Highway Star- Movie Review

Another Korean comedy I found on Netflix. Cha Tae-hyun is one of my favorites. There is something just so appealing in his average-man look. He’s not hot but his so cool. Kind of like Hwang Jung-min.


I like the focus on Trot though. If you don’t know what it is here’s the Wiki article. I personally feel like it is very similar to the Japanese Enka style but perhaps not as dramatic. Trot is a little cheesy though. Perhaps what your grandma would have liked if you are Korean.

Synopsis: Bong Dal-ho, Cha Tae-hyun, is a small-time rocker in his home town. As in, he and his band play background music at a local club for trot singers.  A small/poor record company boss, Jang discovers Dal-ho and decides his voice is perfect for trot. He tricks Dal-ho into signing a contract. Dal-ho eagerly leaves his devastated band mates and arrives at the dilapidated headquarters in Seoul and realizes he won’t be doing rock but singing trot. Unable to break the contract, Dal-ho stays with the company and practices trot. He falls for So-yeon, fellow trot singer in the company, at first sight and changes as he gets to know her better. During his first performance Dal-ho is too embarrassed to show his face and wears a mask onto the stage. This takes Korea by storm and Dal-ho (now know by his star moniker of Bong-feel) is an official super star. However, So-yeon and Dal-ho’s mother question his music and his singing and wonder if it’s genuine. Dal-ho must face himself and his fans and decide whether to reveal his identity. 

Thoughts: Not too much substance. Kind of like Dancing Queen. Semi-inspiring. I got a lot of laughs out of the manager character, but I totally forgot his name.


I did feel like the plot was lacking in a lot of aspects. For example, Dal-ho’s mom wasn’t really well written and her character was kind of superficial. The writers could have really built up a lot of conflict and motivation based on her.

In addition, So-yeon was really random too. I never got why she really quit singing besides the fact that she sucks. And there was no explanation to why her mother was sick or what happened to her father. And why was she so antagonistic to Dal-ho’s mask-wearing after not calling him for like first 3 months of his fame. Why why why? Plot-holes galore involving this girl.


Overall great comedy. Just something to enjoy on a slow day off. But then again I feel like I have been giving this review for most of the Korean comedies I’ve reviewed so far. They are just a good time, but forgettable. Meh.

2 responses to “Highway Star- Movie Review

  1. this was on netflix?!? lolol i’ve heard lots about it — it’s the only semi-successful film by comedian/mc lee kyung-kyu — but i’ve never had the chance to watch it 😉
    trot is indeed pretty much the same thing as enka — cheesy but sometimes actually pretty good! LOL!! that’s prolly my trot-filled childhood speaking… i still can’t get over the fact that i listened to trot alongside chopin and mozart lolol!!

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