My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 50 Sneak-Peek

Patch Friends, y’all are for SERIOUSLY magic workers!  I thought we got lucky with Seo-young and Woo-jae’s kiss yesterday – man oh man oh golly gee whiz, what a magnificent outing it was today.  Seriously, nearly every item on our Patch’s wish list was checked off.


Papa Lee recovers (HALLELUJAH!) and Seo-young is finally able to tell her father how much he means to her.2013030321511573_1_rstararm

Seo-young proposes to Woo-jae in the same manner he did her all those years ago.  Yeee!2013030322141945_1_rstararm

Sang-woo gives Ho-jung a gorgeous pair of heels in replacement of the slippers she had kept all these years.  His long-awaited “I love you” – and a KISS! – are finally delivered, masterfully.  Emphasis: masterfully.2013030323265891_1_rstararm201303032032776348_5133362d7342b

The whole Lee family, wives and husbands included, all go down to Jin-an together to see Mama Lee.서영이50_00001

Aaaccckkk BEST part.  Well, best part # wherever part of the drama we’re at when this happens: A joint wedding ceremony with Seo-young, Woo-jae, Ho-jung, and Sang-woo!!  Papa Lee is able to walk his daughter down the aisle, and everyone is in the family picture. *sigh of happiness*  I’m just skimming through this right now, but I’m choking up.  Aack, cucumbers!201303032051081710_1 201303032048776328_513339beef7fe

2 Years Later:

Sung-jae is now a director at Winners Group, which has an entertainment branch as well.  He’s acting as Papa Choi’s manager (instead of having become an actor himself).  Papa Choi has become the heartthrob of ajuhmmas, and Mama Choi is his jealous stylist.  Hehee!서영이50_00003

Mi-kyung was selected to study in America via the fellowship program, thanks in part to Kyung-ho’s recommendation letter.  She calls him from America – ever so tactfully represented with a ginormous American flag in the middle of the lab and a hamburger in her hand – and it looks like they’ll be meeting up when he goes to give a lecture.  Who the heck hangs a flag in their lab?!  Our lab sure didn’t…  And she’s EATING in the lab!!  Whitecarrot, go call the lab manager!서영이50_00004

Ho-jung has a knitting workshop, where she’s got her fair share of admirers, much to Sang-woo’s disgruntlement.  Looks like these two don’t have a little one yet.서영이50_00006

Seo-young and Woo-jae have an adooorable girl (just like Seo-young wanted!) named Sol.  Mama Kang doesn’t want anyone else touching her precious granddaughter, so she’s raising her herself – with Papa Kang’s help.  It’s time, don’t ya think, to call him Papa Kang now, instead of President Kang?  Papa Kang is hilariously the one who now begs his wife to talk with him at least 20 minutes a day.  Hee!  Like all parents, Woo-jae and Seo-young ‘fight’ over who’ll get up in the middle of the night to care for their crying baby… ^^서영이50_00008 서영이50_00009

Sol is loved by all, especially by Papa Lee – or should I say Grandpa Lee? – and Ho-jung shares with Seo-young how desperately she wants a child of her own.  As the sisters-in-law are preparing lunch, Ho-jung suddenly does the classic *oomph* of morning sickness. Yee!  She and Sang-woo go to the OBGYN, and sure enough she’s pregnant – with twins!!서영이50_00010 서영이50_00011 서영이50_00014

Delirious after hearing the news, Papa Lee goes to work on a swing set for the twins.  Mrs. Bang thinks it hilarious that he’s already so hard at work when the twins are only eight weeks along, but he shushes her.  “Leave me alone – I need to draw when I’ve been hit with inspiration like this.”  Heeee!서영이50_00015

Seo-young sits outside, rocking her Sol in the chair Papa Lee made.  Joy and peace fill her face as she closes her eyes, slowly rocking back and forth…201303032113772914_51333ef2c215c


I only skimmed through the episode – won’t be able to watch it properly until laaaater tonight – but man oh man I was tearing up and goofily smiling and giggling and everythin’ you can imagine.  Yayayayaayyyy!!  And *sniff sniff* at the end of a wonderful adventure.  Proper recap and final thoughts coming your way soon.  Have a loooovely day, everyone!

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56 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 50 Sneak-Peek

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU PINKBLOSSOM!!!! And YAY for SW & HJ…. Like finally… our minds must have been really in sync with the writers… they fulfilled the wishes of all our patch friends…. can’t wait to watch the raw version and also to read your recap pinkblossom… THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HARD WORK!!!! HOORAY FOR MY DAUGHTER SEOYOUNG!!!!

  2. Done watching the final episode it was the best among the dramas i have watched with a family theme 🙂 I love it so amazing and wonderful 50 episodes MDSY! One of a kind drama..

    I will miss this I love Park Hae Jin and Lee Sang Yoon!
    Thanks for the recap will read the full tomorrow.
    time check 2:27am have a great day! 🙂

  3. Oh! My God! Is it really finished? Then, what would I do in next saturdays and sundays? It really drives me crazy when I think of that!
    oh,………………I’ll just have to say goodbye to everyone! Although I’ll be checking here once in a while ,cos I miss here so much and I miss your recaps……………………Just CAN’T BELIEVE it YET!

  4. Thanks!
    Watched it already and I was crying and laughing even though I can’t understand what they are talking about.
    Loved it so much!

  5. Hooray! my guess was right! Papa Lee’s vital signs miraculously became normal and is out of danger, SY and WJ got married again with all of the family members present. Tears and happiness blended together that ended in a perfect happy ending.

  6. Thanks very much for all your hard work! Without your patch I wouldn’t have enjoyed this show as much as I did knowing you are there to translate it and even give your own comments as well as read the other patch friends’ comments. I super enjoyed the experience because of you and all your friends! Thank you thank you!

  7. We came a long way. First, you have a nurse, Ho-jung(Choi Yoon Young), who had a one sided love with intern, Sang-woo(Park Hae Hae Jin). Now Sang-woo is saying I love you and got ger pregnant. We really came a long way. Thank you White Blossom for the recapscan’t wait to see this episode. (tears dropping) 😉

  8. WOW!

    This was one hell of a drama. I am so impressed with this screenwriter’s cleverness in creating this drama and taking her audience on this thrilling roller coaster adventure of dips and peaks for 50 episodes. No wonder Korean dramas are considered the BEST. I am also enjoying “Horse Doctor”, but this drama has to be SERIOUSLY considered for awards in many categories. Lee Bo-yeong gave simply an _incredible_ performance with an outstanding cast supporting her.

    I am also VERY impressed with your coverage. You not only give an excellent recap but also are a great “color commentator” which really adds to the readers’ enjoyment. Kudos to you, your staff and website. You obviously enjoy your work and your recaps attest to that. Keep up the GREAT work!

    An Avid Fan

  9. The ending was perfectly written – the missing characters appeared at the end, i.e., SungJae’s biological mother. Mrs. Bang, whose character is not so big stayed in the picture. What I loved about the ending is it wasn’t rushed at all – there were crying, laughing, silly and shy smiles, etc. What I loved most is SY’s proposal and the scene where they were all (SY, WJ & Sol) sleeping together, with WJ’s arms spread out for the two important persons in his life, wife and daughter. Also, the family picture after the wedding was so beautifu.
    Thank you as always – looking forward to the whole recap

  10. just P E R F E C T up to the end!
    Thank you guys for being alive and filling a blog like this!
    Swap to 100 years inheritance, nice story, beautiful actors, great fashion, do not miss it! (50 episodes, as MDSY, but I’m sure you already know that…:))

  11. weeeeee *jumping in joy* thank U thank U for d recaps…I woke up a happy lady reading d sneak peek…it was truly an awesomely ending…d best weekend k-drama for d opg yr of 2013 🙂 once agn thank u…. :oD

  12. Yayyyy …. i am soooo happy what we wished for are granted, Thank you, writer-nim, PD-nim for giving us a wonderful happy ending to MDSY and of course PinkBlossom for your fabulous screenscaps especially of HJ and SW’s kiss ! Will look forward for your complete recap later. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. Sweet!! So loved the ending! Will wait for your full recap to savor the romantic conversations of our leads SY & WJ and SW & HJ. No words could describe my gratitude to you Pinkblossom and to your blog for following MDSY to the end. (=^_^=)

  14. nice ending, nice story….thank you pinkblossomshiii for all your hardwork for recapping for us….waiting for the recap hope to read soon

  15. Pinkblossom, i can’t say anything else that the others have mentioned. Thank you very much for your time in allowing non-korean speakers like us enjoy a truly great drama!!! Your recaps was definitely enjoyable!!
    I can’t wait for your next recap on the new drama!!! 😉

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