Podcast #1

Welcome to our very first Podcast!!  Thanks to the current drought pervading dramaland (soon to be no more with the influx of new dramas coming our way the next few weeks *fingers crossed*), whitecarrot and I haven’t had too many things to post about… so we thought we would try something new!  Many of you have asked us to share a little more about ourselves and to do more things together.  The former is a bit difficult just because our lives are distinctly un-fascinating, and the latter we are working on! 😀

Our first podcast is truthfully more of an experiment and a chat between the two of us than a legit commentary on dramaland.  Please excuse the zombie voice (I’m recovering from a cold) and nonstop zombie giggling (I just can’t stop laughing when I’m with whitecarrot ^^).  We hope you enjoy dropping in on our very ordinary conversation and kindly look over the horrible editing.  (We’re both tech-challenged and apparently WordPress doesn’t allow our basic blog to upload mp3 files directly.  Soooo we made a detour to Youtube… in other words, the video isn’t meant to be a visual treat — just an audio podcast! 😉 )  As always, please share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions with us! 😀

01:37 – The Season Series (Autumn Fairy Tale; Winter Sonata; Summer Scent; Spring Waltz)

06:00Stairway to Heaven

08:04Dae Jang-geum (aka Jewel in the Palace) and the spreading of Hallyu

10:00Lovers in Paris & the Lovers Series in general, wherein we reveal our great ignorance (I was 99% sure Prague was the capital of Czech… but I wanted to double check before blurting out possibly erroneous information lol)

12:33Goong (aka Palace aka Princess Hours) with a detour to Running Man

16:02My Name is Kim Sam-soon and Hyun Bin

18:07Boys over Flowers (Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese) and the F4

20:57 – The Hong Sisters

24:48Bottom of the 9th Inning with 2 Outs

26:49My Princess

27:38 – Park Yoo-chun: pinkblossom’s backwards fandom

30:30 – whitecarrot’s love for faceless bods

32:15 – Celebrity sightings

33:20 – Rapping and bad korean idol names

34:56 – Our guilty pleasures

37:38 – Our Patch’s story and our Thank You to you

13 responses to “Podcast #1

  1. Thanks for the podcast and I listened up until the end (=^_^=). Glad to hear you both discussing about the dramas I’ve watched too since I can relate to your impressions about the drama. I think I will rewatch Bottom of the 9th Inning because of your comments, the drama was not that memorable to me then. Thanks Pinkblossom and Whitecarrot, for an entertaining discussion of the dramas we love.

    • Thank you PiscesDragon! we were afraid that that no one would listen until the end. We just chatted on and on and on. Thank you!! Bottom of the 9th Inning is really an acquired taste. Some ppl think it’s kinda slow. But it’s work a 2nd try. Let us know what you think!

      • I did liked it the 2nd time I watched but honestly not as much as the other dramas you discussed in your podcast e.g. Season series, Lovers in Paris & Prague, Goong etc., sorry 😦

        • Aww youre so silly! its ok if you don’t like it! 🙂 we just love to hear your thoughts! yay gooong!!!

  2. This was such a lot of fun to listen to!! 😀 You gals sound adorable together, & I love the chemistry you guys have. Makes me want a blogging partner too, kinda 😉

    Good stuff getting around the blog limitations through YouTube! I’m a visual person, so I actually liked the visuals that you peppered throughout the podcast, I thought they were a nice touch, so maybe YouTube is the better way to go after all?? ;D Although, if you don’t want to do it through YouTube, it’s possible to host the file on another site eg DropBox or something similar, and then embed the audio in your post. You don’t need to upload the actual audio file into WordPress 🙂

    Looking forward to more podcasts from you ladies! ^^

    • Aww thanks kfangurl! You definitely should get a partner in crime! It makes everything more awesome. I loved the YouTube touch. Pinkblossom is so much more tech savvy! I’m sure she’ll know how to “embed” hosted file? huh? lol 🙂

  3. Hey,

    I hope you do more podcasts because I love your blog and it’s great to hear you talking about the K-World. Can you talk more about your thoughts on Full House, Answer Me 1997 and Bridal Mask next time?

    • Sure thing! I haven’t watched Bridal Mask yet but i know what the ending was and I’m too afraid to watch it! hahah But i’m sure Pinkblossom will have lots to share!

      • hehehee we’re so glad you listened to our podcast!! 😀 i’m korean-american so i grew up with konglish in the house lol! i did do a little studying as well, but the basics were from home and the rest was aaaaall thanks to dramas heeee!! ^^

  4. Thanks for the podcast, I hope this isn’t just a one time thing because I really enjoyed it.
    Since I’m not too familiar with older melodramas I’m quite happy that you talked about the seasons dramas and the Lovers series. I might even try to watch them someday, because it would be great to actually see what started the Hallyu wave.
    And totally agree with you on the power of Boys Over Flowers because that was the drama that got me into K-dramas. Even though I enjoyed it very much then, when I look back on it I just wonder why, because BOF simply was not a good drama. And yet, here I am today.
    Anyways, great podcast. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • thank YOU for listening to our lame-o attempt to be cool kids on the block hahahaa! the older dramas are defs good stuff, though you probably need to watch with one eye closed and one ear covered — no matter how good they are, some things are just so 90s and early 2000s lol! and yes, BOF converted quite a few people!! so glad you’re here with us, Indigo!! 😀 😀

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