My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 49

What a wonderful, wonderful episode.  I thought we had hit our peak last week with Episode 47, but man was I wrong.


Episode 49

Papa Lee suddenly develops trouble breathing, and the medical team is forced to intubate him.  Everyone is in tears, looking on with horror and fear, and Papa Lee turns to Seo-young, a tear running down his face.  He silently says, “I’m sorry… for being a wretched father…”  We get a flashback to February 3, 2011 – it is Sang-woo and Seo-young’s birthday, and Papa Lee prepared seaweed soup.  Sang-woo says he’ll give Seo-young a call to wish her a happy birthday once he gets to the hospital.  Realizing his gaffe, he quickly adds on it’s because of the time difference, but Papa Lee is all too in the loop – more than Sang-woo could ever know.  Papa Lee goes to a PC Room and pecks away at the keyboard to look up the address of the Kang residence.  He finds his way to their home and watches from behind the telephone pole as Seo-young and Woo-jae walk out, hand in hand.  Seo-young zips up Woo-jae’s jacket, and they adorably grin at each other before continuing down the road, holding hands.  Papa Lee softly smiles, joy filling his heart seeing his daughter so happy. *sniffle*  Back in the present, Papa Lee continues silently, “I’m sorry… You did not want it, but I missed you…” *waaail*  Kyung-ho orders Papa Lee be moved to the ICU (intensive care unit), and Seo-young desperately holds onto the gurney, crying, “Father, no, no!”  Sang-woo holds her back, trying to calm her down, but she is inconsolable.  “I never got to have a proper conversation with Father, Sang-woo-yah.  It’s the truth that Father sent me away even though he didn’t want to.”  Gaaah, stop it!  I can’t take this anymooore. T_T서영이49_00002

Sang-woo asks Woo-jae to take care of his hysterical sister, and Woo-jae desperately tries to hold her, but Seo-young just wails, “Let go, for heaven’s sake let me go!  Woo-jae-sshi, do something.  Save my father, Woo-jae-sshi.”  Shattered, Woo-jae can do nothing but hold her as she sobs her heart out.201303022011291710_1

Kyung-ho, Mi-kyung, and Sang-woo stabilize Papa Lee and put him on a respirator, and they tell the waiting Seo-young, Woo-jae, and Ho-jung that they will just have to wait and see.  Sang-woo tells the three to go on home, and Woo-jae looks at Seo-young questioningly.  She numbly tells him to head home since his parents are sure to worry, plus he has to go to work tomorrow.  Woo-jae watches her listlessly walk down the hallway, drained of all energy or even emotion.

Woo-jae is having just as hard a time as Papa Lee’s children, and Mi-kyung finds him standing out in the cold.  He asks her how Papa Lee is doing, whether he can recover, and she says they can do nothing but wait.  “If he passes away, Seo-young will not be able to bear seeing me, and I her.”  Mi-kyung realizes her brother is afraid Papa Lee may pass away, and he berates himself, “If only I hadn’t answered the phone in that spot at that moment… Why–”  Mi-kyung cuts him off and tells him not to blame himself, especially in front of Seo-young.  If he feels this way, how must Seo-young feel?  It’s hard to let go of such regrets, though, and Woo-jae wonders, “How did things become like this?  I didn’t marry her to do this to her…”

Seo-young returns to Papa Lee’s now-empty bed in the regular ward, and Sang-woo joins her.

Sang-woo: Seo-young-ah, I told you to go home.

Seo-young: Sang-woo-yah, when Woo-jae-sshi sprained his ankle, I made a ruckus asking for a complete check-up.  But to Father, when he came to see me, I didn’t even think of asking him if he was okay.  Even my “Thank you for saving Woo-jae-sshi,” was carelessly tacked on – I yelled at him for hanging around Woo-jae-sshi and getting caught.

Sang-woo: You didn’t know that Father had gotten hurt internally.

Seo-young: Father ran away, not even knowing his organ had been ripped, because he was afraid Woo-jae-sshi might learn his identity – but I never once even asked if he got hurt because of the accident.  I never thanked him either.  If only I had gone with Woo-jae-sshi to work out that morning.

Woo-jae returns to the hospital and opens the door, but neither of the Lee siblings are aware he came back.

Seo-young: No, I shouldn’t have said I wanted to work out with him.  No, I shouldn’t have married Woo-jae-sshi.  No, I shouldn’t have met Woo-jae-sshi.  Sang-woo-ah, I made Woo-jae-sshi even prepare Father’s memorial.  If Father passes away, it’s the same as if I killed him.  He rescued Woo-jae-sshi because it was Woo-jae-sshi, and he ran away because it was Woo-jae-sshi.

Woo-jae stumbles back, Seo-young’s words piercing his heart.  The Lee siblings never know he was there.201303022025121710_1

Sang-woo: Are you blaming Kang Woo-jae-sshi?

Seo-young: No.  Regardless of how he pushed me, I made that decision.  I know Woo-jae-sshi is a victim who has only been hurt by all this.  It’s just that because Father is like this, I feel if I hadn’t met Woo-jae-sshi three years ago, I wouldn’t have made Father this way.  I would have hated him (Papa Lee), but I would have endured and found my own life.  If so, then this wouldn’t be happening…  All kinds of thoughts are running through my head.

Sang-woo: What Father hopes for you is not this.

Seo-young: It’s driving me even crazier because I finally know that.  I’m going crazy because I feel so sorry for Father’s life.  He never once got to live his own life.  What if just passes away like that, only having spent his life telling us he is sorry?  You saw his eyes, didn’t you?  Why did I say those things to Woo-jae-sshi’s parents?  Why was I unable to put things back into place?  Why did I continue to only hate Father?  Why was I unable to remember how much he loved me?

Sang-woo: What’s the point of saying all of that now?  Stop.

Seo-young: If Father passes away like this, how do I live?

I can’t handle this.  Over at the Choi family home, Mama and Papa Choi are happily in reconciliation mode, and Papa Choi promises to teach his wife how to ride a bicycle.  She asks what he’s talking about, and he reminds her that she wanted to learn when they first got married, but they had been too poor to buy a bicycle.  Aww.  Mama Choi is touched that he remembers.

Ho-jung sits at the bed just vacated by Seo-young and Sang-woo, and she cries while looking at the picture she took with Papa Lee on New Year’s.  Papa Choi calls her to let him know he came home, and she chokes, “Thank you for coming back healthily.”  He asks if she’s crying, and Mama Choi grabs the phone, asking if she fought with Sang-woo.  Ho-jung confesses that she’s crying because of Papa Lee…

Reconciliations abound, this time at the Kang residence.  I need to say this for the hundredth time: I love Kim Hye-ok (Mama Kang).  It’s the little things – the sniff, the turn of her head, the walk – that set her apart from all the veteran actresses out there.  I can go on forever.  But back to the story.  President Kang tells his wife to come see how comfortable their new bed is, and she sniffs that she doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to sleep – she got used to sleeping alone in her own bed, but now she has to share it.  LOL.  President Kang grabs her in a hug, and she lets out her “Omo omo!  Omo omo!” before flouncing out to greet Woo-jae, who came home.  She gives him her trademark smile and says she came home, and Woo-jae gently smiles back and thanks her for coming back to them.  He is wiped out, though, especially after overhearing that last conversation between Seo-young and Sang-woo, and Mama Kang quickly sees it.  “Omo, Woo-jae-yah, did you cry?”  He cried?!?!  Gaaah!  Woo-jae tries to deny it, but Mama Kang continues, “Your eyes are red and puffy.”  Uh, that’s how I look right now.  President Kang comes out and asks what this crying stuff is he’s hearing, and Woo-jae says he is just tired, then goes upstairs.서영이49_00005 서영이49_00006

Woo-jae sits in the family room upstairs, Seo-young’s words replaying in his mind.  He recalls their courtship and his ‘forceful’ ways, of how he had pushed for her to marry him.  Mama Kang comes up and sees him, face buried in hands, and goes back down to worriedly ask her husband whether Woo-jae was in “that state” the whole time she was out of the house.  Ha!  President Kang says Woo-jae was actually fine – too fine, in fact – and wonders whether he is dating Seo-young again.  Mama Kang’s response is the best: “Maybe he was secretly dating Seo-young and got dumped.”  LOL!  They talk about Seo-young and how she just left without explaining anything, and Mama Kang realizes that betrayal is not the only thing that you are left with when you are deceived.  Secretary Yoon gave her Sung-jae, and Creepers Magician showed her that Sung-jae was her son and made President Kang come to his senses.  She wonders what Seo-young gave her, and then she exclaims, “Seo-young gave me herself.  She gave me affection, and she gave me trust for someone like you – didn’t she give everything?” *heartbreak*  President Kang agrees and is amazed at how eloquent his wife has become.  Hee!

Into the wee hours of the morning, Seo-young waits out in the corridor of the hospital.  Sang-woo is in the residents’ room, tears dripping down his face as he whispers, “Father, father.”  Ho-jung comes in and sits next to him, and Sang-woo confesses that he is scared.  “What do I do if he really passes away?” he asks.  Ho-jung shakes her head and quickly gets up, holding him to her as he cries in earnest.  “I feel like my heart is ripping,” he tells her, and Ho-jung just holds him tighter in her embrace.  Gah, the way he grabs her arm for support just kills me.서영이49_00008

The next morning, Seo-young is at Papa Lee’s bedside, gowned up because she’s in the ICU.  She silently tells him, “I am sorry for not looking back for you just a little sooner.  I am sorry.  Father, if you just go like this, you know me, right?  You made me this way – I won’t be able to live properly.”  Why does my heart hurt so much?  Aloud, she continues, “I will forgive you for all the troubles you got into, so please get up.  I have something to tell you.  I’ll do everything you tell me to.”  *sniffle*

Mi-kyung applies for the fellowship program, much to her colleagues’ dismay.  Sung-jae, meanwhile, analyzes Papa Choi’s cuts from Love and War.  He gets a call from someone asking if he is Choi Min-suk’s manager, and Sung-jae excitedly says that he is indeed.  Ha!  Over at the Choi residence, Mama and Papa Choi get ready to see Papa Lee at the hospital.  But before they can leave, Sung-jae calls and tells Papa Choi that he got an invitation to audition for a weekend drama.  Ha!  What is this one going to be called, “My Son Sang-woo”?  Papa Choi heads out, and Sung-jae explains the role: He is a magician who gives the main character’s mom a new life.  HA!  And hahahaa oh my gawsh, I was close!  The drama is titled “My Son Young-nok-ee”.  LOL!  (The full Korean title of Seo-young is actually My Daughter Seo-young-ie.)  Turns out Sung-jae has been a busy bee as the manager for Papa Choi.

Mama and President Kang get ready to go out (they’re having lunch with the Choi’s) when Seo-young suddenly comes to see them.

Seo-young: I am sorry to come so early without calling, on a holiday.  (March 1st is a Korean national holiday.)

Mama Kang: Is there something going on with Woo-jae?  He didn’t go out to see you?  (Just before Seo-young arrived, President Kang told his wife that Woo-jae was already gone when he went upstairs.)

Seo-young: No.  I came because I had something important to tell you…

President Kang: What is it?  Go ahead and tell us.

Seo-young: I am very sorry for marrying after lying that my father was dead, three years ago.

Mama Kang: Seo-young-ah. You already apologized about this.

Seo-young: There was something I did not tell you then.

President Kang: Don’t interrupt her; just listen.

Seo-young: If I had known that you were this kind of people, I could have been honest… I was so foolish then.  At that time, I really had no intention of marrying Woo-jae-sshi.  I wavered, for he approached me in that difficult time, but I did not want to get married in spite of opposition (from parents), and I did not think you would approve of the marriage.  I had a lot of hatred towards my father, and I was also embarrassed of him as well.  My selfishness of not wanting to be looked down upon because of my father, was also great.  While we were living together, I couldn’t tell you even more, because I was afraid of disappointing both of you and Woo-jae-sshi, all who had trusted me.  I am very sorry for giving Woo-jae-sshi the scar of divorce, and for embarrassing you both.  Please forgive me.

President Kang: Why are you suddenly telling us your inner thoughts and feelings?  It’s not like you.  Are you asking us to accept you again?

Seo-young: It’s nothing like that, Father.  I’m not going to do anything anymore that will hurt the two of you.

Mama Kang: Then why are you suddenly here telling us these things?

Seo-young: Because I wanted to sincerely apologize before it got any later.

President Kang: What do you mean, “before it got any later”?

Seo-young: I felt I would forever regret it if I did not ask for forgiveness right now, though it is late.

President Kang: Is that all it is?

Seo-young: Mother, Father, be healthy.

She gets up and bows to them, then leaves.  President Kang wonders what is going on – she came this early, pale as a sheet, and asked for forgiveness out of the blue.  Mama Kang, worry filling her face, asks why Seo-young looks like that, drained of all energy.  President Kang tells his wife to call Woo-jae, but their son’s phone is turned off.  Both of them are confused as to what is going on, and President Kang demands, “What is this?  What is this right now?  The daughter-in-law who left says she isn’t even asking to come back, but she came this early looking as pale as a corpse; and our son disappeared without a word and can’t be reached.”  Mama Kang wonders what could possibly be going on with Woo-jae and Seo-young.201303022039361710_1

Well, I can answer the Woo-jae question: He’s at the hospital, beside Papa Lee.  Mama Choi arrives at the hospital as well and sees Seo-young, whom she recognizes as Mama Kang’s daughter-in-law, walk into Papa Lee’s regular room.  Sang-woo is with Ho-jung, telling her to go home and get some rest.  Seo-young joins them and she tells Sang-woo that she went to see Woo-jae’s parents.  Mama Choi is peering into the room, eyes wide with confusion, and Ho-jung quickly slips outside when she spots her mom.  Seo-young says she saw her ex-parents-in-law to “do what I wanted to, and should have, done.”  It was also what Papa Lee would have wanted, she explains.

Ho-jung is forced to confess that Seo-young is Sang-woo’s sister when Mama Choi asks why Sang-woo was with Mama Kang’s daughter-in-law.  Mama Choi realizes Seo-young is that horrible girl who married under false pretenses, and Ho-jung is quick to defend her sister-in-law, reminding her mom of how Seo-young dropped out of high school to earn money to send Sang-woo to medical school; how she paid off Papa Lee’s debts; and how she paid her own way through college.  When Mama Choi remarks that Papa Lee must have lived quite a life for his own daughter to treat him as a dead person, and she worries that Sang-woo will take after him, Ho-jung quickly jumps to Papa Lee’s defense.  She lets slip that Papa Lee never said a word even after seeing Seo-young’s wedding, and that he rescued Woo-jae.서영이49_00011

The Kang’s and Choi’s have lunch together – it’s Mama Kang’s thank you to her friend for letting her stay over.  After much hesitation, Mama Choi decides to tell the Kang’s about Papa Lee.  Though Ho-jung asked her to keep it a secret, since the Lee family was having a hard enough time as is, Mama Choi feels that, as parents, her friends should at least know who saved their son.  Plus, what are they going to do if he passes away?  After hearing the news, President and Mama Kang become lost in regret and remorse as they silently drive home.

Seo-young goes to Mrs. Bang’s carpentry shop and asks if she can just stay there awhile.  She asks what kind of things her father did, and Mrs. Bang shows her the sketch and pieces of the rocking chair Papa Lee had been working on.  Surprised, Seo-young asks if her father did the sketch himself, and Mrs. Bang tells her Papa Lee said he was making it for his daughter.  Baaaaawwwwllll.  Oh my gollies, why oh why are you doing this to me?!?!

Woo-jae, meanwhile, stands at the spot where the accident happened all those months ago.  He replays over and over the scene in his mind, and he lets out a huge sigh of sorrow.  President Kang calls him and tells him to come home immediately.  When he arrives and asks why they called him, President Kang tells him to wait.  As if on cue, Seo-young walks in, much to Woo-jae’s surprise.  Taken aback, he asks Seo-young and his parents what is going on, and President Kang informs him that they called Seo-young.

Woo-jae: What is it?  Why did you call Seo-young?

President Kang: We called her to scold her!  You two, do you have anything in those brains of yours?

Mama Kang: Seo-young-ie, I thought you were the smartest of all the women I knew – how could you be such a dummy?  Woo-jae, you, too.

Woo-jae: What do you both mean?

Mama Kang: Why didn’t you say anything?  How horrible a people were you trying to make us?  You know how close we are to the Choi’s – how long did you think it was going to be a secret?

President Kang: We heard that Seo-young’s father is the person who saved you, Woo-jae.  You can explain everything later.  Seo-young, pack your bags and come home immediately.

Mama Kang: Do you think your father (Papa Lee) isn’t watching you guys just because he’s in a coma?  Think of how much his heart must ache seeing you (Seo-young) wandering around outside.

Woo-jae: Mother.

President Kang: The reason I called you as a lawyer, Seo-young, and paid you for your work, is because you left without anything at all.  I wanted to subtly give you spending money, using the legal fees as an excuse.  You can confirm with your Mother.

Woo-jae: We have no such thoughts (of getting back together).  You should have talked to me first about these things.  Why do you call Seo-young and talk about this?

President Kang: Did we say anything we shouldn’t?

Woo-jae: We are already over.  We broke up.

Mama Kang: Woo-jae-yah.  You didn’t break up because you hated Seo-young.  Seo-young-ah, do you hate Woo-jae?

Woo-jae: Don’t pressure Seo-young like that.  She’s not in a state to discuss our problems.  Go ahead and go to the hospital.  I won’t walk you out.  Sorry.201303022054551710_1

Seo-young is still trying to take everything in, and she has no choice but to take her leave.  Outside, she remembers Woo-jae’s last words about not pressuring her.  Back inside the house, Woo-jae asks how much his parents know, and Mama Kang says they know everything – that Papa Lee saved him, and that he saw their wedding. Yikes I don’t think Woo-jae knows about the wedding…  Sure enough, Woo-jae is confused, and President Kang says, “Regardless of how your father-in-law lived his life, if he never said a word about seeing his daughter’s wedding, and even rescued you, then that is enough.”  Woo-jae has trouble processing the enormous news, and Mama Kang asks if he didn’t know – are he and Seo-young really breaking up?  Is that why she came today and begged for forgiveness?  To completely break things off?  That pretty much sends Woo-jae reeling, and he goes to Seo-young’s apartment and stands out in front.

Upstairs in her apartment, Seo-young is packing some clothes (probably so she can stay at the hospital) and Yeon-hee is there with her.  Seo-young says she must not have known Woo-jae very well.  When he said he would leave her alone, she had thought it was an excuse from the ever-confident Woo-jae.  “But he was sincere,” she says with a small smile.  Yeon-hee says Woo-jae still must have thought, though, that Seo-young would return to him someday.  Seo-young lets out a bigger smile and says she’s going to thank him when he comes to the hospital.  Oh noooes, why does this feel tragic?  A happy Seo-young and a regretful Woo-jae…

Woo-jae, after standing for a while outside, turns away just as Seo-young walks out, heading in the opposite direction.  Grrr why do you always do this to me, Kdramaland?!  I haaate these walking-in-opposite-directions and walking-past-each-other scenes!서영이49_00012

At the hospital, Seo-young stays a while with Papa Lee, then Ho-jung and Sang-woo visit him.  Woo-jae works late into the night, and Seo-young waits for him, checking her phone to see if he had called.  Sad panda.  Mi-kyung checks up on Papa Lee, with whom there is no change.  The next morning, Seo-young goes back home and passes by Woo-jae, who is watching from behind a pillar.  Stop it, you two!  And, uh, Woo-jae, that position is reserved for Papa Lee.  Seo-young goes to sleep, tightly holding onto the arm pillow Woo-jae gave her.

Some indefinable time later, Seo-young meets with Eun-ho, who has received a 6-month sentence.  He is noticeably brighter, and she reminds him to keep his promise with her.  Just to make sure he remembers, she plays the voice recording she made of him promising to prepare for college, love himself, think of his grandmother and younger siblings when things are rough, not give up, etc. etc.  It’s pretty cute how he still remembers the list, and Seo-young teases that he seems to be smarter than she is.  She sees another voice recording in the list and, wondering what it is, plays it.  Oh my gawsh.  It’s the phone ‘conversation’ she had with Papa Lee all those episodes ago when she was having a hard time with Woo-jae.  She had called her dad and just silently sobbed.  Papa Lee, quickly realizing it was Seo-young, and not wanting Sang-woo (who was with him) to know, had called out loudly, “Why can’t I hear anything?  Is it you, Mr. Yoo?  It’s you, isn’t it?”

Woo-jae waits in the hospital corridor, lost in thought, then slowly heads out, shoulders drooping.  Okay, interjection here: What is that HIDEOUS thing you are wearing?!  I know long cardigan-style thingies are all the rage right now, with Jo In-sung digging out a new one every other day in That Winter, the Wind Blows, but why is yours three sizes too big?!  It looks like a bunch of dead rats stitched together.  Eww, ugly mental image.  Scratch that.  Just, uh, wear something that fits, please.  I normally don’t say anything about what y’all wear, but this one is an eyesore ’cause it’s on some mighty fine eye candy.

Back to the story.  Sang-woo sees Woo-jae and asks if he came to see Papa Lee.  He says visiting hours will begin in 20 minutes, but Woo-jae says it’s okay and continues on his way.  He pauses in front of the elevator, then turns around and heads to Papa Lee’s regular room.  Thank goodness, I thought you’d do the ‘one person goes in the elevator, the other comes out’ annoyance.  Woo-jae hesitates in front of the door, when he hears Seo-young call out, “Father.”  Confused, he opens the door and sees Seo-young half-lying on the empty bed, listening to the recording she discovered earlier.

Papa Lee (via recording): Why can’t I hear anything?  Is it you, Mr. Yoo?  It’s you, isn’t it?

Seo-young: I said it’s Seo-young-ie, not Mr. Yoo.  [A tear rolls down her cheek.]  Does my voice sound like Mr. Yoo’s?

Papa Lee: Oh, you.  Look, look.  I’m busy right now.  I’m really busy.

Seo-young: You’re not busy.  [She plays the recording again.]

Papa Lee: Why can’t I hear anything?  Is it you, Mr. Yoo?  It’s you, isn’t it?

Seo-young: It’s Seo-young-ie.

Papa Lee: Oh, you.  Look, look.  I’m busy right now.  I’m really busy.

Seo-young: [Flashback to the day she recorded the conversation.]  Father.  What do I do if you pass away like this?서영이49_00013 서영이49_00014

Oh my gawsh this is just… I can’t… Waaail.  Woo-jae, heartbroken – perhaps even more than I – lets the door slide closed and walks away.  Once again unaware that Woo-jae was there and left, Seo-young continues, “But Father.  Woo-jae-sshi isn’t coming.  He hasn’t even called.  Father.  Why is Woo-jae-sshi doing this?  How could he do this?”  Okay, that’s it.  I am officially back to asdfghakl;!@#%@$^.

Woo-jae drowns his sorrows away in Korea’s favorite liquor – soju – and ends up in front of Seo-young’s apartment, half asleep.  Uh, I wish I could look that good half asleep.서영이49_00015

Seo-young finally comes home and finds her errant husband in front of her door.

Seo-young: Woo-jae-sshi?

He slowly lifts his head, stares at her, then looks around him.

Woo-jae: Why am I here…? [Scoffs at himself and gets up, still a bit wobbly.]

Seo-young: You drank so much that you didn’t even know you came here?

Woo-jae: I’m sorry.  I must have gotten drunk.

He walks past a wide-eyed Seo-young and makes it downstairs.  In the lobby, he pulls out his phone to call a chauffeur service.  Seo-young steps into the lobby as he is making his call.

Seo-young: Give me your car keys.  I’ll drive you.

Woo-jae: [turns around to look at her]  It’s fine.  I can call a chauffeur.

Seo-young: Why are you doing this to me, too?  [He hangs up and looks at her.]  You know I’m having a hard time.  Why are you making me worry about you, too?  I told you what happened to Father is because of me, not you.  [Woo-jae looks away.]  Still, how could you never once call and be like this by yourself?

Woo-jae: I’m so scared that Father might pass away.  If he passes away, you probably won’t be able to bear to see me for the rest of your life.  Because you had to throw away your father in order to choose me.

Seo-young: Who said my father is going to pass away?

Woo-jae: I thought I had to wait.  I thought it right that you accept your father first.  How could you take me back – with your personality – without first reconciling with your father?  About three years…  I thought that you would be able to heal yourself and move past your hurts in about three years, at the longest.

Seo-young: You were thinking three years?  (What’s lost in translation is that she is surprised he thought of waiting so long.)

Woo-jae: I was too arrogant.  If Father passes away, every time you see me, you will remember that accident, and feel pain.  I will see all of that in your eyes and my heart will clench with fear.  You came to me because you wanted to escape your father, but even then you lived mired in regret.  If something happens to Father, then it’s over for us, isn’t it?

Seo-young: Woo-jae-sshi–

Woo-jae: [he cuts her off] That is why I can’t see you – because I am so scared.  I can’t even comfort you.  I can’t say that he will be okay.  How can I see you?  It’s so hard to look at you.서영이49_00016

Woo-jae turns away and leaves, and Seo-young stares after him for a while before heading up to her apartment.  She stops before she reaches her door, and, squaring her shoulders, goes racing to look for Woo-jae.  His car is still in the parking lot, minus the owner, so she goes out to the streets.  Sure enough, he hasn’t gotten too far, and Seo-young falters a moment before screwing up the courage to call out to him.서영이49_00018

Woo-jae-sshi!  [He stops in his tracks.]  That’s not true.  I didn’t go to you to escape Father.  [He turns around.]  At that time, I…  I…  I…  “I don’t like it,” “I like it,” “it hurts,” “I miss you,” – I wasn’t able to express those things.  You know.  I always suppressed my feelings, kept everything inside.  That became habit.  I liked you who were the only person besides Sang-woo who knew my feelings.  I was grateful.  When you went to America, each and every day I felt as though the earth caved beneath my feet.  I couldn’t open my heart to you because I was so sorry.  You were so good to me, and good to me, and good to me yet again.  But I only did things I was sorry, and sorry, and sorry for.  [His eyes start to well with tears.]  I didn’t want to seem even a tiny bit bad in front of you.  And I didn’t want to disappoint you.  That was why I couldn’t reveal the truth.  Because I was afraid of losing you.  I was so scared of becoming a parent – I, who had abandoned my own parent.  That is why I didn’t want to have a child.  I am sorry.  I loved you.  I did it because I loved you.  [She takes a couple hesitant steps toward him.]  It is the same even now.  I love you and I need you.  And I wish that you would stay by my side.

Gaaaah.  Tears are streaming down Seo-young’s face, and a tear slips down Woo-jae’s as well.  He slowly takes steps toward her, with Seo-young matching his steps, and Woo-jae breaks into a run.  Finally reaching her, he takes her tear-streaked face into his hands and kisses her, affirming their love at last.서영이49_00026 서영이49_00019 서영이49_00020 서영이49_00021 서영이49_00022서영이49_00025서영이49_00001


Quick Thoughts

My mind is pretty wiped out right now…  I always have so much I want to say when I start out, and by the end, I’m just pooped.  All the crying and giggling and sobbing and scrambling for a new box of tissues is simply exhausting.  Thanks for the cucumber tip, Yumi. 😉

I honestly can’t think of anything right now… oh!  Just a thought: Perhaps Seo-young and Ho-jung (and maybe the gents will help out, too) will finish the rocking chair for Papa Lee!  MEK’s comment that perhaps the mill mentioned in the finale spoiler was a wood mill got me thinkin’ that maybe Ho-jung picked up carpentry for Papa Lee – it seems like such a Ho-jung thing to do.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

As most already know, today’s episode only brought in a 39% (AGB Nielsen).  I laugh because 39% is huge for any drama, but it’s a pretty large drop for Seo-young, which people had been hoping would break the big 50%.  Here’s hoping that we get an amazing finale tomorrow and a whopper of a viewer rating to boot!  I want it for the younger cast members, of course, but I really want it for the veteran actors and actresses.

Our friends who have just joined us or have come out from under the rock!  Ayesha, ernani anggraeni, Leona, seattlemom, and zizi!  Though My Daughter Seo-young is almost at an end, we hope your time here with us is just beginning!! 😀

[Images from Episode, isplus]

36 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 49

  1. Thank u for the fast recap pinkblossom… we really appreciate your efforts and i especially like those little thoughts you share with us during the recaps… and i totally agree about that hideous thing he’s wearing… i think everything will be well for the finale… i hope SW and HJ have a proper kiss scene too… lol…

    Thank you once again for all your hardwork pinkblossom…. you’re the best sis…

  2. I was crying like crazy just reading your translation! I’m there with you. I was really hoping for a good happy ending. Methinks I am really going to get it. This was one explosive end to an episode. loved it. so hollywood too! so romantic!

  3. Thank you for the well written translation. It was so nice having you around. I am so grateful. You made us your followers happiest this weekend. Thank you again for the job well done. MOre Power to you.

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  6. by the way – of all the blogs i do visit – this is the most friendly. I truly appreciate you reading and responding to your guests posts. somehow its makes me feel warm and cozy inside :):):)

  7. Thanks for always being sharing these to us. We surely have gone through a lot for this series. And I really appreciate that.

    Please introduce us with another series to be hooked at. 🙂

  8. OMG .. the final episode was great.. as if the writer is reading this blog because our expected ending are all oresent ..

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  10. As I was reading your very serious recap and remembering the scenes (watched it raw at dramacrazy), I laughed when you mentioned HiDEOUS thing LOL. I thought I was the only one that noticed it. WJ is always perfectly dressed in his scenes and that long cardigan did not look good on him. Anyway, thanks for the fast and well written recaps. Its sad that drama is ending but your recaps make it a lot better. (=^_^=)

  11. Ah I joined the party pretty late (stupid med school!) …currently on episode 13 and discovered this blog just last night 🙂
    But since I am a spoilerholic I read all the recaps you did kekekeke….
    Waiting patiently for episode 50 recap now and till then I will continue watching my current epi^^
    Thank you for the recaps!! ♡

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  13. Thank you for the recaps. I will probably watch the last 2 eps in a row, but it’s nice to “spoil” myself reading your translation. I would miss out many things without it. Wishing you and all others a Happy Ending in “our” Seo-Young-World.^^

  14. Thank you pinkblossom…i super cried with episode 49…thanks to your translation i was able understand the story before watching it on-line….thank you so much and more power…

    Wait, I can’t believe ep49 got only a review rating of 39%…don’t worry seoyoung land becoz my rating for you is whopping 100%:)

  15. oh, hi! It’s again me! actaully last night when I read the Sneak peak, I got so crazy that I watched the last scene on Drama crazy and It made cry again.Actaully, their love is the most beautiful love I’ve ever seen!
    They just make me wish I experience a love like that one day!
    And another thing, as I had mentioned before: This Drama made me cry more than anything! I’m that type of person to cry easily even when I get sad! But It REALLY impressive!!!
    I loved the drama and Thank you for posting recaps and sharing interest with us!

  16. “Okay, interjection here: What is that HIDEOUS thing you are wearing?! ”

    Don’t pick on Woo-Jae’s coat of regret, even if it is kind of awful. It only look awful because is almost always impeccably dressed.

  17. I was supposed to go jogging early this morning but I thought about coming here first – been waiting since last nite for this – thanks a million, carrotbloosom — you are amazing! Now, can I blame you or the drama and how this episode was written for making my eyes so puffy? The conversations just killed me – too emotional – how these two delivered their confessions with great emotions – my tears won’t stop running down my cheeks. But I have to go and keep myself in shape so I’ll be back later to read the whole episode. I’ll let Bobby Kim’s songs cheer me up – although I’m already happy with our OTP’s reconciliation – through a steaming kiss (LSY’s head was moving so it was hot).

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