Incarnation of Money: Episode 15 Preview

Things are really amping up in Money-land, and it looks like Cha-seok (mash-up of Cha-don & Kang-seok) is gettin’ his game on.  Thanks, `Eun, for sharing the video preview with us!

Episode 15 Preview

Cha-seok: A reporter, a district attorney, and a businesswoman… if we act rashly, we will get hit first.  We must first cut the ties that bind them to one another.  [At the restaurant] Congressman Oh looked very favorably upon you, Chief Ji (Se-kwang).

Angelina: That’s great – Se-kwang-ssi wanted to go into politics!

Kwon Jae-kyu: I think I will need insurance – insurance for when Ji Se-kwang betrays me.

Jae-in: Mom, are you crazy?  You want me to date whom?!

Cha-don: Are you consoled that, after failing to become the chairman, you became the chief auditor because your mother pulled strings?

Jae-in: I’m the chief auditor.  If you make a single mistake, you’re fired.

Cha-don: You wanna make a bet?  Who will get fired first?


Written Preview translation:

‘미쳤어?! 나보고 누구랑 사귀라고?’ 재규(이기영)는 아들 혁에게 재인을 꼬셔서 결혼하라고 하고, 한편 비령(오윤아)은 차돈(강지환)과 술을 마시며 지세광(박상민)에 대해 고민을 털어놓는데..

“Are you crazy?!  You want me to date whom?”  Jae-kyu tells his son Hyuk to seduce Jae-in and marry her.  Bi-ryung (Angelina) has drinks with Cha-don and shares her worries about Ji Se-kwang…

[Credit: SBS and SBSNOW1]


This show just gets better and better each week — I don’t know how they do it.  Please share any thoughts or just plain ol’ squeeee with us! 😀

5 responses to “Incarnation of Money: Episode 15 Preview

  1. ayiieeee!!!! Thank you pinkblossom. Thank you so much. Been dying to know what they are talking about in the preview. XD. Gosh. Thank you… *dance around the room*

  2. LOL-ing at Cha-seok 😀

    I know, right? I can never predict what’s going to happen in the next episodes without the preview O.O the writer sure knows how to make the viewers anticipate what Cha-don will do.

    thanks for the translation! 😉

  3. THANK YOU Pinkblossom…. cant wait for tonight’s episode!
    counting… and waiting…

    • .. and here i am still eagerly waiting for the time they will release the raw version of ep15. what a life? anyone who can send more spoliers??

  4. eng sub of ep15 was out last night. quite late compared to last week.
    and im now back to the waiting game… eng sub for ep16 😉
    i should learn korean…. hahaha… it comes handy nowadays to learn more than one language…. whew… but i need the english captions soonest for ep16… somebody please help 🙂 🙂 🙂 thank you

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