Lee Min-ki

I’ve been going through a drama drought recently, ever since the unfortunate ending to a certain drama I posted about recently. So of course the only way to get through a drama drought is to read as much K-drama news updates as possible and to goggle over some hot K-actors. This led me to Lee Min-ki‘s new music video Everything. Apparently this is a music video that shows various shots from the movie Temperature of Love movie starring Lee Min-ki and Kim Min-hee. The movie is said to be doing pretty well although it has an equivalent to an NC-17 rating. I think that indicates it must be a pretty damn good movie.

But back to the point, I had no idea Lee Min-ki could sing. It’s not all that unpleasant at all. I thought I would post about this because I think he’s pretty cute. He’s not your average generic hot guy. I don’t even remember what drama I saw him in first. However, I do recall his performance in I Really Really Like You with Eugene. His character was pretty annoying in this drama but he was always suited up as the Blue House bodyguard which made him look mighty handsome. Also he had some part in Evasive Inquiry Agency which I partly followed and vaguely recall he was cute. Most K-drama fans probably know him for Da Jal’s Spring but I never watched this one so perhaps I should venture forth?




Lee Min-ki has never been one of my favorite actors, but I really appreciate that he looks so different from the usual smorgasbord of K-actors. Yes, smorgasbord. I think of them as dishes not people. I don’t think he’s a particularly winning actor either but I haven’t seen enough of his work to draw a comprehensive conclusion.


Anyways just thought I’d share some musings and  unconventional good-looking-ness. Anyone have any cuteness to share?


8 responses to “Lee Min-ki

  1. Do watch Dalja’s Spring.. Fell in love with his acting in that drama, though the film Haeundae reinforces my love for him.. Eventhough he’s not the main character in Haeundae, his acting in that film left a powerful impact to me..

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