Shinhwa Comeback 2013


UPDATE 10:49am March 16, 2013

Pictures/Vids from the concert!

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Credit: Youtube – uploader; Twitter – @Feelkyossi, @Orangehanji, @ShinhwaCompany, @feelhouse1127, @siwhoshow, @19791127_net


Sigh.  It’s strange to think that I could have been in Korea right now, getting ready to scream my lungs out at the 15th Anniversary Concert of Shinhwa.  Instead, I’m sitting in front of my computer letting out sighs of despair.  Sigh.

Okay, enough of that.  SHINHWAAAAAA~!!!!!!  Oh my golly goodness gracious great balls of fire our beloved Shinhwa is kicking off their 2013 comeback tomorroooooowww (or today, in Korea) with their 15th Anniversary Concert!  YAAAAYYY!!  Not much has been revealed yet about their 11th album, with which they’ll be making their return, but it’s coming!  It’s coming sooooon!!!!

I have been for seriously deprived these past few weeks with Shinhwa Broadcast on hiatus.  Man oh man am I excited to see our Oppas back on stage and back on TV once again!  Yeeee!!

Alas, squees and hops and fist pumps are about all my brain can manage at this point, or in general where Shinhwa is concerned.  So I will leave it up to you wonderful Shinhwa Changjos to wax lyrical about our Oppas.  Damian Maxwell, `Eun, KL, kpop for noobcakes, Munwhan, oozzeee, RF, SakuraDreams, SweetiePie54, tntechlady – I’m talkin to you guys!  And any closet Changjos, walk out into the beautiful light and join us!  Are any of you going to the concert?!?!  HELP US LIVE VICARIOUSLY THROUGH YOU!!  I’ll be scouring the internet tomorrow for fanvids, but if you find aaanything worth sharing, please share with all of us!!!  Pictures won’t post on the comments section, unfortunately, but I’m more than happy to add them to the post.  Just email them to me, please! 😀  [[]]

On the count of three, let’s all welcome back our Oppas.  Ready?  One.  Two.  Threeee!  I LOVE YOU, SHINHWAAA~!!!


Some goodies.

Practicing for their concertBExMI8MCIAAOW7z.jpg large

Official Merchandise13001125-04

Teaser for their new Chicken Mania CF


The final part of their 14th Anniversary celebration: “The Return” Storybook (Book + Making DVD) 

19 responses to “Shinhwa Comeback 2013

  1. Glad that they are still together after 15 years. I got to know the members since they starred dramas (Eric & Dong-wan) then watched them in the variety shows. They guested in Win Win last year I think and l learned how close they are as a group which why they have not disbanded like the other idol groups. Congrats to Shinwa on their 15th Anniversary. More power!

    • can’t agree more that their camaraderie and obvious loyalty to one another is one of the biggest reasons i love them! they’re just SO good on variety shows ^^ their “win win” episode was really touching 🙂 yeeeee welcome to the changjo fold, PiscesDragon!! 😀

    • welcome to the Patch, Lit Roman!! and weeelcome to our shinhwa changjo group of gardeners! ^^ i couldn’t find pictures of dong-wan, unfortunately 😦 but i’ll keep searching! and please feel free to share anything you come across! 😀

  2. gah! I’m literally screaming and squealing in delight upon seeing this post. I love love love SHINHWA!!!! Thank you for this pinkblossom.

      • ㅋㅋㅋ. Thank you for the additional treats pinkblossom. It is so nice that there are a lot who uploaded videos from the scene. *silently wishing for the concert dvd to come out.

  3. ,nice to see my name mentioned..hehe..
    As I said before, I’d be willing to pay to watch a concert of them (which is very rare for a penny pincher which I consider myself to be). Sadly, I am in the wrong country.
    And I want that damned white hoodie(Jacket??). I’ve been salivating over it ever since I saw it last year on their 14th concert pics..

  4. I need a boy group to follow. A group like Shinwa in which I can actually address the members as Oppas!!! They are so good looking!! *Swoon*

  5. 15 years and still holdin’ it down! They never disappoint and are always classy and handsome. They will always be the #1 male group in my book! ^^ I saw them in concert in the DC area years ago as part of a Korean festival concert and my sis and I were the ONLY non-Asians there. We were SCREAMING while they performed “Perfect Man” and everyone was LOOKING at us! We didn’t care – we were so happy to see our guys! ^^

    • you saw them at a concert?!?! i STILL haven’t seen them live, and they seem determined not to let me. T_T lol! for suresies the #1 and still bringing it!

      • Yes, I did! It was way back in 2003 and it feels like a dream so I often forget about it. Here’s the performance – it gives me chills when I watch it because I was THERE! And they looked SO GOOD! It was so hot that day and these men performed in SUITS – well, until the end, that is! ^^

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