Drama OST’s – Part 2

Whitecarrot fantasmically kicked off our new Drama OST segment, inspiration courtesy of long-time Patch Friend YChase007.  I’ve been meaning to get on this but… fell into lazy times while I cackled over Incarnation of Money and new faaaavorite sitcom Pure Love.  I can’t wait to introduce the latter to y’all.  But back to OST’s.

As many of you have probably figured out over this past year, I have… ah, difficulty – yes, that’s a nice neutral word, no? – picking favorites.  When I’m obsessed, I’m obsessed.  How in the world are you supposed to rank obsessions?  It just doesn’t make sense.  I will never be able to pinpoint a single drama as my all-time favorite.  Can you guess how that extends to OST’s?

Though I grew up with a LOT of music all around me – and play a couple instruments as well – I have realized the last couple of years that I don’t really listen to that much music.  I ain’t the type who can study while listening to music, and uh… studying was pretty much a huge chunk of my life.  As I scrolled through my suuuper short list of songs recently, I made another discovery: 80% of the songs are from drama/movie OST’s.  Sure sign of a drama addict.  It doesn’t get any worse than this.

My inability to select favorites, combined with the fact that all I apparently listen to are OST’s, only naturally leads to the inability to give you a tidy little list of all-time favorite drama OST’s.  Nothing is short or tidy where I’m involved.  Just getting to this point took three paragraphs, and counting.  Anyhoo, I had to think a lot about how I would approach this Drama OST segment we’re featuring at our Patch.  Should I go in alphabetical order?  Most-listened-to order?  Artists’ names in alphabetical order?  My initial final decision: Just whatever I want.  LOL.  What did I say about tidiness and logic?  But as I started listing all the songs that I love, I realized there was quite a bit to talk about – and I don’t just mean the list was long.  So for today, I’ll share just a few old school favs.  We’ll get into more thematic discussions in our next outing.  Sound good?  Let’s go!

[All video credits to the uploader]


Autumn Fairy Tale (aka Autumn Love Story)

As mentioned in our little About blurb, my very first CD was the Autumn Fairy Tale OST.  Hmmm, wonder why all I listen to these days are OST’s.  I had the entire CD memorized, from beginning to end, and even air-guitared the famous “Romance”.  Seriously, I was OBSESSED with this drama, painstakingly hunting for pictures of Song Seung-hun, Song Hye-kyo, and Won Bin using dial-up internet.  Oh, the good ol’ days.  I cannot deny that I luuuurved Song Seung-hun for a good couple of months.  But when I watched the drama for a second time – which, by the way, did NOT leave me any less heartbroken – I was forever changed.  One name: Won Bin.  Just watching these MV’s again leaves me with an ache in my chest.  (Songs: “Reason” and “Prayer” [기도])


Winter Sonata

The second half of my CD collection upon its inception: the Winter Sonata OST.  Perhaps it was because I listened to the CD first before watching the drama, and thus more easily recognized that the same song was being employed, but the incorporation of the music into the story was not as strong in Winter Sonata.  That being said, my heart still flutters whenever I hear the strains of “My Memory” or “From the Beginning until Now” (처음부터 지금까지).


Star in My Heart (aka A Wish Upon a Star)

Ah, one of THE biggest Kdrama moments in the late ’90s.  Star in My Heart caaaatapulted Ahn Jae-wook to a level of fame pretty difficult to describe, and a lot of it has to do with the fact that there are just so darned many ‘stars’ these days.  There are always stars in any age, but I feel like the big stars of the pre-Hallyu era were rare and really at the top of their game.  We recently saw this famous scene in Answer Me 1997, when Mama Sung and Shi-won sang along to Ahn Jae-wook’s serenade.  What woman could resist this? (Song: “Forever”)


Love Letter

Ooooh, the memories this one brings back.  Su Ae, Jo Hyun-jae, and Ji Jin-hee anchored this 2003 drama, and it’s so strange to realize that it was the first drama Su Ae and Jo Hyun-jae had headlined in their careers.  (Ji Jin-hee had a couple before this one.)  Everyone was still rough around the edges, but that innocence and naturalness was what drew me in – it was a case of a drama meeting me at the right age.  I fell madly in love with Jo Hyun-jae, cutting out pictures from the Korean newspaper and magazines.  I probably still have the clippings somewhere.  Though I wept and rejoiced and pretty much did everything with the characters, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to rewatch this drama.  I’m just not at the same place any longer that I was when I watched this show.  Add to that the fact that the actors have come so far – especially Su Ae, whom very few from her age group can rival – I fear that their first forays into the acting world will no longer hold quite the same appeal as they did ten(!!) years ago.  I’ll just cherish my wonderful memories of this drama.  But I have nooo problem listening to the theme song, “Heaven’s Farewell” (천국의 이별).  I don’t know what it is about this song, but I just never get tired of listening to it.  Every time it comes around on the shuffled playlist, I break out into a little smile…


Just a little appetizer for our who-knows-how-many-courses meal.  Or perhaps I should say it’s just a little sprout coming out of the dirt.  Gotta have the gardening pun somewhere.  Hope you enjoy listening and revisiting memories!

16 responses to “Drama OST’s – Part 2

  1. As you mention winter sonata so can’t help to share with u too that this cd is my first ost kdrama ‘ s cd I bought since I am so in love with the songs and drama as well . My fav is Itjima /잊지마 I still did not forget the scene beach when Juhn sang throw the polaris necklace it’s so sad.

    • yeeeeee yay for shared 1st CD’s!! 😀 oooh 잊지마 was a good one, too 🙂 yesyesyes, the polaris necklace T_T seriously, that was when the whole obsession really started getting on in earnest with buying drama stuff — the polaris necklace from “winter sonata”, the two-part necklace from “stairway to heaven”, the piggy bank from “lovers in paris”… lol!

  2. hi Pinkblossom,
    my fave of all k-dramas : FullHouse with Rain and SHK. You know i have to cds (one in singapore and one in the philippines). so if im back to the philippines and just feel like missing FULLHOUSE – i can watch it anytime. same goes for my singapore cd. i cannot count the times ive watched it over and over again… its seems timeless…

    • hi hiii, Avid fan from Cebu! ah, good times with “full house”!! ^^ 2 sets?! you are a true drama lover! 😀

  3. Love the dramas and their OSTs except for Star in My Heart which I dont think I’ve watched yet. The right OST brings out our emotions for the drama and I’m tempted to watch them again. Keep posting about your favorites, it seems we’ve watched the same dramas. (=^_^=)

    • Oh, I watched Lovers again when I heard “Confession” performed in Immortal Songs 2. Loved the singer’s voice and the song lyrics for the drama. Here’s a link to the song:

      • aaaaah “go hae” (고해) is an ALL TIME classic for the ages!! every korean man ever has tried to sing it at the noraebang lol! ^^ the original singer is legend lim jae-bum (임재범)

        one of my fav renditions is by tei on old school fun show “xman”

        heee! gah, lovers was so good until it went crazy… i luuurve lee seo-jin and went nutsos when he and kim jung-eun dated for realsies — until they broke up 😦 lol ^^ thanks for the excellent addition, PiscesDragon!! 😀

  4. ,I have 2 top favorite OST, and I don’t know their titles (in fact I had to google them)..hehe..
    The first one is I Believe from My Sassy Girl the movie and the other is One Love from Spring Waltz. I really love the intro of the latter, the tinkling sound is so soothing and pleasant to my ears..

    • yeeeee good choices, oozzeee!! lol don’t worry, i never know titles of songs! ^^ “i believe” is a classic — shin seung-hoon has such a sweet voice *googly eyes* and yessss i was in looove with “one love”! oh, good memories! 😀

  5. Omg,. I just remember that I have watched the star in my heart a few years ago guys :* I’m in love w/ this drama. I love it. It’s such a great drama,. I thought everybody forgot about this drama. Thankyou :* my fav recap website love you full

    • liig!! i’m so glad you’re continuing your dramaland journey with us here at the patch! 😀 yesss, “star in my heart” is defs a classic for the ages!! 😀 😀

  6. omg, so old but its deffinitely the biggest drama aired in the Philippines Autumn tale makes me cry mgy so good there and also beautiful SHK and winter sonata unforgettable couple thank u so much <3,

    • hehehee yay for shared old school memories, jean segovia!! 😀 😀 i still bust out “winter sonata” every once in a while to watch all the cutesy parts, but i just can’t get myself to rewatch “autumn”… xD heee!

  7. Aside from “My Memories” and “From the Beginning till Now ” from Winter Sonata which has made me so in love with the drama, I also like that OST from ” That Winter the Wind Blows” which is currently airing. I don’t know the title of the song yet, but melody is so amazing. .Can anyone share it here please!!

    • “that winter” had a few pretty good ones! ^^ i think lots of people really liked “winter love” (겨울사랑) by “the one” (더원)

      another nice one was “meok-ji” (먹지) by yesung (예성) of super junior

      so glad you’re still with us, myles!! 😀

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