My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 48 Sneak Peek

I fear there may be no ping-ponging today – it looks like we’ll just be bawling through the whole episode.


Episode 48 Sneak Peek

Weepfest in the hospital as Papa Lee is rushed into surgery. 201302242029041710_1 201302242019051710_1

Turns out Papa Lee’s internal organs are a mess because he was never treated properly after getting hit by the car trying to rescue Woo-jae.  *covers face*  He reassures Woo-jae that it isn’t his fault.201302242041331710_1

Mama and President Kang finally make up and take big steps toward a happy, forever marriage.201302242053381710_1

Just when things looked to be turning around, Papa Lee develops trouble breathing, and they’re forced to intubate him.  Papa Lee looks over at Seo-young and, as a tear rolls down his eye, says in his mind “I am sorry…”201302242112441710_1

Recap coming tomorrow.  Gah, I can’t even type in an exclamation point… I’m bawling from a two-minute scan of the episode.  T_T

37 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 48 Sneak Peek

  1. I hope Papa Lee will be ok. Can you please translate what the doctors were saying about Papa Lee’s condition and what SW and MK told SY, HJ & WJ. Thanks a lot for your effort in helping us understand what is going on with this show!!!

  2. oh please… i just really hope that Papa Lee will be ok
    feel too bad for WJ and SY if something happens for Papa Lee…
    Thank you once again Pinkblossom for the sneak peak… will be waiting for the recap and of course… my usual request: translations for the conversations where our beloved WJ & SY are in… Thank you….

  3. I couldn’t even look at papa Lee on that last scene. tearjerker indeed. Looking forward for your full recap. Thanks again.

  4. OMG! Do they really have to go there? Let there be a happy reconciliation between father and daughter! I watched the raw episode and didn’t expect that last scene at all!

  5. MDSY in other blog seemed silent with very few comments as if forumers are saddened by the happenings at episode 48 esp. the ending of the said ep.

  6. Ohhh Nooo. That last scene of Papa Lee is sooo heartrending,i don’t know if i can watch that scene cuz i will be crying like you. Hope Papa Lee will be ok and also hoping for a happy ending for MDSY !!

  7. The writer won’t let the lead actress to be a villain at the end, right? So I am of full hopes that Papa Lee will be okay. I’m real curious about the discussion between brother and sister (WJ and MK) – MK seems to be surprised with WJ new attitude towards SY.

  8. did writer-nim will give us a sad ending after 2 daebak episodes???
    it made my heart broken 😦
    by the way pinkblossom ssi thanks for the sneak peak..i really appreciate your hard working..

    • take my sadness away, can i request a full conversation of Papa Kang and Mama Kang. it seems interesting thru there facial expressions looks so cute……thanks pinkblossomshii

  9. Can’t wait for the next episode.Hope it will happy ending. thanks for your rapid sneak peak. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. Damn!! If this keeps up I’m hitting my Soju collection – HARD!! This Series is taking a toll on my well-being, I just wished I had a ‘better’ half to dry upon *female shoulder needed real badly*

    Hope that PL pulls through or it will tear both son and daughter to the brink of no return, this family deserve to find happiness once the series is done. But knowing many Korean dramas – nothing is for certain….

  11. Sad ending this ep. Hope papa lee okay! It will hard for reconciliation if papa lee die. Hope the writer will give a happy ending for all the viewer that has been stickin thru this drama. Thanks pink blossom for your hardwork! 2 epi to go!!

  12. thanks for the recap I cried so much and my eyes until now it’s hurting 😦 I don’t want papa lee to die, he and sy needs more memorable memories and it’s a hearbreaking moment for sy and sw and hj i don’t think they can handle it, Go papa lee fighting! U can do it! hahaha

    SW and HJ seems a high progress now,I love it, sw becomes so sweet so *adorable* 😀

    Thanks for the sneak peak Pink Blossom! U are the best! 🙂 can’t wait for tomorrow’s full recap

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