My Daughter Seo-young: Finale Spoilers

We’re heading into the final week of Seo-young, and man have I gots me some ants in me pants.  The Episode 49 text and video preview are available on the official home page, and the shady Episode 50 spoilers have also been released.  As always, read at your own peril.


Episode 49

Official website:

Official Text Preview

In that moment that feels like his last, Papa Lee relays his apologies, at least in his heart, for having been a poor father, then loses consciousness.  Seo-young, who can do nothing but wait, despairs; and Woo-jae is tortured by the thought that all of this is due to his negligence.  Mama Choi comes to visit Papa Lee in the hospital, and she is surprised to see Seo-young with Sang-woo and Ho-jung.  Ho-jung is flustered by her mom’s unexpected visit, and she has no choice but to reveal Seo-young and Sang-woo’s relationship, as well as the Lee family’s history…


Official Video Preview

Woo-jae: Why is this suddenly happening (to Papa Lee)?

Kyung-ho: We are trying our best, so let’s just wait and see…

Seo-young: Please just do something for our father.

Woo-jae: What went wrong?  (What could have made all this happen?)

Seo-young: I shouldn’t have married Woo-jae-sshi.

Sang-woo: Are you blaming Kang Woo-jae-sshi?

Woo-jae: This isn’t why I married you… (I didn’t want to hurt you)

Mama Choi: Why is Sang-woo’s sister who is supposed to be abroad– [cut to another scene] Ji-sun’s daughter-in-law?!

President Kang: Is it true that Seo-young’s father is the person who saved you?

Mama Kang: How long did you think you could keep it a secret?

President Kang: Seo-young, pack your bags and come back home immediately.

Woo-jae: We are already through.  (We are no longer together anymore)


Oh my gollies, what in the world are they planning to do on Saturday?  My poor head, my poor head.



For those who have come to love – or have always loved – Lee Bo-young. (Her latest Vogue photoshoot)


Episode 50

# Lee residence

Sang-woo is organizing things in the bedroom when he finds a box holding slippers.  After staring at them for a while, he finally figures out that they’re the ones he gave Ho-jung long ago.  (Thank you, Patch Friends, for updating me on that tidbit!)

Ho-jung is alone at home and wonders why Sang-woo is taking so long – he said he was going to see Papa Lee out.  (Thank goodness, I’m assuming then that Papa Lee came home from the hospital?!)  She finds her slippers among the trash they’re getting to throw out, so she returns her precious treasure to its original safekeeping box.  But when she opens the box, there is a new pair of shoes inside, along with a note: These are a gift in the stead of the slippers since I believe that you won’t run away even if I give you shoes as a present.  Awwwww.

# The residents’ room

The residents throw a surprise party for Mi-kyung, who has been selected for the fellowship in America.  (I knew it!)  One of her colleagues asks if she asked Sang-woo to ask Kyung-ho to write a recommendation letter (LOL) – according to the hospital rumor mill, Kyung-ho wrote her reference for the fellowship.

# Kang residence

Mi-kyung tells her parents that she’s going to America for a year, and Sung-jae that he wants to be a manager (an actor’s agent) instead of an actor.  A disgruntled President Kang asks his wife what she thinks about all this and she says she’s all for it.  President Kang yells that she’s breaking their contract since she didn’t consult with him regarding their children, and Mama Kang asks what he’s gonna do ’bout it – divorce her?  Hahhaa that’s the end of President Kang’s short-lived rant.

# On the freeway

Sang-woo and Ho-jung buy a pass to take the toll road to Jin-an.

Cut to another scene: Woo-jae is driving, Seo-young is sitting in the passenger’s seat next to him, and Sang-woo and Ho-jung are in the back.  Ho-jung opens her window and Sang-woo worries that the wind is too cold.  LOL.  Seo-young says it’s okay and opens her own window, and Woo-jae laughingly comments that the women of this family are a force to be reckoned with.  The whipped Sang-woo says his Ho-jung isn’t like that… Heee!

# Winners Group office

Looks like Winners Group branched out to celebrity management – Sung-jae is judging a young star wannabe.  LOL.

# Hospital

Kyung-ho and Sang-woo run into each other and Kyung-ho asks if Sang-woo’s going to the mill(?) again today.  Sang-woo nods yes, unable to contain his smile, and Kyung-ho tells him to take it easy.  Hahaa.  After Sang-woo leaves, Kyung-ho gets a phone call from *guess who!* Mi-kyung and they happily enjoy their expensive international call.

# At some kind of shop

Sang-woo is there to pick up Ho-jung, but his excitement quickly erupts into jealousy when he sees her laughing with another guy.  Hee!  Ho-jung complains that Sang-woo said she was a married woman when the guy didn’t even ask, and Sang-woo demands to know why she was laughing so much with the guy, whether what he said was really so funny.  Ho-jung chides him for being jealous when he’s a bajallion times more handsome than the guy, and taller, too.  Sang-woo says he wasn’t jealous – it was for the sake of family peace.  LOL.  He emphasizes that the guy was 25 – younger than she! – and decides that she needs to come to the fertility clinic tomorrow immediately: people think she’s still unmarried because she ain’t preggers.  HAHAA!!


And there you have it.  Some people are worried that Papa Lee didn’t make an appearance in the Episode 50 spoilers…  Gah, I’m just praying that I don’t have to book a flight on Sunday.  Airfare just ain’t what it used to be.

Just a day left before the beginning of the end!  Let’s enjooooy! 😀

Via Lee Bo-young’s DC Gallery, Naver

For those who have watched because of the one and only Park Hae-jin.

For those who started watching this show because of the one and only Park Hae-jin.  (His latest Esquire shoot)

And, of course, Lee Sang-yoon.

And, of course, Lee Sang-yoon.  (An old Harper’s Bazaar shoot)

You get another picture 'cause you're special.

You get another picture ’cause you’re special.

35 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Finale Spoilers

  1. omg episode 49 is out but no subtitles haha stalking here again to understand it haha 🙂 waiting for the finale too 😀 haha

  2. Can’t believe the drama is almost over. I hope Sangwoo and Ho-jung have a real kiss in the last episode. I’m not really sure what’s going on between Woo-jae and Seo-young. I really want them back together. Thanks Carrot Blossom Patch for all the recaps. This is one of my fave dramas in a while. Gonna miss this drama. 😉

  3. I was shocked to see a picture of LSY holding up his shirt to show some abs -didn’t picture him like that kind at all – he looks very young in the pics but in most of his roles, he is portrayed as staid, more formal and really proper – although still handsome. LBY is just like him very pretty and always portrays a conservative never edgy or seductive type. If I like seductive, I’ll go with Shi Min Nah.

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