Korea: Part 1

I’m usually hesitant to provide too much info ’bout meself on ze internet in this day and age, but this is kinda related in some fashion or another to dramaland, so goodbye scruples!  Sort of.

So after having fun times with whitecarrot recording our very first Podcast, I threw random clothes into the suitcase and got on the plane for a loooong flight to Incheon International Airport.  Yeppity yep, I am in the Land of Drama Milk and Honey and yeeeee am I excited!  The first thing I did, of course, was turn on the TV and contribute to the ratings we drama lovers love so much.  It was I who added that infinitesimal percentage to the first 20 minutes of Iris 2 and the last 20 minutes of the laaast episode of That Winter, the Wind Blows!   You can thank me later.


I’ve been squeeing every other minute as actor after actor and idol star after idol star grace the television pimping Febreeze, refrigerators, toothpaste, and rice cookers.  Won Bin has a new Cuckoo rice cooker CF out – where he aaalmost rips off his shirt.  Just wanted to let ya know.  And don’t even get me started on the mini trip to the grocery store.  You don’t just have the celebrities’ faces marching across the shelves, the CF’s are playing on mini screens along the aisles!  And this ain’t even a huge big-name supermarket.


But all this pales in comparison to the BIG news.  Robert Downey Jr. is here RIGHT NOW to promote his new Iron Man 3.  AAACCKKK~!!!  The red carpet event for the premiere is being held tonight at 8pm at Times Square in Young-deung-po.  Eeeee!  I.  Want.  To.  Gooooo!!  Yes, I am very much aware of the ridiculousness of it all: I had to come all the way to Korea to see Robert Downey Jr. when Hollywood is my backyard.  But hey, that’s logic for you.  I have a teensy little feeling that I will get veeery lost trying to find Young-deung-po, and even if I don’t, I probably won’t even see the back of Robert Downey Jr.’s head since rabid fangirls are sure to have camped out since last week.  Uh, if Twilight fans can do it, why can’t his?  After all, his arrival last night was supposed to be super secret spy stuff, but a horde of fans were waiting for him at the airport anyway.  Never underestimate Korean netizens.


In any case, I’m still debating whether just seeing the movie in Korea – which will release it a whole week before the U.S. does – is enough to make up for not braving the Korean subway system to not see even the shadow of Robert Downey Jr.  Perhaps I should save the screaming and mad flailing of arms for Hollywood.  I’ll just keep adding those percentage points to our lovely dramas from the comfort of my home.



16 responses to “Korea: Part 1

    • hehehee thanks, red! it took some time to adjust, but i’m definitely enjoying my time here!! 😀

  1. im soooo envious. I want to go to Korea too…i would love to see jo in sung – i love that man but for some reason I couldnt watch that winter the wind blows…not sure why…

    • MEK!! i’m sure you’d be much better at finding celebs than i’ve been thus far lol! i couldn’t watch “that winter” either… -___-;; heee!

  2. Hello Pinkblossom!
    Thank you so much for sharing this piece of news with us. I join the others in wishing you a wonderful trip and stay in Korea. Please, do update us on how you are doing and how your time in Korea is going.

    Question: I was surprised to read (on another site, last night), that the movie would open in Korea before it does in the US. Do you know why, by any chance? (I am curious about that). Another thing that was kind of cute was seeing Tiger JK (I think that is his name) son meet RDJ and have pictures taken with him. I thought that was kind of cool. I hope it is OK to post a link of it here: http://www.soompi.com/2013/04/05/tiger-jk-and-his-son-jordan-meet-iron-man-robert-downey-jr/

    Also, I know that I mentioned this in my first long post on your site, however I really do enjoy your writing. It is one of the things I look forward to, when I come to this site (I don’t know if I have read Whitecarrot’s writing yet, however I look forward to it as well). Please keep it up, and thank you again for all that you do for your readers. I hope that your weekend is going well.
    P.S.: Thank you also for giving us “an eye/glimpse” into what Korea is like, for those of us who have yet to go. I loved what you wrote about your trip to the grocery store.

    • hello helloooo, Ivoire!!
      awww, you’re too kind!!!!! your words meant a lot — they always do! – and i’m so very glad you’re enjoying your time here with us! 😀
      yesyes of course feel free to share any kinds of info/news/links/whatever tickles your fancy! and yes, jordan meeting rdj was pretty cute! ^^
      i’m not 100% sure about the reason for the early release, but i’ve heard that the movie production companies do it to get a gauge of how well the movie will fare in the u.s. and abroad. korea’s movie industry has gotten so big, especially in the last few decades, and the korean public is apparently a pretty good reflection of the international audience. if the movie’s a hit in korea, then it’ll probably do well in the u.s. (and internationally) as well. so far, iron man 3 is absolutely off the books in terms of ticket sales and positive reviews — i saw it the day it came out and looooved it — so be prepared for some major blockbuster numbers!! 😀
      hope you’re having a looovely weeeek!!

  3. You are so lucky. I wish that I would go though living in NZ the cost is damn high. Maybe if I should win the lottery. .. then I’m migrating to the land of the sun!!!

  4. Noticed you found your way to my space, so I traced right back. This is such an awesome blog (and post! So funny) that I just had to leave a note of hello. Should be dropping in often, I like what I’ve seen so far 🙂

    • welcome weeelcome to the Patch, jandoe!! 😀 i’m so glad that i found your lovely blog! hehehee thank you for tracing back to our madhouse! please do continue to visit and garden with us! 😀 😀

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