My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 49 Sneak-Peek

You guys made it happen!  All the wishin’ for a proper kiss between our OTP finally got relayed to the staff!! 😀


Episode 49 Basics

Papa Lee’s condition suddenly worsens, sending Seo-young into tears overdrive.201303022011291710_1

Papa Lee slips into a coma, and the family can do nothing but wait.  Seo-young numbly sits on Papa Lee’s empty bed in the regular ward (he got moved to the ICU), full of regrets for not having even thought of telling Papa Lee to get a complete check-up after the accident.  Sang-woo tries to reassure her but Seo-young replies, “If only I hadn’t married Woo-jae-sshi…  If only I hadn’t met him… ”  Alas, Woo-jae only overhears this latter part of the conversation, having missed Seo-young saying a series of “if only’s.”   *covers eyes*  Seo-young, unaware that Woo-jae overheard, continues, “I made Woo-jae-sshi prepare Father’s memorial table.  If Father passes away, it is basically that I killed him.  He rescued Woo-jae-sshi because it was Woo-jae-sshi, and he ran away because it was Woo-jae-sshi.”  Gah.  Woo-jae turns away, deeply hurt.  Of course, as per Kdramaland dictates, Woo-jae doesn’t hear the rest of the conversation.  Sang-woo asks whether Seo-young is blaming Woo-jae, and she quickly says she isn’t.2013030222403653_1_rstararm

Seo-young goes to see President and Mama Kang, who are, obviously, surprised to see her so early in the morning.  She explains her reasons for having lied to them about her father all those years ago, and she sincerely apologizes and asks for forgiveness.  The Kang’s are taken aback by her sudden apology and explanation, and President Kang asks why she is telling them all of this – is she asking for them to accept her as a daughter-in-law again?  Seo-young says that isn’t the reason; she just wanted to apologize before it was too late – she felt that if she didn’t apologize now, she would forever regret it.2013030223075895_1_rstararm

Mama Choi comes to visit Papa Lee at the hospital (Papa Choi unable to have joined her because he had a sudden audition lol), and she sees Ho-jung, Sang-woo, and Seo-young together inside Papa Lee’s old room.  Ho-jung sees her mom peering through the window and quickly runs outside to talk to her.  Mama Choi is obviously confused, having recognized Seo-young as Mama Kang’s daughter-in-law, and Ho-jung is forced to confess that Seo-young is Sang-woo’s sister.  She defends Seo-young to Mama Choi, who realizes Seo-young is that horrible girl who lied and got married.  When Mama Choi, after hearing Ho-jung’s explanations, remarks that Papa Lee must have lived quite a life for his own daughter to treat him as a dead person, Ho-jung quickly jumps to Papa Lee’s defense.  Hahaa so cute.2013030223584567_1_rstararm

The Kang’s and Choi’s have dinner together, and Mama Choi tells the Kang’s about Papa Lee.  Though Ho-jung asked her mom not to say anything, Mama Choi felt the Kang’s should at least know who had saved their son and what had happened as a result.  Rocked to the core by the news, President and Mama Kang call Woo-jae and Seo-young home.  They ask how long Woo-jae and Seo-young thought they could keep all this a secret, and President Kang tells Seo-young to come back home immediately.  He explains that the reason he kept using her as a lawyer and paying her a lot was because he wanted to give her an ‘allowance’ (the term is ‘yong-don’ and is spending money freely given).  Woo-jae, though, makes clear that he and Seo-young are over, and sends her home.2013030300042248_1_rstararm

Time passes, and Woo-jae sees Seo-young at the hospital one day, listening to recorded messages of Papa Lee’s voice and talking back to them.  Waaaaail.  Heartbroken, he gets plastered that night and goes to Seo-young’s apartment.  When she finds him in front of her door, he realizes where he is and apologizes before leaving.  In the lobby, Seo-young catches up to him and demands to know why he’s adding on to her list of worries when he knows how hard things are for her.  Woo-jae says that he is scared Papa Lee might pass away.  “If Father passes away, you probably will never be able to see me again.  Because you had to throw away Father in order to choose me.”  He explains that he can’t bear to see her because he’s so scared of seeing her hate him and blame him (if something happens to Papa Lee).  [[I’m running out of time, gotta run – the full conversation will be up in the recap.]]  Woo-jae leaves, and Seo-young goes up to her place, then turns around and races after him.  She finally tells him all that she had been keeping inside, explaining that she had not known how to express herself because she had grown so accustomed to keeping it all in.  “I loved you.  I did it because I loved you.  I still feel the same right now: I love you, and I need you, and I wish that you would stay by my side.”  Baaaaaaawwwllll.  Gah, I can’t have puffy eyes – I need to go out!!  They race towards each other, and Woo-jae pulls Seo-young in for a kiss…2013030300055397_1_rstararm

Aack aacck aaaaack aaaack aaaaaccccccckkkkkkk!!!!!!

Recap up later today!!! 😀 😀 😀

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38 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 49 Sneak-Peek

  1. Wowowow!!! Is it a real honest to goodness kiss?? Please..yes…
    Not the just touching of the lips….
    Thank you for the mini recap…. Will wait for the full one…. Thanks again!

    • LoL. yap- puckered up lips for the KiSs. hated the spinning camera though. they better show that ‘kiss’ longer tomorrow to start the finale with a blast. ^_^

  2. I didn’t want this series to end and not say how much I appreciate your recaps. Like alot of your other followers I don’t have the patience to wait for the english subs but I know I can always come here to read up on your EXCELLENT recap. I have to confess tho – I couldn’t wait for the recap so as soon as I got up this morning I watched the whole episode even though I didn’t understand a word of it – lol ! Again, THANk YOU for all your hard work, it really is appreciated !!!

  3. ahhh i can’t sleep i need to read it again while watching ep. 49
    really lee sang yoon .. what have you done to my life I’m going crazy

  4. from my point of view, my daughter seo young is the PERFECT drama: perfect written, perfect played, perfect casted ! they offered to all of us a great piece of art, with beautiful landscapes,, excellent locations, well chosen pieces of fashion equally for men and women….
    sorry to see the end of it…
    thanks to the mdsy team, great job indeed!

  5. Yay!!! Thanks for the sneak peek pinkblossom. I looked like a fool smiling to myself because of the kiss. The kiss. *swoon. Will wait for your full recap. Thanks.

  6. thanks again pinkblossom. wonderful episode today and that kiss..and that confession – from both SY and WJ. my heart is ready to explode.


  8. It was so great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think everything happened between WJ and SY today , was what we’d been waiting for ,all the time!
    I’m so happy for that!
    and I will miss the drama so much!!!!!! 😦

  9. Thanks, pinkblossom! Thanks so much for the recaps and excellent observations and the hard work. It’s my first time posting on your website. If you have time, can you review A Hundred Years Inheritance as well? I find it addictive and the mother in law there is so over the top but so entertaining. Eugene, the lead is spunky despite being so unfortunate.

  10. Big Thanks!! So looking forward to the full recap. Cucumbers for your puffy eyes, then back to typing. Haha. Just kidding. Sort of.

  11. so so so happy right now for SY and WJ. so happy that she expressed her to feelings….got a teary eyed watching the raw and reading your recap it makes me understand what happen and looking more on the entire recap for this episode. such a wonderful drama to watch for… thanks blossomshiii for you hardwork. you made it so entertaining and

    • my “n”th times opening this patch, so excited and waiting patiently for the full recap of this episode, still in cloud 9. so a happy ending will be.

  12. can’t wait can’t wait! after this i will be refreshing the page lol thanx for the good stuff 😉

  13. What a nice episode! I saw bits and pieces and am glad that PD was able to tie loose ends in just a few minutes of dinner – the Kangs and the Chois – made it happen. I’m also glad that PD didn’t wait until the last episode for our OTP to get back together. That last scene was daebakkk! The most awaited scene!!
    thanks for sharing, as always!

  14. Finally they both get back together again..yeaaaaaay ^_^ n cant wait for today last episode..wanna see lot of scene btwn HJ n SW though..😍😍

  15. Thanks for the fast mini recap! Will await the full recap specially the conversation of SY & WJ at the end! (=^_^=)

  16. Do you have good dream last night? ha ha I had very good good dream last night after watched this episode. Finally we saw real kiss scene…… can’t wait for finale episode. Thank you for your quick sneak peek, pinkblossom. Thank you, thank you. 😉

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