Drama OST’s – Part 1

Ok here’s a shout out to YChase007’s Carrotblossom Birthday Suggestion! Woot! Pinkblossom and I definitely have way too many OST’s to post about so here’s some of my favorites off the top of my head. I’m sure there will be many other Drama OST posts in the future (therefore, insert Part 1).

It Started with a Kiss (Taiwan)

This one is cheating but I like multiple songs in this drama. It Started with a Kiss is one of the classic Taiwanese dramas. It’s based on a manga so don’t expect must believability or normalcy in the plot. There’s recently been a Korean version and a new Japanese version coming out but my heart will forever belong to the Taiwan version. Oh to that summer I spent obsessed with male lead Joe Cheng. Ariel Lin is absolutely adorable too. Great actress, although her character is dumb as a rock in the show. I could only find blurry music videos but this drama is a couple years back so bear with me.

Ok back to the point. The first song I like is 惡作劇(Practical Joke). **SPOILERS** This is referring to Jiang Zhi-shu randomly kissing Yuan Xiang Qin. This is a crucial turning point in the story as the whole time we think its blindly obsessive one-sided love on Xiang Qin’s part. **END SPOILERS** Woohoo for a befitting song and soothing female vocalist.

王藍茵 (Wang Lan Ying) – 惡作劇之吻 (Prank)

Credit: DaWen Chen

The actual opening song is Say U Love Me. This is probably the corniest song ever. Bad English and unclear Taiwan accented Mandarin rap. But I love it! I wanted Joe Cheng to say he loved me!!! I really need to calm down my inner fan girl. But again the drama totally wins by using an complementary music and lyrics. The male and female duet back and forth mirrors the tug of war with the drama OTP’s feelings for each other.

Jason&Lara – Say U Love Me

Credit: janesmith852

King of Baking, Kim Tak-goo

I absolutely hands down LOVE this obscure OST in this drama. I’m not familiar with either of the artists (KCM nor Soul Dive). Pinkblossom, do you know these people? But I love the random rap portion, minor sounding key (it probably is in a minor key?), and the melancholy feel of the song. I remember this song being played everytime Kim Tak-goo faced a hardship or was crying. The OST totally lent a modern element to an otherwise semi-olden times makjang. I marathon-ed this drama during finals one quarter. It was a terrible idea, but this song helped me study. Really!!

KCM – Love You To Death (Feat. Soul Dive)

Credit: Kai Ng

Material Queen (Taiwan)

Time to confess: I never watched this drama. The drama had some gorgeous fashion and some really weird fashion. Chinese actress Lynn Xiong is statuesque and beautiful but she has little chemistry with Vanness Wu. I love Vanness Wu though. I don’t think he is has much range as an actor but I’m obsessed with his androgenous, impish, ABC look. I really want all the projects he works on to succeed. Anyways, I’m crazy about this song. It think it sounds much better on this official music video. I’ve watch Vanness’s live performance on last year’s New Year’s Music Program and wasn’t impressed. His vocals weren’t strong enough to keep a high volume throughout his energetic performance. So alas, I resort to this strange MV. One of the things I like about the video is the orchestra portion though. Oyah, it also features Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic. Very refreshing mix. Enjoy!

Van Ness Wu – Is This All (feat. Ryan Tedder)

Credit: Universaltwn

That’s it for now. I’m tired…more to follow.


18 responses to “Drama OST’s – Part 1

  1. Actually dolls ISWAK was one of my first “Asian dramas”, I’ve seen all three renditions The Japanese 1990’s version (it’s available on azntv.net) the Taiwanese version and the snooze fest of the Korean version lol I can’t wait for the Japanese update with fab new gadgets and HD madness lol but good willing it well be more passionate and less dry like the original.

    • I’ve never watched the 90’s versions I always thought the quality of the video wasn’t worth my time. eheh. Maybe I should check it out. Must always know the original before watching subsequent versions. 🙂

        • Shoulder pads too? Ive got a personal vendetta against them. Pinkblossom likes them on her football guys aka Tebow, but im not that much of a fan. hehe

          • i luuuurve ze shoulder pads on my men ^^ don’t hate on tebow — he needs all the love and support he can get 😉 lolol!!

  2. I loved Material Girl and Vaness (I heart him since Meteor Garden) he’s just too cute lol it’s your regular TWwhere are you going with this half way through lol but at the end the girl learns her lesion the kind hearted boy gets the girl lol

  3. yesyes i do know KCM! well, i don’t exactly knooow him personally, but i have heard his music lol! he’s not suuuper idol-status famous, but he is pretty well known and he’s done quite a bit in the ost department 🙂 alas, i haven’t heard much of group soul dive~ but they seem to be a relatively newer group (debuted in 2009) 🙂

      • lol i know. i was surprised to see three people in the profile picture when i navered them. oh my gosh, that was some amazing konglish — search engine “naver” + verb tense!

  4. ISWAK ost say you love me and practical joke is one of the unforgettable ost and its like a time machine going back to the days that I used to see and watch this taiwanese drama, the couple are so good, m really into them, JOE CHENG is such a cuttie and adorable husband hahha! lols more more, ❤

    thanks for this Pinkblossom!

  5. Oooh! I like this. Thanks for putting them in one place.
    The MQ song has a permanent place on my iPod now.
    As far as VW “but I’m obsessed with his androgenous, impish, ABC look” Love how you put this and I totally agree. I watched him flip his hair all through MG, and he just felt so AMERICAN – reminding me of all my brothers’ friends when I was growing up.
    I would add one word for me, confusing. He confuses me with his looks. One second I am drooling (his shirt off) next I am redoing his hair in my mind. LOL.

    • LOL yes that happens a lot. too “stylish” hair is often a strong factor. hehehe. MG ftw! glad you like MQ OST. hehe

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