My Daughter Seo-young: MAJOR SPOILERS

Dang dang dang.

I was – and quite honestly, still am – veeerrry hesitant to put this up…  Gah, should I be doing this?  As y’all know, I’m a sucker for spoilers.  They get me Every.  Single.  Time.  Now, if I loved ’em – which I do – it’d be no problem.  Problem is, I regret it afterwards.  Every.  Single.  Time.  Little 30-second previews don’t do much damage, but I’m talking about some big time spoilers here.  Lonesome Dove’s question about some spoiler articles floating around the web sent me hunting for said news, and can I say Eureka.  Somehow, someway, in some manner unimaginable, people have gotten a hold of HUGE chunks of Episodes 47 AND 48 of powerhouse My Daughter Seo-young (set to air this weekend).  I, of course, could not resist.  Problem is, it feels like my metaphorical balloon of excitement for this weekend kinda lost some air.

You know what, it’s not my place to decide whether or not you read these.  I’m just here to provide the goods, no? 😉  Just a disclaimer, I don’t know if these are for realsies.  But judging by the pictures/vids and shtuff, they seem legit.  I thiiink they’re from the official website…  In any case, read at your own peril.


Episode 47

# The Lee residence

Ho-jung broke a set of drawers and Papa Lee affectionately ‘scolds’ her (closer to “You could have gotten hurt!”).  Someone comes to the house and Ho-jung goes out to see who it is.


# The Kang residence

President Kang is sitting by himself in the living room, deep in thought.

Up in Sung-jae’s room, Woo-jae is splayed out the bed and oh so smug and giddy about his fantastic day.  He has obviously been telling Sung-jae about the mountain incident, but when Sung-jae asks what happened once Woo-jae revealed himself, Woo-jae just grins and says, “Stop trying to know things.”  LOL.  The worst kind of person right here, peoples.  They tell you half a story then keep the best parts to themselves.  Anyhoo, President Kang walks into Sung-jae’s room just then, much to the brothers’ surprise.  He asks Woo-jae if his foot is okay, the display of concern once again a surprise.  Woo-jae makes his exit.

Turns out President Kang wants his wife back, and he is going through Mama Kang’s rep: Sung-jae.  Hehehe.  Meanwhile, Woo-jae is in his room and starts to feel piqued that Seo-young didn’t call and ask about his ankle.  LOL.20130221_001_02


# Seo-young’s place

Sang-woo and Seo-young compare Papa Lee’s handwriting in an old journal entry and in Seo-young’s wedding guest registry.  They see Papa Lee really did indeed attend Seo-young’s wedding.  Seo-young confesses she watched Sang-woo’s wedding and explains how heartbroken she had been.  How much more so, then, must it have been for their father as he watched his daughter’s wedding?  She says she finally understands why her father took all those risks for his family, and she now knows how much her father continued to love her.  Girlfriend, it took you long enough.20130221_001_03


# The Lee residence

Sang-woo comes home and hugs his father, who is still happy over (what I’m assuming was) Seo-young’s visit earlier that day.  The next morning, Papa Lee is still in high spirits, and even made a heart shape with beans on their rice.  Hee.20130221_001_04


# Seo-young’s office

Seo-young explains that, thanks to Ho-jung’s idea, she is joining the family to go pay respects to Mama Lee.  Yeon-hee asks how Woo-jae is doing, and Seo-young belatedly realized she totes forgot him in all the madness that was goin’ on.  She calls Woo-jae, who is adorably sulking.  He says he’s at home (instead of the office) because his ankle still hurts, so Seo-young decides to go pick him up and take him to the hospital – after all, no one besides Woo-jae should be home at the Kang residence, right?  Ooh la la what’s gonna happen?!20130221_001_05



Episode 48

# The Hospital

Mi-kyung gets a call from Sang-woo, asking her if there’s an available operating room – Papa Lee needs surgery immediately.  OH.  EM.  GEE.  You did NOT just go there!!20130221_002_01


# Woo-jae’s car

Woo-jae is driving somewhere, and judging by his expression, things don’t look too good.  *bawls*20130221_002_02


# The Operating Room

Sang-woo’s expression is grim.  Kyung-ho and the doctors begin the surgery.20130221_002_03


# The Choi residence

Mama Choi anxiously welcomes Kyung-ho and asks if he found his father.  He says he did, but he needs to watch TV first, and proceeds to sit on the couch and watch TV.  Haha.


# The Kang residence

Sung-jae presents a list of Mama Kang’s adorable conditions for her return.  President Kang is dumbfounded, and Sung-jae just tells him that Mama Kang won’t come home until her husband signs a contract promising to meet all the conditions and gets the contract notarized.  LOL.


# Seo-young’s office

Yeon-hee is relieved to know that Papa Lee is okay.  *bawls in relief*  Seo-young wasn’t able to sleep at the hospital last night because Papa Lee kicked her out.  (He knew Seo-young had to go to court today for Eun-ho’s case.)  Awwwww.


# The Choi residence

President Kang packs all of Mama Kang’s stuff himself and thanks Mama Choi for letting his wife stay over.  He tells her to hurry and bring Papa Choi back home from Bali.  Mama Kang rubs salt in her friend’s wounds for good measure before hoity toit-ily following out her husband.  Hahaa.20130221_002_04


# The Kang residence

Mama Kang is welcomed home with balloons and confetti and a serenade from Sung-jae.  President and Mama Kang blow out the candle together on their congratulatory cake, ready to live happily ever after.20130221_002_05

Once in his room, Sung-jae calls Woo-jae, who’s at work, and reports that their parents have well and truly made up.  He tells Woo-jae not to worry about things at home but rather go take good care of Seo-young at the hospital.  Woo-jae thanks his little bro and heads out of the office.20130221_002_06


Via Lee Bo-young’s DC Gallery


49 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: MAJOR SPOILERS

  1. Enjoyed every little bits of your major spoilers. And for me anyway, I love spoilers. It makes me eagerly looks forward to the real show. And don’t regret putting it up. I enjoyed reading it and I’m sure others will too. Gush, I’m addicted to your blog.

  2. OMG.
    Thank you for the recaps and the spoilers. It would be rude to come here and read such major spoilers and not say thank you.

    Oh, boy, it looks legit. Too many details for people to make up. Darn it no HJ and SW moments. And what’s this with the major medical scare?

  3. what can i say, your the best pink blossomshiii….thanks a lot for the screenshots, i love it. looking forward for ep 47 to role.

  4. oh my heart nearly stopped when i read Papa Lee was in surgery but pheww he was ok yipee. nothing on sw and hj? awww

  5. thank you thank you .. i had been waiting waiting for this major spoiler don’t worry i love spoilers… thanks
    I’ll read it now.. ♥♥♥ lee sang yoon ♥♥♥

  6. made me thirst for more =). I don’t mind spoilers. in fact, reading recaps are one major spoiler already! coz i still watch the episodes after, hahahah =). Thanks for the spoilers Carrotblossoms =)

  7. Thank you so much Pinkblossom! been waiting for this another exciting week. Thanks everything is okay but no SW and HJ sweetness and another lovey dovey mode? awww hahaha anyways Thank you so much. been addicted to this blog 🙂 ❤

  8. finish reading.. thanks .. that’s why I love spoilers because if i didn’t read it here i might get a heart attack while watching episode 47 . Now that i knew that papa lee survived .. the more i am eager to watch it.

  9. waa. I want more! hahaha i love the spoilers! this blog is very helpful since I watched the video and it’s still raw tsk tsk makes my head hurts :/ i want hj and sw more ahahaha can’t stop loving the 2nd role lovers 😀

  10. Any news about MDSY excites us fans of this drama, so just keep on posting Pinkblossom. We appreciate all your efforts.

  11. reading it again and again and again .. as if i have nothing to do but reading oinkblossom blog and watching again and again and again MDSY in dramacrazy .. thank you guys …♥♥♥lee sang yoon♥♥♥

  12. I can’t thank you enough for this spoilers pinkblossom-ssi…. More! More. Please.. 🙂
    You. The Patch. And your Blog. Are AwEsOmE.!!! ^_^

  13. Thank you so much.. 🙂 I am relieved tht papa lee is okay… whew!! 🙂 i love love spoliers.. saves me from wasting my time worrying abt wats gona happen 😀 you are just awesome 😉

  14. what an early morning surprise!!! thank you so much!! Both brothers Woojae and Sungjae are adorable! Can’t miss that dimples when WJ smiles – of course when he’s happy!
    So everything is being put in its proper place – great! For a bitter woman like SeoYoung, it is really hard to let go of the despair and frustrations and burdens she’d been carrying for the last few years. I’m glad she listened to the two of the three men in his life, WJ and SW, to forgive herself first. Since we’ve seen some SW-HJ lovey-dovey scenes, looking forward to our OTP’s, of course.
    Can’t wait to watch the raw. Thanks again!!

  15. BTW – you’re not alone when it comes to spoilers and recaps – that’s how I end up in a lot of blogs. There’s another blogger who I used to visit, we call her/him “Z” in Just Dramas – looks like his/her blog has stopped. Anyway – everything right here now – daebakk!!

  16. Another one person who is also a sucker for spoilers is in. (That’s me) yay! Thank you pinkblossom. You’re an angel! ★★★★★

  17. Thanks for the spoilers. Your spoiler whether it is major major or minor is very valuable to me. I belong to the majority of fanatic viewers of MDSY who does not understand Korean language. With your spoiler, I no longer feel like an alien when watching the drama raw. You’re my guardian angel here. Am looking forward for more.,,,Kindest regards.

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