God’s Quiz Season 3 – Rant

Be forewarned. This is the rant of a crazy fangirl upset at some unreasonable things. Spoilers are abundant in the following post. Pictures will be added later.  Nevermind too lazy. Here’s 1 pic.

Originally I had planned to write drama reviews of God’s Quiz (aka Wrath of God, God’s Wrath) Season 1, 2, and 3 separately. But I got so caught up with watching all the episodes marathon-style that I never got the the actual reviewing part.



Well now I just finally finished all three, I can say I loved everything…UNTIL THE SEASON THREE ENDING EPISODE. WTF was that? 

So after a whole last season of epic battle between genius doctor Jin Woo and his evil alter ego, and the audience believe good Jin Woo has prevailed because good > evil. We see ending episode with Jin Woo going to meet his lovely detective girlfriend (who may I add was MIA all season = totally disappointing) after a year of long distance relationship. Anyway, Jin Woo for some unexplained reason plucks the external brain repressor off his neck. Why would you go and do that Jin Woo? Said repressor is supposed to suppress evil alter ego and keep things in check so Jin Woo can live a happy life with detective girl. Are you telling me evil alter ego built resistance to the external brain repressor like bacteria can become antibiotic-resistant? You’ve got to be kidding me! So evil > good?

Ok then our hero Jin Woo proceeds to fall to the ground and detective girl doesn’t even notice. WHAT! They don’t even get to reunite? God’s Quiz writers: I currently have a personal vendetta against the injustice which you call an “ending.” There some endings that are epic like the novel “Gone with the Wind” which is completely open ended. But God’s Quiz you are a Korean drama, don’t we fans deserve some sort of assurance of a decent ending when fans like me I just invested the past 2 weeks of my entire non-working hours visually and mentally devouring all the epic-ness of your drama? I am sorely disappointed and this as seriously soured my whole view on the entire 3 seasons. I don’t know what to do with myself.

I will only forgive you ( aka OCN + God’s Quiz writers + Jin Woo actor dude) if you come out with Season 4 and explain this appalling ending. I will accept nothing less.

Ok. End rant.


7 responses to “God’s Quiz Season 3 – Rant

  1. A lurker. But. OMG~ I agree wholeheartedly with you… I felt like I wasted 30++ hours of my life when I saw the ending, and I was preparing for my exams at that time… I so need Season 4 with Jin Woo and his girlfriend and an explanation, then all will be well again…

    • omg! thank you for your sharing your sentiments!! Someone else agrees with me!!! 🙂 im not crazy on my own.

      • Haha. Dont worry about it. If you are crazy then so am I. Sometimes, I think that I get too invested in the dramas that I watch that I have to remind myself that ‘THAT IS A DRAMA!!’ Oh. I also hate ambiguous endings, leaves me fuming for days at times.

  2. Totally agree with you, they just confirmed a fact – KDramaland cannot do dramas like this, no continuity! They need to watch all CSI seasons to learn how to carry on the stories.

    • yah i’m a huge CSI fan! but I thought God’s quiz did an OK job of continuation until detective girl left in season 3 and this ending!!

  3. I AGREE 100%, this is like my #1 drama if season 4 doesn’t come out, I will…………i don’t know what ill do

  4. chill lol. koreans love plot twists lol. least season4 will be great with yoon joo-hee back again lulz

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