My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 48

The Seo-young Train of Good Times has come to a screeching halt.  I think we need to send them some happy pills.  After I pop a few first, of course.  [UPDATE: 02/27/2013 Final part]


Episode 48

Papa Lee collapses and Sang-woo quickly determines that they need to rush him to the hospital.  Even in the midst of all his pain, Papa Lee tries to reassure Seo-young that he’s okay and there is no need to worry.

The exam results reveal that Papa Lee has peritonitis, an inflammation of the thin tissue that lines the abdomen.  The inflammation, made worse by stress, has spread to his other organs.  Adding to the problems is the blood poisoning that has resulted from leaving the internal bleeding untreated.  Kyung-ho asks Sang-woo if Papa Lee ever experience trauma to his abdomen or lungs, and Sang-woo answers that he isn’t aware of any such incident.  *Oh noes it can’t be*  He goes out to ask Papa Lee if he has ever gotten hit, perhaps in an accident, and Papa Lee recalls getting hit while trying to save Woo-jae.  *covers eyes*  He tries to evade the question, unwilling to reveal the truth since Seo-young will obviously be devastated.  But Seo-young sees her father avoiding her eyes and, with dawning horror, asks him if he got hit that day saving Woo-jae.  Papa Lee reluctantly nods and everyone reels in shock – including Sang-woo and Mi-kyung, who are hearing about this accident for the first time.

Mi-kyung quickly makes the connection and frantically calls Woo-jae, asking if the person who saved him last fall was Papa Lee.  Sang-woo pulls Seo-young aside and asks what in the world went down, and she haltingly explains that Papa Lee had disappeared that day from the hospital after rescuing Woo-jae.  The realization that the accident was the cause of his current condition is nothing short of devastating.201302242019051710_1

Sang-woo asks Kyung-ho to be allowed to assist in the surgery – something not usually recommended when operating on family members – but Kyung-ho relents after Sang-woo assures him of his competence.  Woo-jae, meanwhile, is swamped with memories of that day as he drives to the hospital.  Misery and regret fill his face at the recollections of the chances he missed, of the chances he had to make sure Papa Lee was okay.

The surgery begins, and Seo-young and Ho-jung can do nothing but wait out in the hallway.  Ho-jung can’t stop crying, further saddened because she had thought only good things were now in store for Papa Lee: Seo-young had returned, and he had even reclaimed his dream.  Seo-young bewilderedly asks, “Our father had a dream?” and Ho-jung explains how Papa Lee’s dream was to make furniture, and how happy he had been since working with Mrs. Bang.  The revelation just brings more tears to Seo-young’s eyes.

Woo-jae finally arrives and apologizes to Seo-young – he should have made Papa Lee get a complete checkup somehow, someway.  But Seo-young tells him it’s not his fault; it is hers.  I don’t even have the energy to tell you two to stop the blame game.

The doctors successfully complete the surgery, much to Seo-young’s relief, but that relief is short-lived.  Sang-woo explains that Papa Lee’s small intestine had been slightly ruptured by the accident.  The rupture led to the peritonitis, and the inflammation was worsened by his recent stress.  Seo-young is devastated, and Sang-woo brokenly explains that he actually went into the surgery because he feared Papa Lee would not survive.  Waaaail.  “But Father endured it so well.  His insides were a mess.  He had to have been in intense pain last night – but he just bore the pain to go to Jin-an with us.”  Baaaawwwwlll.  Woo-jae, whom Mi-kyung pulled aside to give the Lee family space, receives just as big a shock when he learns that all of this could have been prevented if Papa Lee had received a checkup right after the accident.  Tissues, tissues, hand me tissues!201302242029041710_1

Kyung-ho runs into Mi-kyung on his way out, and for the first time ever, he praises her.  “You did a wonderful job.  You were like a real doctor.”  But his warm words are quickly forgotten as he asks in his quirky fashion, “Is Love and War on at 11 tonight?”  LOL.  He goes to Mama Choi’s to watch said program, which Papa Choi and Sung-jae are watching as well.  (It’s the one where Papa Choi plays a mobster.)  Mama Choi can’t believe her eyes when she recognizes her husband, and she asks if Kyung-ho came over to show her this.  His answer is really quite touching: “I thought you would be sad if you saw it by yourself.  I was also afraid you would be flustered if you missed the show and people called you about it tomorrow.”  Aww.  Mama Choi is surprised and touched, and Kyung-ho hands her the address of where Papa Choi is staying.서영이48_00008

Mama Kang meets up with Sung-jae and asks if he thinks President Kang is someone who can truly change.  He answers that his dad seems sincere this time, and baby Sung-jae poses a very insightful question: Do you dislike Dad, or are you angered by him?  He shows her how she was angry at him (Sung-jae) during some tough times, but she never once disliked him as a person.  Sung-jae makes a suggestion, and we cut to him handing President Kang a list of Mama Kang’s demands.  Hee!  The list includes things like “Ask me how my day was,” “Go shopping together,” and “Go out on a date together at least once a month.”  Hehee.  The terms for Mama Kang returning home?  President Kang signs a ‘contract’ promising to follow all the conditions, and he gets the contract notarized.  Hehehee.

Back at the hospital, Papa Lee finally wakes up from the anesthesia, and the first thing he says are, “I’m sorry for saying it was all for you guys.”  Everyone is confused, and Seo-young finally remembers the day she went to the police station to pick up Papa Lee.  She had screamed at him for always making the excuse that he was doing the things he did “for you guys.”  Papa Lee continues, “It was for me.  I’m sorry for making an excuse.”  Still groggy, he asks for the time, and upon learning it is past midnight, he tells Seo-young to go home since she has a court hearing tomorrow.  Seo-young says she will spend the night with him – she can leave tomorrow morning – but Papa Lee urges her to go home and get sleep.  She finally gives in and Woo-jae, who was standing off to the side, says he will take her home.  It’s so sweet that he knows Papa Lee would be reassured knowing he (Woo-jae) was taking Seo-young home.  Papa Lee is surprised to see him, and Woo-jae solemnly offers a belated greeting.

Seo-young and Woo-jae head out, and when he indicates his car, Seo-young tells him she’ll just drive herself.  She thanks him for coming, and he tells her not to blame herself.  “Woo-jae-sshi, I don’t even have the energy to blame myself.  I’m just thankful that Father’s surgery went well,” she answers.  She continues, “We were on our way to Jin-an today with Father.”  Woo-jae is surprised and eagerly asks if she reconciled with Papa Lee, and she nods in the affirmative.  Happy to hear the good news, he tells her that he is so happy for her, and that it’s a relief everything worked out.  She agrees, but adds that her heart just hurts so much.  “When do you think I can become a ‘comfortable’ daughter to Father?”  Woo-jae just silently comforts her.

Woo-jae returns to Papa Lee’s hospital room and Sang-woo tactfully steps outside.  Sitting at Papa Lee’s bedside, Woo-jae apologizes and thanks Papa Lee for rescuing him.  Papa Lee just shakes his head and tells Woo-jae not to blame himself – not even an iota.  “You have already repaid everything just by having been at our Seo-young’s side.”  *sniff sniff*  Papa Lee gently smiles and Woo-jae struggles to hold back tears.2013022421543313_1_rstararm

Seo-young works late into the night and falls asleep at the table.  As soon as she wakes up the next morning, she calls Sang-woo and asks how Papa Lee is.  Sang-woo reassures her that everything is okay and not to worry, and she promises to come immediately after the hearing.

Ho-jung and Sang-woo sit with Papa Lee, and Ho-jung adorably offers to make anything and everything Papa Lee wants to eat, once he comes home.  Papa Lee smiles and tells the couple, “Live just as you do now, and become good parents. That you became good parents means that you two were happy.”  Ho-jung’s eyes fill with tears and she tells Papa Lee to stop saying things as though they are his last.  Papa Lee explains that as he went into surgery, all these different things came to mind that he wished he could have said.  Sang-woo tries to lighten the mood, saying Papa Lee must have gotten a good scare because of this incident.  I hope hope hope that is the case…서영이48_00010

Seo-young goes to court and delivers a touching, rousing defense.  She makes clear that she is not asking for Eun-ho’s offenses to be forgiven.  Rather, she is asking that he just be given a chance to live his life after serving his time.   Troubled Grandma thanks Seo-young, and Seo-young gently reminds her that the judge has not yet made a ruling.  But Troubled Grandma tells her, “What does it matter if he serves one year or two?  I am just thankful and thankful that you were able to reach him and help him find purpose in life once again.”  Baaawl.서영이48_00011

As Seo-young is leaving the courthouse, Yeon-hee calls and frantically alerts her that President and Mama Kang are waiting at the office.  Taken aback, Seo-young rushes over and braces herself before walking in the inner office.  President Kang is still hilariously slightly awkward with the changes he is undergoing, and Mama Kang is back to her breezy, elegant self.  She asks if Seo-young has been well and apologizes for not thanking her sooner for handling the Creepers Scamming Couple.  Seo-young offers her own belated thanks for the birthday gift – she didn’t see it until the other day.  Mama Kang adorably ‘scolds’ her for being so harebrained – it’s more of an affectionate, “What do I do with you?” than an actual scolding.

Mama Kang hands Seo-young the contract President Kang signed, asking her to notarize it.  Hahahaa.  Seo-young says contracts can’t be notarized at a private lawyer’s office, but Mama Kang cuts her off and says Seo-young can go get it done, then.  Hee.  President Kang explains Mama Kang wanted to come to Seo-young, and Mama Kang snips back that he said it would be a huge scandal if others found out.  Hahaa.  Seo-young reads over the contract, her eyes getting rounder and rounder, and President Kang gruffly asks why she’s staring at him like that.  Hee.  Seo-young bites back a smile and asks if the two of them agreed to the terms, and President Kang demands, “What, do I look like someone who would be dragged here against my will?”  Hahahaa.  Mama Kang urges her to read it over carefully, ensuring that it is an airtight legal document, and she tells Seo-young to “charge a loooot” for her services.  LOL.  Seo-young just smiles and tells them this one’s on her since President Kang gave her a lot of money last time.  Ha!서영이48_00014 서영이48_00015

The Kangs say their goodbyes and Yeon-hee asks why they keep asking Seo-young to take on ‘cases’ for them.  Seo-young thinks the Kangs are making clear they don’t want her and Woo-jae back together – they are firmly stating she is a lawyer to them, nothing else.  *face palm*  Girlfriend, sometimes you sure are clueless.

President and Mama Kang go shopping together, and Mama Kang is shocked when her husband asks her to pick out a bed for them.  Aww.  He tells her to go ahead and take her time, and Mama Kang excitedly bounces on beds throughout the gallery.  [This ‘gallery’ has been featured in every drama ever, and every time I wonder how in the world people are supposed to find things.  Products are just all over the place!]  It ain’t so easy for a man to reform, much less learn to love shoppin’, and President Kang soon grows a bit antsy.  But a “Are you saying you’re annoyed?!” from Mama Kang quickly puts him in his place.  Hee!201302242053381710_1

After their shopping spree, the Kang parents return to Mama Choi’s house, where President Kang packs his wife’s bags himself.  Emphasis on ‘himself’! ^^  He thanks Mama Choi for taking care of his wife and asks when Papa Choi is returning from Bali.  (Looks like Mama Kang told a little fib for her friend.)  “Make Min-suk come home quickly.  You won’t see aaany good from letting a man spend a lot of time outside of his home,” he tells Mama Choi.  Ha!  Mama Kang rubs salt in her friend’s wounds, telling her, “Saw that?  Heard that?  Find Min-suk-sshi quickly and bring him home.” LOL.

A despondent Mama Choi goes in search of her husband (going to the address Kyung-ho provided), whom she finds sitting on the kitchen floor picking up broken pieces of a dish.  She bursts into tears and Papa Choi soon follows suit (well, his are more like manly tears) as they finally reconcile and Papa Choi decides to come home.서영이48_00018 서영이48_00017

Seo-young arrives at Papa Lee’s hospital ward as Mrs. Bang is leaving, and Seo-young walks her out.  Papa Lee’s heart rate starts to rise, the machine ominously beeping, but no one notices.  *covers eyes*  Seo-young thanks Mrs. Bang for allowing Papa Lee to make furniture with her, and Mrs. Bang says she is the lucky one: Papa Lee is quite talented.  She continues, “I hope you know how blessed you are.  By the time children are able to think about their parents, most parents have already gone and are here no more.”  It’s something for Seo-young to think about, and Mrs. Bang urges her to remove any remaining feelings of hate or dislike.  “Your father gave up his dreams for you twins.  In such difficult times, there is a huge difference between one child and two.  Who would have known that twins would be born?”

More pieces fall into place and Seo-young shares the latest discoveries with Sang-woo: Papa Lee had attended night school to learn how to make furniture.  When Seo-young was born, she was put in an incubator because she was ill.  (We learned about this in an earlier episode.)  The hospital bill for baby Seo-young was too much for the Lee family to handle, thus Papa Lee gave up night school to find work.

Sang-woo realizes that they really didn’t know anything about their father’s life before their birth, and Seo-young wonders why Papa Lee never said anything.  Recalling Papa Lee’s words the other night, Sang-woo tells Seo-young Papa Lee had said that everything is merely an excuse if you are a ‘failed parent.’  “Looking at his refusal to explain things, I think you got your stubbornness from Father,” Sang-woo says. *heartbreak*  Seo-young just nods and admits, “Yeah, you’re right.  Mom used to say that I took after Father.”  *tears*서영이48_00019

Mama Kang is welcome home with a banner, balloons, confetti, and her very own serenade from Sung-jae.  Hee.  She can’t hide her joy, and Sung-jae explains it was actually all President Kang’s idea.  Sung-jae brings out a cake with a ginormous candle plopped smack dab in the center, and Mama and President Kang blow out the candle together.  Hehe!  After the celebration is successfully completed, Sung-jae reports to Woo-jae that all is settled and their parents have reconciled for realsies.  Woo-jae thanks his little bro for everything and races off to the hospital.서영이48_00006

Mi-kyung sees her brother as he steps out of the elevator, and after reporting that Papa Lee seems to be doing well, asks to talk.  They sit down in a rest area, and Mi-kyung suggests Woo-jae tell their parents about Papa Lee.  “If you tell them about how he rescued you, they will forgive Seo-young,” she says.  “If it hadn’t been for Papa Lee, you could have gotten seriously hurt.”  But Woo-jae tells his sister that he and Seo-young have broken up.

Mi-kyung: Did you break up because you hated each other?  It wasn’t like that.

Woo-jae: Perhaps if Seo-young wants to first, but I have no intention of trying to push for us to get back together.

Mi-kyung: What are you going to do if Seo-young refuses you to the end?

Woo-jae: Hmm.  I hope that doesn’t happen, but if it does, there’s nothing I can do about it.

Mi-kyung: Oppa…

Woo-jae: I don’t know what will happen between Seo-young and me in the future, but I’m just going to go with the flow.  Turns out you can’t force a relationship or someone’s feelings.

Mi-kyung: I heard from Sun-woo about your thoughts; I guess you were serious.

Woo-jae: I don’t know when it will be, but if we do start over again, I want Seo-young’s father to be able to hold his own against our parents.

Mi-kyung: I didn’t know you were even thinking about that.

Woo-jae: That is how I feel right now.  All I am thinking about right now is wishing for my life saver to get healthy again.

Aww.  Good stuff.2013022422063939_1_rstararm

Alas, the good times only last so long in this cruel place called Seo-young-land.  Ho-jung comments that Papa Lee has been sleeping for quite a while, and she and Seo-young start to worry when they calculate just how long he’s been asleep.  Right on cue, Papa Lee’s heart rate kicks up a storm, and Sang-woo gets a page on his beeper.  Woo-jae and Mi-kyung see Sang-woo run past them, and they quickly follow him to Papa Lee’s bedside.  Panic mode ensues as Mi-kyung explains to Kyung-ho that they can’t get a control over Papa Lee’s blood pressure, the antibiotics aren’t working, and they can’t get a proper white blood cell count.  Gaaaah.  Kyung-ho says they have no choice but to intubate Papa Lee, and everyone – minus the doctors – pretty much freak out.  Uh, they do it all the time on House.  Seriously, ALL the time.  But that’s me bein’ snarky ’cause I’m freaking pissed they’re pulling this on me with freaking two(!!) episodes left.  Two!  Gah, fine, back to the story.  Kyung-ho starts to insert the Macintosh blade, and Papa Lee turns his head to look at Seo-young, who’s a mess.  He turns back to look at Sang-woo, who’s also on the verge of bawling, and he finally turns back to Seo-young.  As a tear rolls down his face, Papa Lee says in his heart, “I am sorry…”201302242112441710_1


Quick Thoughts

ASDF!@#$%^&*GHKL;QUEIRPJAVNA;LDKHTGOWEIUT;KJ1!@#@#%#^!  OH MY GAWSH I’M SO MAAAAD!!!  I bawled the whole way through the first time I watched it, but now I’m just pissed.  Asdfghkl;qeporiugvna;sldkj!@##$s;dlkfahsldk.  Yeah, that’s how I feel.

The little talk Seo-young and Sang-woo had towards the end of the episode was really quite touching, and the twins’ve gotta give a big thanks to Mrs. Bang for that one.  How heartbreaking is it that Seo-young and Papa Lee’s relationship deteriorated so much because they were so alike?  It’s not that they were so different – it is that Seo-young took after her father so much.

If this show really goes down the Path of Unforgivable Crimes, oh my gollies it ain’t gonna be pretty.  I’ve already got my bags packed – the moment the unforgivable happens, I’m gonna join the thousands out for blood.

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What did you all think of Episodes 47 & 48?  Also, our Discussion Board has been neglected this past week, so let’s try a new topic this week: How would you write the ending?  I’m not asking what you think will happen or what usually goes down in Kdramaland.  If YOU were the writer, and you could do whateeever you wanted, how would you finish off this series?  Can’t wait to read all your lovely ideas! 😀

We've come a long way...

We’ve come a long way…

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  1. awww…i feel bad for seo-young & woojae..i really want to hug them & tell everythings gonna be all right next episode hehe thanks so much!

  2. Hi there pinkblossom and fellow mdsy fans. Ive been refreshing every so often too and just imagining the pressure pinkblossom might feel knowing how many are awaiting whatever comes next, owhhh hope its not burdening u too much dear! I probly will be missing this so after it all ends ahhh, better cherish this hehe. Anyways, lotsa thanx for all the recaps! Hugss

  3. Did Woojae hug her when he comforted SY silently? It’s running in my head, supplying the picture, hahahah =) I hope he did.
    Thanks for the recap. It’s OK if it’s just a portion. You need to sleep, as we know your energy got drained already with too much crying =). We will patiently wait for the rest =)

    • Thank you so much for the full recap Pinkblossom…
      You are always a star !!! Love reading your recap over and over…
      what Im looking forward now: the happy ending for SY & WJ…
      and how come up to now there’s no preview for ep 49 ??

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    next week is the last episode em gonna miss SY and WJ they are the lead and amazing actors im gonna miss HJ and SW so adorable, i hope more progress hahaha, 😀


  5. We need a group hug here at the patch. So much tears have been shed- I don’t think I can take anymore without my heart breaking up into a million pieces. 😦
    Thanks again for your awesome recap. Seriously pinkblossom -ssi , we would have never fully enjoyed this drama without you.

  6. Thank you for sharing even just a portion. Just when everything is coming into place – but still keeping my hopes up.

  7. Can’t believe there are only 2 episodes to go, I’m going to miss these folks. Mama Choi – priceless! Thank you for your recaps, they add so much to understanding.

  8. Mama Kang does have a soft spot for SY; I’m sure she’ll be instrumental in the reconciliation between WJ and SY and will be more understanding with SY’s situation, once she finds out SY and father had reconciled.
    As always, thank you for the continuation. Looking forward to the last part.

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