Korea: Part 2

Despite the fact that Korea is one of THE most wired countries in the world, I’ve actually been having a hard time connecting to the internet.  Hunting for free wifi in an apartment complex apparently ain’t the way to go.

Now, if I were back at home, this would be a big biiig problemo.  Big.  Okay, let’s use a different word since that one still brings on hives.  How about maginormous?  Yes, if I were stranded in ze U.S. without internet connection, I would keel over and expire on the spot.  Well, actually, I would keel over and gasp like a beached whale and expire when I finally got it through my head that I could not watch my Korean dramas.  But.  I am in the Land of Drama Milk and Honey, where the flick of a wrist (more like the mad pressing of remote control buttons) sends every drama and variety show imaginable tumbling out of the screen.  Yeee!

The weather has been surprisingly chilly, hence I find myself burrowing underneath the covers some days and leaving juuust my eyes out so I can see all the shenanigans goin’ on on the TV screen.  If I miss my show because I’m out and about stalking celebrities’ life-size posters (since I can’t seem to actually find the living, breathing stars)?  No problem.  I just trot on home and watch re-runs, which they kindly provide back-to-back.  I watched 4 straight episodes of Birth of a Family last Tuesday.  It was glorious.  True, my fingers itch with the urge to fast-forward, and my computer wails for me to befriend it once again, but hey, ya can’t have everything.  Even Crown Prince Lee Soon doesn’t get to have his way all the time.  Or any time.  But my new obsession with Jang Ok-jung is saved for another post!

Some random thoughts and musings:

I’ve been sleeping on the floor Korean-style – aka a padded comforter = your mattress – and it ain’t anywhere as gloriously cuddly or cozy as the dramas make it out to be.  Now, if Lee Sang-yoon were to lend me his chest as a pillow, I might be willing to reconsider…


The famous Yeo-ui-do Cherry Blossom Festival began last week, but it took a while for the blossoms to get up to Seoul.  When I went down to the southern part of the coast last week, all the blossoms had bloomed and already fallen off.  So, they were somewhere along the way, traveling up the peninsula.  They’re out in full force now, but when the festival started, the trees were… bare.  People are saying that global warming is the cause for the erratically and unusually cold weather, hence the no show of cherry blossoms at the start of their own festival.  But science and environmental studies and all that good stuff ain’t necessary.  The cherry blossoms were waiting for Kang Ji-hwan to deliciously vanquish his arch nemeses in their final face-off so he can kiss me silly as cherry blossom petals swirl around us.  Mhmm.


Speaking of Incarnation of Money and the final face-off.  OH.  EM.  GEE.  Incarnation of Money is for seriously absitively posolutely stupendously magnificent, and I can’t get enough of it.  I toyed for a while with the idea of recapping it, but it’s just… too awemaztastic for words.  Seriously, I just don’t have the words to do the show justice.  The finale weekend is right around the corner, so marathon and revel in the last outing with us!  Patch Friend muchadoboutlove is doing lovely recaps over at The Talking Cupboard, so get your fix there and support the Patch family!


But yes, back to my Dramaland-oriented vacation.  I was out on a stroll one morning when I passed by a dark restaurant, not yet open for business.  It was merely one of the hundreds of restaurants all crowded into one chunk of a block, but I immediately recognized it from Incarnation of Money!  Sure enough, they had an Incarnation poster hanging outside, explaining they were a sponsor for the drama.  I was tempted to rip it off and stash it in my suitcase, but I managed to resist – for the sake of promoting Incarnation.  Not because I didn’t want to spend time in jail.  ’Cause according to Dramaland, all kinds of cool things happen at the police station and beyond.

Not the particular branch I passed, but I sure wish I had...

Not the particular branch I passed, but I sure wish I had…

Not a couple days later, I was passing by a hot dog ‘stand’ at the Express Bus Terminal.  It reminded me lotsa lots of the hot dog restaurant in Pure Love, and voila!  There on the other side of the stand was a poster of Pure Love. *fist pump*

일말의 순정poster_01

Now, some might look askance at the crazy girl running around Korea furtively petting cardboard cut-outs,  nonchalantly smoothing down posters, crowing with exultation – as silently as possible – in the middle of the street, running around the subway station to make it home in time to bump Shinhwa Broadcast’s ratings, and all around making a fool of herself.  But hey, ya can’t please everyone.  So the nutso adventure continues as pinkblossom conquers the Land of Drama Milk and Honey.



13 responses to “Korea: Part 2

  1. Reading your first post about Korea, and this one, I know I’d do the same thing if I am to go there one day. Hehe!

    Actually, I’m quite intrigued about what your thoughts about Jang Ok-jung. It’s my current sageuk crack and I have to thanks our Crown Prince in love, Lee Soon, for being such an attractive character ^^ I also love the show because of its history aspect and how the production team bends the history perfectly to suit the drama settings 🙂

    • my new twitter friiiend~!! hahahhaa i am a complete tech-challenged newb but i’m slowly learning! ^^ jang ok-jung is driving me up the wall and i don’t know if i can survive my poor dong-pyung’s heartbreak T_T i’ve written about half of a first impressions post, but it keeps getting pushed back and the episodes keep rolling… -___-;; hahahaa!!

  2. What a fun post!! You seem to be having an awesome time, pinkblossom! Thanks for sharing your big adventure with us!! How long are you in Korea for??

    • hehehee thank YOU, kfangurl, for continuing to garden with us! ^^ i’m hopping over to japan for the weekend then flying back home next week!! it’s crazy to think that it’s already been a month since i got here… 😀

      • I AM SO SORRY! but, by the way,…sleeping on the floor is quite fun, believe me, (I know it’s hard for u , since you’re not used to!) it’s sometimes much cozier than bed!

        • hehehheee noooo need to be sorry, Elmira Khazaei!! ^^ it was defs hard to sleep on the floor (har har) but it has gotten better… somewhat… hahaha it’s defs not as bad as it was, but i think it’ll take a lot for me to voluntarily give up my springed mattress lol! ^^

  3. I’m google-eyed at the thought of K-dramas being on all the time and with marathon reruns too! How would anyone get anything done? 😉 Though, there is the actual k-drama sites to go out and find… Every drama has their “only coffee shop in Seoul” right? Thanks so much for sharing your glee. 🙂

    Also, yay for “Jang Ok Jung” love! That show is quickly becoming my drama-crack of the moment.

    • welcome weeelcome, BetsyHp!! 😀 😀 googly is how i’ve been the last several weeks lol! i feel so bad for not going out and exploring more some days, but i just. can’t. move. my. butt. off. the. floor. when the tv’s on lolol!! ^^
      yesss i’ve seen nothing but promotional posters left and right — whether it’s a coffee shop, bedding store, or clothing brands ^^
      and yeee jang ok-jung! it ain’t perfect, but i’m relieved it isn’t as horrible as i thought it could be lol! 😀

  4. I love these Korea posts. It’s so awesome to read about a trip to Korea form the point of view of a K-drama lover. I think I would be just as excited to see the cardboard cut-outs of K-stars in the super market as you are. In fact, I think in my excitement I’d forget they aren’t real and would even ask for autographs. Totally see that happening.
    Anyways, love these funny posts. Hope you’re having a great time there!

    • long time no seeee, Indigo!!! how have you been??? 😀
      i reaaaally feel the extent of my addiction here in korea — everything i see is somehow related to dramas lolol! i’m for seriously more in touch with dramaland than koreans here! xDDD thank you for continuing your journey with us!! hope you’re having a lovely week! 😀

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