KDrama Fashion – Early 2000s

A couple months ago I was re-watching Full House, when I was shocked by how awful the fashion was back then. This made me realize there are so many timeless dramas out there that essentially document the atrocious progressing and history of atrocious fashion. Therefore, I am dedicating a post to our favorite fashion pieces of the early 2000s.

Exhibit 1: Autumn Fairy Tale/ Autumn in My Heart (2000)


Ok check out what is fashionable back in the days.

Boys: Too much hair gel is used to slick back hair or spike it silly. Won Bin, although Pinkblossom loves you to death, I’m not digging the pumpkin color scheme. The ill fitting, 1 size larger suits aren’t doing enough to show off your hot physiques, Song Seung-heon and Won Bin!

Girls: Plain undyed hair is acceptable but limp-y and unstyled look is kind of bland. Cardigans are pretty timeless essentials but can I just say that beige color does nothing to a beauty like Song Hye-kyo. Plaid skirt is boring but I guess she wasn’t playing a rich girl so it is character fitting. Minimal makeup is commendable but the lack of eye makeup makes the girls’ eyes look a little less “awake” in today’s standard

Fashion Rating: 7/10

This drama was just as depressing as the fashion. Although there weren’t any fashion offenses, the color scheme completely reflected autumn colors and just helped us feel sadder than ever as we watched the tragic faux-cest/terminal illness plot line.

Exhibit 2: Winter Sonata (2002)


Ok I admit I never watched this one. But it’s worth mentioning.

Point of Fashion: The super turtle-neck is all the rage. The fold-over at the chin makes it doubly warm. Also Bae Yong-joon’s pumpkin hair with golden highlights is a prelude to 2003’s Song Seung-hoons orange dye/perm. I feel the light colored Harry Potter glasses were famous before Harry got famous.

Fashion rating: 7/10

It was winter, so I’ll cut these guys some slack. It’s hard to stay fashionable if you want to bundle up. I did the strange glasses pumpkin hair combo, and I’ll admit I have an affinity to scarves. Second lead girl’s coat is a weird color for a (faux?) fur coat though.

Exhibit 3: Summer Scent (2003)


Boy: Boy! What happened to your hair? Song Seung-heon’s bleached/dyed/highlighted hairstyle apparently was a big deal in 2003 (according to Pinkblossom). But the main point is that he dyed his eyebrows to go with it. Kekekkee. Oyah, and we can’t forget the permed curly wave at the end of his tips.

Fashion Rating: 6/10 (all 4 points are attributed to the boy hairstyle)

Look at that hair. Enough said.

Exhibit 2: Full House (2004)

23 21 21

Boys: Rain, its undeniable you have a yummy chest and perfect abs, but how could you let the Full House stylist put your “Greek statue” body in clothes that like that! Ridiculously bright neons and primary colors blinded me throughout the show. There were way too many instances when rains sweaters have v-necks so deep I could see his abs (not that I don’t want to see them, but I’d rather see them totally bare). Don’t get me started on 2nd male leads Fruit-Loops-colored suit jacket! What is that?

Girls: Song Hye-kyo keeps running around in cheap looking heels. How can a girl stand it? In addition, the stylist repeatedly put her in ill-lengthed skirts that made her legs look shorter. She’s a petite girl with proportions to die for but for some reason she just looks short in this drama. Second girl lead also has some atrocious outfits although she’s actually supposed to be a stylist in the drama. Uh…worst stylist ever? I think they just want to show off that she has a good body; however, the clothes distract us from looking at her assets.

Fashion rating: 4/10

Classic rom-com. Gross fashion. Neon and bright colors as well as extreme flower-power patterns prevail in these summery romance. The fashion just looks cheap and unrealistic. How can a top star wear what Rain is wearing in these show? Too many levels of bad meta (i.e. A fashionable famous actor acting as a “fashionable” famous actor wearing ugly clothes). What what? This drama is good to watch because I guarantee you will laugh from beginning to end at what these actors are made to wear.

Ok. Basically just a Seasons series fashion commentary. Tired. Bye.


2 responses to “KDrama Fashion – Early 2000s

  1. LOL! those old dramas but super good has a funny k fashion but reminded us its the trends before anyway like it u did mention how awful it is hehe! 😀

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