So Ji-sub + Gong Hyo-jin + Hong Sisters?

OMG it must be my dream come true. Don’t fail me again Hong sisters! Please don’t pull another “Big” mistake. Everyone knows I love Gong Hyo-jin and that I love So Ji-sub even more! This is a OTP made in heaven for me!


Credit: Allkpop and picture agency that already put their name on the pic

So apparently So Ji-sub and Gong Hyo-jin have been offered leading roles for the Hong sisters’ new July drama on SBS. The drama is to be called The Sun of My Master (whatever that’s supposed to mean…). Supposedly the drama is about a woman who can see ghosts and a man who protects said woman. Interesting.

Neither actors have confirmed their roles and are currently considering the offers. Please accept, please accept! Sorry I am having a major fangirl moment. Let me know you any of you hear any updated news! I love me some So Ji-sub! Insert So Ji-sub montage.

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11 responses to “So Ji-sub + Gong Hyo-jin + Hong Sisters?

  1. Sounds promising! I love Gong Hyo Jin & I think she’d be a good match for the Hong sisters’ style. They do have a habit of putting their leading man in very undignified positions.. I don’t know if that would look so good on So Ji Sub, tbh.. πŸ˜› I prefer him dignified and broody ^^

  2. this is like best news ever… thank you very very much :)))
    actually dying of fangirliness (is it posible???) i mean so ji sub in a new drama and with hong sisters!!!!! (please hong sis don’t let me down this time) i like GHJ but seriously i don’t care who’s the leading lady as long as it’s SJS!!! in a comedy!!!! he was so funny in TYOL and so ridiculous and enderaring in glass slippers!!!

  3. I like SJS too, but he keeps dying in too many of his dramas. If he decides to take on the Hong sisters project, cross your fingers he doesn’t end up dying and protecting his leading lady as a ghost! LOL. That kind of scenario smacks of Bruce Willis’ 6th Sense, wouldn’t you say?

    • i hope hope he doesnt die. I HATE SELF SACRIFICE. Stop doing that drama male leads! it doesn’t lend to the story at all!!! i’ve never actually watched 6th sense. Blasphemous? i think yes. But the kid in 6th sense is adorable!

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