A Few Thoughts


Helloooo, Patch Friends!  How have you all been?  It’s been quite a week trying to recover from the madness that was recapping/watching My Daughter Seo-young and get my life back into some semblance of order.  Haven’t quiiite gotten there yet, but I’m close.  Sorta.

A lot of you have kindly asked what projects we’ve got lined up here at the Patch, and I can proudly announce that whitecarrot and I have started working on the various requests you made on our 1st Birthday post!  Before I go any further: Thank You for providing us with those lovely seeds of inspiration!  Har har gotta get the gardening pun in somewhere.  But back to our Birthday Celebration.  The two of us are mad watching everything right now, and we’re planning to post summaries/reviews to give you an idea of what’s goin’ down in those worlds.  A lot of these shows are pretty long (e.g., Cheer Up, Mr. Kim! and Thorn Flower), so we haven’t decided yet whether we will follow them for the entire duration with regular recaps.  But I suppose that’ll depend on how good they are. 😉


Now as for the big question about You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.  I mentioned before that I was in quite the dilemma: Love Jo Jung-seok, not so much IU.  But the veteran cast is amazing (once again!), and I’m looking forward to welcoming back some much-missed faces *cough Go Joo-won cough* and happily gazing at familiar ones *cough Lee Ji-hoon cough*.  The show just premiered today, and I’m defs planning to watch it.  I’ll probably need a good solid 4 episodes to decide whether I want to recap it for suresies, but we’ll see where things take us.


For those who haven’t shared with us yet any seeds of inspiration, please do so!  It’s never too late.  And, as always, don’t hesitate to make suggestions or requests or to just plain ol’ spazz about your latest love.  It’s how we roll here.  Fo sho.

21 responses to “A Few Thoughts

  1. howdyPinkblossom,
    what about TWTWB ?? you are not going to give us sneak peeks…etc?
    you know that i never watched it until this week and started going gaga over it. please if you have the time…
    thank you so much….. thank you so much…..
    and i have to repeat: im still not over with MDSY…. still eagerly waiting fo the eng subs of the remaining eps… Anyway, i will make it a habit to keep checking on your blog… THANK YOU for always being there 🙂

  2. I am also interested in You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin because of Jo Jung-seok. Please share your thoughts to the Patch if you can. (=^_^=)

  3. Hi pinkblossom, ideas are flourishing right? keke.. TBH, I’m curious now with The Best Lee Soon Shin after watching the previews. I hope this will give a good vibe so that you’ll recap this. (I am all in for the pretty ♥Jo Jung Seok♥) Fighting as always!!!

  4. I hope you will consider Cheer Up Mr Kim and Iris 2!
    Ooh and being a new commenter (long-time lurker and this is my third comment in 2 days, LOL) I did not wish you guys yet!! Happy First Birthday by the way!!

  5. I am tempted to watch You’re the best Lee SS – for the sake of somebody I missed Lee Ji-Hoon – it’s been ages since I last saw him and am looking forward to watching it. Better yet – wait for your thoughts about it and then go with your flow – because we trust you.

  6. Hi pinkblossom -sshi and whitecarrot -sshi too. ^_^
    I’ll definitely start watching any drama and movie you’d recap.. Coz I know they’re gonna be as good if you’re recapping them..
    Many many thanks again and again.

  7. Hi PinkBlossom, just wondering whether you will continue with recap/summary/spoilers of ep17 to ep30 of MDSY ? If you do, just take your time and your efforts are much much appreciated by me. a fan of MDSY. Thank you and have a wonderful week ahead.
    p/s i will definitely follow you which ever new kdrama you decide to recap. 🙂

  8. The Best Lee Soon Shin is a drama that got me curious too, not that I know that much about the storyline but the cast!!! But like you I do not know, if I will stick to it. I must say the next drama I am keen of is Nine: Nine Time Travels, yes even if it’s a time travel themed drama, the team behind it and the first impressions made me really want to try it, at the very least.
    Have a nice weekend! Anyone got withdrawal symptoms at the first non MDSY weekend?

  9. MDSY is ended and replacing Your the best Lee Soon Shin, I wonder if its good the episode raw 1 is out, gonna watch it later.! 😀

  10. im still in love with lee sang yoon and cant let go yet…i will watch what you recap…gu family book is bit far off but thats what im waiting for. what about a hundred year inheritance. Im watching that now and i like it

  11. Looks like You’re the Best LSS is out of the list – there are protests banning this drama – for historical/political reasons, I read.

  12. i started watching Ad Genious Lee Tae Baek… and loving it…
    At least now, i have two dramas to watch after MDSY…
    its That winter… and the Ad Genius…
    Hoping that Pinkblossom and team will give some recap on these two dramas…. it would be awesome… THANK YOU Pinkblossom 🙂 as always………………..

  13. i saw the first episode of Lee Soon Shin. I like all the characters and casts so far. IU is good, i think, as she made me tear eyed already in this first episode. I love Jung-seok!!!
    Happy birthday! and more power =)

  14. I thought you can prefer drama”Sam seungyi” , because we cant understand without ur recap. Your help to recap korean drama, very helpfull and make us happy. Thank a lot for u both

  15. I’ve watched the first two episodes, gotta say, LOOOVVVVEEEE jo jung seok. the guy is ADORABLE!! he beats out a chubby kid with candy, no kidding. hahahaha. anyway, iu’s acting isnt THAT bad, tho obviously it’s not good either, sort of in the level of the girl who plays playful kiss, but iu is better on the emotional scenes. i think i’d just continue to watch this drama just because i need a dose of jo jung seok every weekend. kekeke.

  16. hallo, hallo.. i haven’t gotten over with mdsy yet. am still waiting for full eng recaps. for the remaining four episodes. i have been checking your site regularly to know if there is a good replacement for mdsy and am waiting for your further comment there. Once again thank you so much for making us your followers very happy with your recaps and comments on mdsy.

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