Our 1st Birthday

pinkblossom: Dearest whitecarrot, do you know what today is?

whitecarrot: Hmm pinkblossom, could it be that day?

pinkblossom: Yesyesyes!  *throws confetti*

whitecarrot: When we first started gardening in our Patch!!  Happy 1 year!!!


pinkblossom: We’re oooold.  Wheeee!

whitecarrot: Don’t talk about our age… LOL. How are we going to celebrate?

pinkblossom: Weeeell, the 1st birthday is usually a big ol’ huge deal – I just attended my nephew’s big 1 – so I say we stick to that greatly venerated tradition.  Big birthday bash.  Cake and balloons and the whole shebang.

whitecarrot: Happy birthday pinkblossom’s nephew!  Anyway, since we can’t physically share our cake/balloons/the whole shebang with our friends at the Patch, we will have to do something a little different, huh?

pinkblossom: Different, ya say?  Different is always good.  How bouts we… hmm… wells…  I’ve a gots it!  How about we turn it to our Patch Friends?  Make this a celebration with them since they have been such a big part of our happy days here!

whitecarrot: Patch Friends, please give us some ideas about what we should post in celebration of our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

pinkblossom: We’re opening up the floor to anything that tickles your fancy.  Movie, drama, actor, actress, variety show – the works!  It doesn’t have to be something airing right now – we would love to revisit old(er) shows and films!

collage 2

whitecarrot: Um…but we do have language limitations…I’ve got the Taiwanese+Chinese and Japanese+Korean with subs covered.  Pinkblossom specializes in everything Korean. 🙂

pinkblossom: Don’t forget English!  But hehehee yes I do love everything Korean!  It’s quite… embarrassing, really.  I know more about what’s goin’ down in the K-ent world than in our country…  World News at 6:30pm with Brian Williams or Scott Pelley or Diane Sawyer – take your pick – just doesn’t hold the same appeal as Section TV or Entertainment News, though Access Hollywood and Extra are starting to suck me in.

whitecarrot: Access Hollywood kinda sucks sometimes…I’m not into western tabloids…lol.  Angelina Jolie’s leg is only so exciting… BUT WE DIGRESS!

pinkblossom: Oh, whitecarrot, I would never get anything done without you.  Okay, so back to the reason we started chattin’ away, though I say there’s never any reason not to chat away.  Sorry.  Back to the 1st Birthday Bash!

Dear Patch Friends, we cordially invite you to share in this joyous occasion with us.  In celebration of our Patch’s first birthday, we ask that you donate a few seeds of inspiration.  Whitecarrot and I will dedicate the next several weeks caring for them and helping them blossom into gorgeous blooms worthy of your generous donation.

whitecarrot: [standing ovation] Yay for pinkblossom’s eloquence and gardening puns! Do what she says…please!

pinkblossom: Hahahaa you are too kind, madame! *blush blush* In short, thank you all for helping us make this past year a lovely one neither of us will forget.  Help us start another year with some wonderful additions to our Patch!


75 responses to “Our 1st Birthday

    • thank you, hrtbrkgrl!! do you have anything you’d like us to write about?? we need your help! 😀 😀

  1. Yay!!! Im so glad to be a part of the patch’s first birthday! Saengil Chukahamnida! Thank you for opening the patch a year ago and hope to have more birthdays to come.

    Lots of love,

    • thank you thank youuu, `Eun!! 😀 or should i say Gamsahabnidaa~~? ^^ please let us know what you’d like to read about! 😀

      • Hi whitecarrot and pinkblossom. Truthfully speaking, there are a lot of things that I want to read about and I am having a hard time deciding. 🙂 So, I thoughts to myself that maybe I’ll just look forward to another korean drama that pinkblossom will recap or another movie that whitecarrot will review. 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear carrotblossome patch, happy birthday to you! I love all your articles. I will have to go watch your recommendation of “Going by the book”. If you write some thing about “The Winter The Wind Blows” and “Cheer Up, Mr. Kim” [My current favorites], that would be awesome. Always love to hear about others opinion on the same dramas.

    • Thank you, rgma!! Thank you for your suggestions! We will definitely try our best to post some stuff about them! “The Winter The wind blows” looks SOOOO sad though. I afraid i might cry to death. hehehe

      • A bit sad so far but GOSH….so BEAUTIFUL! And the story is moving at a good pace. It is like watching a painting moving.

  3. I’m happy to be a part of of your this blog.it’s a pity i only found this blog when I was looking for MDSY recap… being here is so enjoyable. I enjoyed everyday lurking here. .. hope for more years in the webland of K-Drama . happy first birthday

    • Thanks for your thoughts! Pinkblossom’s MDSY recaps are amazing!!! Let us know if you have anything you want us to post about! 🙂

      • sorry for my ignorance white carrot .. so carrotblossompatch stands for white carrot and pink blossom.. he he he .. I didn’t notice that because every time I visit this blog I go directly to MDSY forum .. thank you guys for the effort of putting up this blog.. such an amazing and enjoyable blog to visit …♥♥♥

        • don’t be sorry. Pinkblossom is the core of this blog. I just tag along for funsies! 🙂 She’s korean drama extraordinaire and professor. ehhe

          • oh my gollies don’t listen to whitecarrot. i wouldn’t get anything done without her, aaand she covers aaalll the stuff i can’t! ^^

  4. Happy 1st Birthday, Carrotblossom!!! May you have many more birthdays but stay as cute and sweet! 🙂

    I am surprised your blog is only 1. You have created such a special blog that is so wholesome, sweet, heartwarming, witty, informative etc. Its such a happy place to come to and you girls are just so much fun and so good at writing. Congrats and all the best to the 2 loveliest gals in K-land. 🙂

    Your blog is

    • No we are so thankful to have you here with us simplesim! We can’t believe our blog is already 1. hehee Anything you want us to write about??

  5. Happy Birthday Pink Blossom and White Carrot! This blog is so amazing, it’s a routine that once I ol I visit this and stalk about MDSY hahaha I love this so much! Keep up the good work! hope you continue this always 🙂

    hmm, recently in our country airing Still you – I can’t find the site since dramacrazy of still you is not available nor the recaps where what the story goes on (sucks when i don’t find any vids 😦 )and its ending! through this I love spoilers and korean drama White Lies, would you mind to give me a bit of it? *shy* 🙂

    and omg, MDSY is ending, i want more, I will always visit this blog to view upcoming recaps and spoilers! Thank you so much! Happy birthday again. Yay

    • thank you thank youuu, jean segovia!! 😀 😀
      i’m trying to find episodes of “still you” and “white lies” — would just a short summary be okay? 🙂

  6. Happy Birthday! May you always find joy in whatever you do. I love reading your articles. They are so entertaining and i enjoy reading them over and over. Have fun writing and take care of yourselves always. You make your followers happiest with your spoilers and comments. Keep it up!

    • welcome to the Patch, imien tan!! 😀 & thank you for the kind encouragement! we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀

  7. Happy birthday!!! What a wonderful site really! Here’s to many more years to come! Now for the celebration, you would make me esctatic if you can cover Cheer Up Mr Kim! Thank you so much 😀

    • hi hiii, Dwarf!! we’re so glad to have you celebrating with us! 😀 i’m sloooowly catching up on “mr. kim” (i fear it may end before i get caught up!) but it is defs on its way! ^^

  8. Happy Birthday!! I love the patch and all your articles. I’m glad I found it. You girls are awesome! I can speak a little Korean (I’m learning more each day) but was wondering what’s the best way to learn to read it and be able to spell it as well; so if you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. My suggestion is like a lot of the above because I like Shinhwa Cheer Up Mr. Kim. And you are right I know more about what’s going in in K land than I do here most of the time. I look forward to your insights and another year to celebrate with you here on the patch!! (Comba) I don’t think I spelled it right anyway CHEERS!!

    • an official personal weeelcome to the Patch, tntechlady! ^^ so glad “seo-young” brought you to us! 😀
      ooooh how exciting that you’re learning the korean language! yeee! watching tv shows/movies & listening to music are some of the best ways to learn a new language — so you’re definitely on the right track! as for learning to read/write. it isn’t very difficult to learn how to read because the language is phonetic — you just combine consonants and vowels, and you don’t have rule breakers in terms of pronunciation. so technically, you can learn to read in a day; understanding is a whole different story, but that comes with learning vocab, grammar, etc. writing, too, is not difficult, but spelling and spacing out words kinda sucks. this is a great website from KBS (yes, the same kbs that airs dramas! ^^) that goes through the basics: http://world.kbs.co.kr/learn_korean/lessons/e_index.htm
      yay shinhwa changjo! & “mr. kim” is on its way 🙂 go-mah-weo-yo for all your kind words! ^^

  9. Yay!!!! Happy Birthday.
    Man, I remember when I got sucked into the patch during Reply 1997 (best drama ever). You two dolls are abating with your dedication. here’s to many more years of drama ranting and fan service =)

    How to celebrate, well nothing like music for a party. How about a post on favorite OST’s and how they impact the flow of the drama or OTPs

    • awwwwww YChase007, we miss youuu!! THANK YOU for a greaaaat topic! my list of fav ost’s is already trailing across the entire living room~~ lolol! hope to see more of you!

  10. happy birthday to you~~ hbday(2x)~~ happy bday to you!!!
    and congratulations for turning a year old. Your blog deserves more credit and recognition. We as your Patch friends appreciate your effort and hardwork. Its your bday but you already gave us a ‘special” gift by posting the MDSY’s spoilers. ^_^ Kam-sa-ham-ni-da pinkblossom and whitecarrot.
    And this are my seeds of inspiration..
    **SKKS – where my first Kdrama addiction began.
    *Coffee Prince – I luv Eun Chan and Han Kyul – they were just adorable. and
    *Answer Me 1997’ – the guess ‘who’s the daddy’ drama that got me crazy.

    • thank you thaaank youuuu, rakydel!!!! neoooooh-moo neoh-moo go-ma-weo-yo! ^^
      i. love. sungkyunkwan scandal. yeeeee!! it is defs on our to-do list! and “coffee prince” as well, of course! ^^ “1997” was when our patch really got under way in earnest. we had quite a time with that one — all our posts are indexed in the “reviews & recaps” menu! 😀
      thanks again, rakydel, for all your wooonderful gardening here with us!!

  11. Happy 1st celebrations!!!!
    I came across your site while searching Reply 1997 while it was airing and have returned many times since, although I’m usually a silent reader!! Thanks for your posts, especially so for the gem that is ‘Going by the Book’, which I would never have watched if it wasn’t for your fun review!!! Soooo many laughs^^

    Ooooh if you could post anything on the following, I’d be super thankful hehe: Shinhwa Broadcast, Dad Where Are We Going?, Cheer Up Mr Kim, or anything about Binnie or Seunggi!!! 🙂

    Hope you have another fab year ahead in the ‘Patch!!!

    • welcome weeelcome to the madhouse, KL!!! we’re so glad you’ve been with us since the crazy “1997” days — and that you’ve braved the comment world for us! 😀 😀 whitecarrot defs made a greaaaat choice with “going by the book”!!
      all of your lovely suggestions are on our to do list! oh, & just to be sure, “binnie” = hyun bin? or my man won bin? hehehee!!
      welcome again, KL! we hope to continue hearing more from you! *psst. shinhwa changjos ftw! ^^

  12. Happy Birthday ladies! The reason I found your site is because I was looking for “Angels’ Choice” recaps. I wasn’t able to see the last few episodes and the satellite went out on the very last episode! I know you have some recaps done for this drama; could you please fill in the blanks for me?

    • welcome to the Patch, Fay Ellis!! 😀 oh my gollies, “an angle’s choice”!! i was planning to do a wrap-up for that but it kept getting pushed down on the to do list… and now it’s been nearly 6 months since it ended! xD i have moved it up on the list and put extra stars next to it — it will get done for realsies this time! ^^ thanks again for joining us — we look forward to hearing more from you! 😀

    • thank you thank you thank youuuuuu, Yujin!!! lee sang-yoon is officially on our hot list, so be on the lookout for your man! ^^

  13. Happy 1st Birthday Carrotblossom Patch!! Found your blog because of MDSY but only started posting comments here. It makes me feel at home. For “seeds of inspiration”, may I suggest the topic on “Hallyu” wave specifically the dramas. What makes them so addicting? I tried many times to quit but I always get back for more. (=^_^=)

    • awwww, we’re so honored that our Patch has been a home where you can freely share your wonderful thoughts with us, PiscesDragon! i love love looove your inspirational topic. so much to think about! ^^ and oh my gosh, don’t even get me started on the futility of trying to quit watchin’ dramas. it ain’t gonna happen. ^^

    • Wow you’re getting into all sorts of cultural references with this one. 🙂 Our pinkblossom could teach a class about the Hallyu wave (I think she has actually). Hehe. Favorite subject ever! Very broad topic to cover methinks.

  14. A belated happy Birthday…What you are doing right now is good enough.

    Just keep your identity and focus on the things you both good at and we will keep coming back for more…

    One year on and pages you had created for your followers from a fraction of your precious time is appreciated.

    Thanks for your hard work.


    • thank you for your sweet words and encouragement, RF! i never got the chance to properly reply to the beautiful thoughts you shared with us in the “Contact Us” section. i was so touched by all that you shared, and i’m so glad that “seo-young” was able to touch you on a deeper level.
      thank you once again for sharing in this journey with us, RF. and woot woot shinhwa! ^^

    • oh my goodness, happy belated birthday to your son!! 😀 😀 😀 8 years old! awww i’m sure he’s adooorable! thanks for stickin’ with us since the “1997” heydays ^^ we’re so glad to have you with us!!

    • heeehehee soju and makgeolli all around! ^^ thank YOU for sharing all your lovely insights/thoughts with us, Damien Maxwell! 😀

    • a very belated personalized welcome, myles!! we’re so glad to have shared in the “seo-young” madness with you!

  15. Happy Birthday! I’d love to hear your thoughts on TWTWB. :3 And also it would be nice to hear some ramblings about things that inspire you. Anything that’ll help us in getting to understand you two better. I know that this is drama irrelevant but I really do enjoy seeing the both of you interact with each other,it’s sooo cute! HEH

    • welcome to our Patch, Belle!! 😀 😀 i watched “that winter” religiously for the first several weeks then fell behind… lol. story of my life ^^ but a post on it is defs on our to do list!
      & hehehee thanks for the “ramblings” suggestion! whitecarrot and i are thinking of a fun way to share a little bit more about ourselves with all of you — we’re just so challenged on the creativity front 😉 hee! thanks for your lovely suggestions, Belle! we hope to hear more from youuu! 😀

  16. Happy Birthday, Congratulations 🙂 I fell in love MDSY drama, thank you for giving us the best of recaps 🙂

    • thank YOU for joining us for the whirlwind of a ride, Mel!!! we hope you continue your dramaland journey with us! 😀 😀

  17. Happy birthday, wishing more years to come. More recaps to come…thank you for giving us happiness.

    • thank youuuuu, maomango, for all of your kind words and encouragement throughout the madness that was “seo-young”!! i never got to properly thank you for wishing me well when i was under the weather during the “seo-young” days 🙂 we’re so glad to have you gardening with us!

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