announced today that they are getting married after two years together.  There was a lot of talk towards the end of last year about the two breaking up, and Baek Ji-young recently said on talk show Thank You that she had no thoughts of marriage – the two were on different paths.  A lot of the rumors had to do with Jung Suk-won not discussing his relationship, but he recently opened up in a TV interview about his continued respect and love for her.  Baek Ji-young, for her part, sent an adorable video message to her physically and mentally drained boyfriend, who was doing a stint on the Survivor-like show Law of the Jungle.  She has gone through some really tough times, all glaringly documented by the media, and I’m happy for her that she found a man willing to look past those things.  Cougar town rawr!2011091910235542785_1 2011091910235542785_2 2011091910235542785_3


Seo Ji-suk & Mystery Bride-to-be

And we bid goodbye to another one.  Seo Ji-suk is getting married in May to his girlfriend of 1 year, who is a florist and not fair game for the K-ent world.  He was everyone’s beloved Chief Park in Pure 19 (or Sweet 19 or Pure Love 19 or whatever translation you can devise) with the adorable Goo Hye-sun.  Congratulations!201303111028572410_1


Yoo Eun-sung & Kim Jung-hwa

CCM (contemporary Christian music) singer Yoo Eun-sung is marrying actress Kim Jung-hwa this fall.  I still remember Kim Jung-hwa in her adooorable role as Ma Young-hee in Snow White.  Oh good times.  The two met while working on Hello, Agnes, a book about Kim Jung-hwa’s trip to visit her ‘daughter’ Agnes, a young African girl who has AIDS.  Yoo and Kim are also both ambassadors for KHFI, an organization dedicated to fighting hunger.  Wishing this sweet, heartwarming couple much happiness.201304172117262410_1

17 responses to “Love is in the Air

  1. Umffft.. I’d forgotten how hawt Jung Suk Won looked in those photos with his girl. *fans self*

    I read that it all started for Yoon Kye Sang & Honey Lee when (then-unfounded) rumors of them dating were making the rounds. Apparently YKS was a real gentleman and went to see Honey Lee to apologize. And they hit it off and started dating for real! XD I thought that was hilarious!

      • beng, i never got to properly — personally, not lumped with all of the MDSY family — welcome you to our Patch! a belated welcome and thank youuu for continuing to garden with us!! 😀 😀

    • oooh really?!? hahhaa i feel like i’ve heard similar stories before with other couples as well! ^^

    • i’m so confused about bae doo-na and jim sturgess… she neither confirmed nor denied it and all she asked was for people to mind their own business lol! and yesss oh my gollies i forgot to add tony ahn and hyeri hahahaaa!! i think i need to have a part 2 hee! ^^

  2. Lee Ki Woo the second lead in Flower Boy Ramyun Shop is supposedly dating Lee Chung Ah, the girl in the drama. At least in real life, the 2nd lead gets the happy ending. (=^_^=)

    • yesyesyesss i can’t believe i forgot about these CUTIES!!! i really need to do a part 2 with all the couples i forgot! thanksss, PiscesDragon!! 😀

    • hahahaa where’s my cupid indeed! this couple surprisingly didn’t make quite as huge a splash as was expected — a lot of korean netizens were pretty whatevs about it lol! i wonder why… hehehee in any case, so glad you’re with us as always, kerstin! 😀

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