My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 46

A wooonderful episode full of tears, laughter, and lots of love.  Can we please pretty please finish strong?

Side Note: The week has been busier than expected, so I am just posting a small portion for today and will add on as time permits.  Thanks for your understanding.  [Update 02/21/2013: FINAL portion added]


Episode 46

Ho-jung races down a dark alleyway and stops to catch her breath when a hulking man slowly approaches her from behind.  He reaches toward her, and she screams her lungs out before racing away.  Just then, her phone rings, and we see it is Sang-woo (or, as she put in her phone, “My Husband”).  The stranger picks up, and Sang-woo demands to know who the heck he is.  Suddenly, the phone turns off, and the guy grumbles to the dead phone, “I was trying to say I picked up this phone.”  Hahahaa.  (Earlier, when Ho-jung was dazedly walking the streets, she had left her phone half hanging out of her pocket.  It probably fell out when she started running from one of the solicitors, prompting the stranger to pick it up and attempt to return it to her.  Funny side note: We’re led to believe the phone turned off because the battery died, but you can see when Sang-woo calls, that the phone is fully charged.  LOL.)  Sang-woo desperately searches for Ho-jung, calling out her name as he races through the streets.

Seo-young finds the missing Ho-jung crouched in front of her door, and asks with surprise why she is there.  “I had nowhere to go,” Ho-jung answers.  Awww.  How cute is it that she came to Seo-young?  Inside, Ho-jung tells her story and Seo-young says that the Sang-woo she knows wouldn’t say those kinds of things to his friend.  Ho-jung thinks it was because he didn’t know she was listening, and she explains that she couldn’t bear to confront him.  “You know how sometimes you know – and it is only natural that Oppa would feel that way – but even though I know, my heart just hurts.  [She stops and shakes her head.] No, I am demanding too much.”  Seo-young chides her and says it is only expected, and a right, for a woman to want to be loved by her husband; Ho-jung is certainly not demanding too much.  But Ho-jung just sadly smiles and says they got married because she liked Sang-woo.  Seo-young gently asks, “How did you think of coming to me?”  Ho-jung, in her naïvely sweet way, just asks, “Am I not allowed to come to you?”  Awwww.서영이46_00002

While the ladies are sharing some lovely quality time together, Sang-woo is attempting to convince the police that his wife has been kidnapped.  Considering the circumstances, they’re pretty unconvinced, and the officer asks if the man who picked up the phone couldn’t have been a boyfriend.  “My wife is not that kind of person!”  Hahaha awwww.  Back to girl time: Seo-young is surprised to hear that Sang-woo told Ho-jung everything about Papa Lee, and Ho-jung brightly smiles and says, “You see, I reaaally like Father.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand you.  Sang-woo Oppa wouldn’t have been able to go to medical school if not for you.  But that doesn’t mean either that I understand you because you sent Sang-woo to medical school.  (LOL)  I understand both you and Father, and my heart hurts for you both.  That is how I feel.”  Seo-young just smiles and is touched by Ho-jung’s sweetness and earnestness.  Ho-jung explains she can understand Father because the Papa Lee she knows is conscious of his spending, and full of love – she doesn’t even make breakfast for the family.  She has never heard a cross word from him, and if Sang-woo ever stays even a little bit in his room, Papa Lee kicks him out and tells him to go to Ho-jung.  She continues that she would not have been able to care for herself, let alone a brother (if she had one), as Seo-young did for Sang-woo.  “I would have left home or just died.  [She stops herself.]  Oh no, if I say this, then I am making Father look bad, right?”  She shakes her head and shushes herself.  AWWW.

Just then, Seo-young gets a call, and seeing Seo-young’s hesitance to pick up in front of her, Ho-jung tactfully goes to the bathroom.  The caller is none other than a frustrated and frantic Sang-woo, who asks his sister to help him out – the police refuse to accept his kidnapping report and just tell him to wait.  Seo-young is just dumbfounded, and Sang-woo repeats, “I said I think she got kidnapped!”  Seo-young breaks out into a grin, and when Sang-woo heatedly asks why she’s not saying anything, she tells him to wait – she’ll go there.  Calling out to Ho-jung, Seo-young tells her she has to go out, so she’ll drop her off on her way.  Ho-jung asks her to call Sang-woo for her, and Seo-young replies, “Forget about a loser who says those kinds of things to his friend – don’t concern yourself about whether he worries or not.  If Sang-woo asks why you stood him up, tell him he deserved it.”  Hee!서영이46_00003

Seo-young pulls up in front of the police station and tells Ho-jung to go on in – Sang-woo is inside.  Shocked, Ho-jung races in and worriedly asks Sang-woo why he’s there.  Sang-woo just stares at her, unable to believe his eyes, and Ho-jung continues, “What happened?  Did you get arrested?”  Hahaa.  [Full conversation requested by Rakydel]

Sang-woo exits the police station, obviously upset, with Ho-jung following on his heels.

Ho-jung: Oppa, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry for worrying you, but isn’t this too much?

Sang-woo stops, letting out a deep sigh of frustration.  Ho-jung continues, talking to his back.

Ho-jung: I lost my phone, and I was at Unni’s home.  Is it really that embarrassing that you reported to the police?

Still brimming with anger, Sang-woo turns around and glares at her.

Ho-jung: Think about it from my perspective.  The phone conversation could clearly have been misunderstood.

Sang-woo: How could you think something like that?  A sense of obligation?  Forcing myself to do it even though it is annoying?  If you heard, why didn’t you come and ask?  Don’t you have a mouth?!  Can’t you speak?!

Ho-jung: How could I ask something like that?  What would I do if you said it was all true?

Sang-woo: [disbelievingly] What?

Ho-jung: That you’re forcing yourself to make an effort and trying so hard… it’s all true.

Sang-woo: Who said it was forced?!  [Ho-jung looks up at him in surprise.  Tears start filling his eyes] You really…  I thought something had happened to you…  My heart shriveled up…  I kept thinking ‘What do I do if I can’t find you?  What do I do?  What do I do?!’

Ho-jung: Oppa, you really…  Did you really worry about me?  [Sang-woo just stares at her, still overcome with emotion.]  S-so, you really… me…  So for real, it wasn’t forced or annoying or… for real… for real…

Sang-woo: [can’t believe what he’s hearing] You really–

He grabs her and tightly hugs her as he fights back tears.  Ho-jung starts to cry, and Sang-woo warns, “Just you try disappearing again like that.”  Baaaawwwlll.  Seo-young watches the couple and smiles, her mission as fairy godmother complete.  On her way home, she recalls Sang-woo telling her that he only takes on what he can handle, and she smiles to herself.2013021722005182_1_rstararm

Kyung-ho calls Mi-kyung into his office and hands her his ‘evidence’ (a heart necklace with Mi-kyung’s initials inscribed on it).  “This is nothing but trash to me now, so take it,” he says.  Mi-kyung demands to know why he had been so mean to her and had never acknowledged knowing her this whole time.  He answers, “Do you know what you said as you gave me that necklace?  ‘Wait for me.  I will become a surgeon who saves others’ lives, and I will go find you, Oppa.’  We met again, and you really became a surgeon.  I was touched and proud of you, but you’re so preoccupied with romance and family issues every day!  (LOL.)  You’re the type of doctor I dislike most: one whose personal life comes before one’s calling.”  Mi-kyung doesn’t have much to say to that.201302172036151710_1

Papa Lee waits out in the cold to welcome Ho-jung home after the ‘kidnapping’ scare.  Awww.  Sang-woo and Ho-jung finally arrive, and Papa Lee half-chidingly answers that he is indeed here to thank his accident-prone daughter-in-law for coming home.  Sang-woo tells his father to scold Ho-jung, and Papa Lee replies, “I don’t want to!  What if she leaves again?  Hurry, come on.”  Hehehee awwwww.  Ho-jung is on cloud nine and tells Sang-woo, “Father must like me a lot, too,” to which he replies, “Father, too?”  Hee!  He takes her hand in his and they walk back home with their hands held tightly together.

After washing up, Sang-woo walks into the bedroom to turn in for the night, and Ho-jung is already fast asleep.  Girl had quite an adventure today, after all.  Her sleep-talking habit is still going strong, and she mumbles, “You told me to never again disappear without a word, right?  I’ll never disappear.”  Sang-woo watches with a sweet smile then quietly slips into bed, pulling Ho-jung into his arms.  Eeee!  He holds her tightly in his warm embrace, softly smiling in contentment and happiness, deep into the night.서영이46_00010

The next morning, Seo-young and Yeon-hee share their morning coffee together in the office.  Yeon-hee says Seo-young has changed so much – she even played Cupid for another couple.  Seo-young replies that it was partially for selfish reasons – she wanted Sang-woo to be happy, so she could let go of some of her guilt.  “I’m a fool.  My pride was most important when I was the one who hurt everyone.  I did not know what my loved ones were doing for me without me even knowing.  The truth was that I was receiving love.”   Big steps right there for our Seo-young.

Yeon-hee asks if Seo-young is really going to spend all the money President Kang gave her on Eun-ho, who is a virtual stranger.  Seo-young explains that she can’t use that money, but she couldn’t refuse President Kang in that situation.  She has just decided to think of it as a sponsorship of an underprivileged child, from a wealthy company.  Seo-young goes to meet with the parents whose kids were hit by Eun-ho, and she asks them to settle outside of court.  They are, of course, initially reluctant and more than incensed, but Seo-young reasons that they won’t get a cent if they go to court.  The knockout punch comes with her reminder that Eun-ho doesn’t have parents like the two of them.

Having settled everything amicably, Seo-young goes to tell Eun-ho the news, and he is none too pleased, much less grateful.  Seo-young finally reaches his bruised and closed heart, though, when she explains that she, too, had wanted to die because of her father.  But she endured, and time slowly passed, and she found reason again to live.  “Your father is not your entire life,” she tells him.  “Nothing will change if you die.  Think about your younger siblings, who depend on you.  Think about your grandmother’s love.  Above all, you don’t live because of your father.”  Eun-ho breaks down and explains that he had wanted to kill his (abusive) father – he had driven off that night in the car to die, because he feared he would kill his father if he didn’t.  Poor thing.  Seo-young gently comforts him, sharing in his grief.2013021722443480_1_rstararm

As she drives back to the office, she stops at a light and sees a father-daughter pair coming out of a shop, dressed to go hiking.  When she walks into the office, Seo-young is geared up for a hiking trip of her own, and she tells a shocked Yeon-hee that she finally remembered how much she had wanted to go hiking.

Mama Kang returns from a shopping trip with a vacuum cleaner, much to Mama Choi’s surprise, and Mama Choi is further shocked to realize her friend is quite serious about the divorce.

Mama Choi: Hey, Cha Ji-sun, are you really sure you can live by yourself if you get divorced?

Mama Kang: Why would I live alone when I have my Sung-jae?

Mama Choi: You’re going to bring Sung-jae out of the house with you?

Mama Kang: Of course.  Originally, Sung-jae was supposed to help me escape when he got married, but since I escaped prison first, I have to get him out.

LOLOL!  Mama Choi can’t believe her friend is comparing her home to a prison, and sarcastically asks if Kang Ki-bum is the head prison warden and her kids the prison guards.  “Omo omo, how can you make such perfect comparisons?” Mama Kang asks, amazed.  Hahahahaaa.  She continues, “You’re the head prison warden of your home, aren’t you?  Maybe Min-suk-sshi escaped from prison as well!”  *rolling on the floor, clutching my stomach*  These two are just So.  Funny.  Mama Choi is adamant that her husband is on vacation (Ho-jung had innocently relayed Papa Choi’s lie that he was in Bali), but Mama Kang quickly points out that he hasn’t called home even once.  Mama Kang tells her friend that it’s scarier when a gentle-mannered person gets angry.  “They might go crazy, like me.”  LOL.서영이46_00012

Her friend’s words made an impact, because Mama Choi goes in search of her husband, scouring the various home shopping agencies and finally finding the entertainment company housing Papa Choi.  The company director, however, tells Mama Choi that her husband specifically said not to reveal his whereabouts to his wife.  Hahaaha aww poor Mama Choi.

The hunted man is performing a camera test for his new drama role: an evil mobster.  As he dramatically succumbs to death, to the blaring soundtrack of “Speak Softly, Love” (from the all-time classic The Godfather), the director worries that Papa Choi is way too handsome and kind-looking.  Haha.  Sung-jae pipes in that it’s much more dramatic if the evil man doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill hit man, and Papa Choi ends up securing the role.  Hee.

Mama Kang is putting her robot vacuum cleaner to good use when she gets a call from Creepers Magician.  She heads out to meet him just as President Kang is pulling up in front of the Choi’s apartment complex, and he hilariously goes chasing after her car before racing back to his own.  Mama Kang arrives at the café where Creepers Magician is waiting to apologize to her.  He explains that his wife suffered a lot because he had been so caught up in the magic world, and Mama Kang says she already knew – that was why she didn’t press charges.  “Though you deceived others, you did not seem to deceive your wife.  Another thing: I found an answer after seeing your magic tricks, and my eyes were opened to my life.  Just think of it as a happy deception.”  Our Mama Kang ain’t to be taken lightly anymore!

Creepers Magician sees President Kang standing outside the café and tells Mama Kang that though he performed tricks, one thing is true: a bright future awaits her.  President Kang storms in, and Creepers Magician quickly makes his exit, but not before telling a furious President Kang, “Yes, I think you are pathetic.  And I hold much respect for Mrs. Kang.”  President and Mama Kang get into a heated argument about her meeting Creepers Magician, and she asks, “Are you, by chance, jealous?”  He sputters and demands to know what she wants besides stock shares, credit cards, and money.  She replies that she wants nothing from him since she knows he does not love her, and after a stunned silence, President Kang finally yells, “Well, how do I do it?”  Toning it down a bit, he repeats, “That love thing, how do I show it you?” then grumpily confesses, “I feel empty, and lonely, and irritated now that you are no longer beside me.”  Aww.  Progress!2013021723390135_1_rstararm

It’s a beautiful day, and Seo-young hikes up the gorgeous mountain, lost in thought.  She reaches the vantage point and sits down to rest, taking in the magnificent view.  Suddenly she hears a little girl’s voice complaining to her dad that she is dead tired.  It is none other than a young Seo-young and Papa Lee, long long ago.  The little Seo-young grumpily demands to know why they have to climb the mountain and why they have to go to the top, and Papa Lee just laughs and slips a chocolate in her mouth.  “This is the fare for making it halfway,” he teases.  Aww.  Appeased, she continues up the trail, hand in hand with her dad.

Back in the present, Seo-young becomes locked in another memory, this time a hiking trip with the whole family.  Papa Lee had hidden ‘treasures’ for Seo-young and Sang-woo in a section of the mountain: three pink slips of paper for Seo-young and three blue for Sang-woo.  The young Seo-young whines that she’s tired and doesn’t want to do the treasure hunt, but Papa Lee says “chocolate,” “doll’s clothes,” and “umbrella” are written on the slips of paper for her.  Sang-woo’s favorite comic book, hard candy, and Legos are on his blue papers.  If they find the slips, he’ll buy those gifts for them, but if they don’t, they have to eat their veggies.  Hehee yay bribery! ^^  The two kiddies run off, and Mama Lee asks her husband why he’s doing the treasure hunt up in the mountain instead of at the school playground as usual – especially since Seo-young doesn’t like the mountains.  Papa Lee explains that Seo-young is too frail (physically weak); hiking is the best for developing endurance and perseverance.  Mama Lee chides that he only cares about Seo-young, never Sang-woo, and Papa Lee responds that Seo-young takes excellent care of Sang-woo.  They both chuckle over how Seo-young sure takes her ‘older sister’ role seriously when she was born all of three minutes before Sang-woo.  Aww.

Seo-young finally finds her three pink slips and happily waves them in the air.  Mama Lee laughs, noting that Seo-young, who was so opposed to the treasure hunt in the beginning, now loves it.  Papa Lee grins and mock-admonishes, “Of course!  She’s my daughter.”  *heartbreak*  He races over and lifts her in his arms, joy filling his face.  The recollections continue, this time of more recent memories of Papa Lee and his strained relationship with his daughter.  The juxtaposition of their past and present relationship just breaks my heart.  We cut to Papa Lee working on his rocking chair, and my heart thuds with anxiety and a nasty sense of foreboding.  Don’t do this to meeeee, Seo-young-land!!서영이46_00016

But back to Seo-young sitting perched on a ledge, lost in the swirl of memories.  Her behind has probably gotten cold enough for one day, so she finally heads back down the mountain.  She comes to a crossroads in the trail and remembers her younger self all alone on the hiking trail, anxiously calling out to her dad.  Papa Lee appears on the trail, having fallen behind, and he tells his daughter to slow down so they can go together.  She’s a stubborn little one, and she says she’s gonna make it to the top all on her own – but since she gets scared if she doesn’t see her dad, would he be so kind as to answer when she calls?  Ha!  She scampers off, and Papa Lee smiles indulgently, shouting after her, “Okay!  You can call me anytime.”  *heartbreak #2*

Tears form in Seo-young’s eyes at the recollection, but she collects herself and turns to continue down the mountain.  Two guys appear and suggest she go down with them since she seems lost.  Seo-young uncomfortably replies that she’s with someone, so one of the guys looks around, sees she’s obviously alone, and invades her personal bubble to ask, “Who?”  Desperate, Seo-young cries out, “W-woo-jae-sshi!”  And as if conjured up by her imagination, Woo-jae suddenly appears from behind her and shouts out, “What’s wrong?  I’m here!”  He awkwardly picks his way down the slope to a flabbergasted Seo-young, and he asks, “What’s wrong?  What did those punks say?”201302172050151710_1

Seo-young: [dumbfounded] W-woo-jae-sshi.

Woo-jae: [adorably defiantly] I really wasn’t planning to show myself until you called my name.  I had no choice but to come because Yeon-hee-sshi made an SOS call.

Seo-young: Yeon-hee?

We get a flashback to Woo-jae getting a call while at work.

Woo-jae: She said she was going to the mountain on her own, in this freezing weather?

Yeon-hee: Yes.  I couldn’t stop her because it was so sudden, but I got worried.

Woo-jae: Where?  Which mountain did she say she was going to?  When did she leave?

Woo-jae arrives at the mountain and spots Seo-young starting up the trail.  He looks down at his clothing and shoes, fit for the office and obviously not a snow-covered mountain, but he has little choice.  Back to the present.

Seo-young: But still, how could you – without even wearing hiking clothes, in this freezing weather?!

Woo-jae just looks sheepish.

Seo-young: Woo-jae-sshi, are you out of your mind?  Crazy?!

Woo-jae: [a grin breaking out] Are you worrying about me right now?

Seo-young: [grumbling] What, how can I not worry?

Woo-jae: Look who’s talking.  [Warming up to his subject] Have you no fear?  How could you (a woman) go to the mountains alone, and at this hour?  And just right now, too!  What would you have done if it weren’t for me?

Seo-young: [right back at him] What do you mean if it weren’t for you?  You of all people have no right to say anything – you didn’t even wear hiking clothes or hiking shoes!

Woo-jae is effectively silenced by that comeback.

Seo-young: [suddenly realizing something] You must have been cold earlier when I was sat down for quite a while.  Where were you then?

Woo-jae: Was meditating in the mountains your hobby or something?  How could you space out like that for an hour?  I thought I was gonna die from the cold.

Hee!  We get a mini flashback of him watching Seo-young from behind a tree, shivering in the cold (when she was sitting on the ledge, thinking of the past).  Back back back to the present.  Seo-young sighs.

Seo-young: You really are impossible.

Woo-jae: What do you want to do for the trip down?  Do you want me to go first, or do you want to go ahead of me?  [No answer.]  I think it’ll be better if I go first.  I’ll act as your guide, so just think of me as a road sign and follow carefully.

He turns around and starts walking away, and Seo-young calls out, “At least take this (her walking pole)–”  Before the words are out of her mouth, Woo-jae slips and goes down flailing.  Perhaps we should rename this couple the Freezing Behind Couple.  Seo-young rushes over to him.

Seo-young: Woo-jae-sshi!  Are you okay?  Are you okay?  Did you get hurt?

Woo-jae: [trying to laugh it off] It’s okay, it’s okay.

He gets up but cries out in pain when he tries to lean on his right ankle.

Seo-young: Did you hurt your ankle?!  Oh no, what do we do?  Let me see it.  For heaven’s sake, sit down!!

Woo-jae: It’s okay.  It just kinda throbs a little.

Seo-young: [lets out her frustration]  What did I say?  I knew this would happen!

Woo-jae has the good sense to keep his mouth shut.  Note to men: Just let the ladies do their thing in cases like these.  Seo-young grabs Woo-jae’s hand, which has a large scrape along the edge of the palm.  She glares at him, obviously upset and frustrated beyond belief, and Woo-jae once again makes the right decision: sheepish silence.

The two slowly make their way down the mountain, with Woo-jae leaning on Seo-young and using one of her walking poles as a crutch.

Seo-young: Isn’t it tiring?

Woo-jae: Yeah, it’s hard.

Seo-young: It’s hard for you because you’re so tall.

Woo-jae: Talk about it.  I can’t believe someone as big as me is being helped by someone as small as you.

Seo-young: [sassily retorts] I’m not small!

Woo-jae stops and smiles at her, then affectionately rubs her head.  Seo-young stares, and he quickly removes his hand, and they hobble together down the mountain.  They finally reach the bottom of the trail and Seo-young struggles to catch her breath, completely tired out.  Woo-jae grabs his handkerchief and gently blots the beads of sweat on her face.  Second note to men: Handkerchiefs are still to be carried around in the 21st century!2013021723412059_1_rstararm

Woo-jae: I can’t even say I’m sorry.

Seo-young: I’m okay.  Is your foot okay?

Woo-jae: Let me make one more request, though I’m sorry.  Would you drive me to the hospital?

Seo-young: Sure.  Give me your keys.

Woo-jae: Wait a second, you brought your car, too, didn’t you?  Never mind.  Would you just call the chauffeur service for me?

Seo-young: What are you talking about?!  Stop talking nonsense.  I can pick up my car later; hand me your keys.

Woo-jae relents and the two head back to the city.  They drive in silence, and Woo-jae turns to silently stare at Seo-young.  Hee.

Seo-young: Why aren’t you saying anything?

Woo-jae: Because you might dislike it.

Seo-young: You’re already doing all kinds of things I don’t like.  [[Hehehee]]

Woo-jae: [smiles in self-deprecation] That’s why I’m trying not to do anymore.  [He settles back into his seat and closes his eyes.]

Seo-young: Why did you just let Mr. Ahn go?  [Woo-jae looks at her.]  You disobeyed Father and even paid Mr. Ahn’s loans.

Woo-jae: Once, in the past, I talked about this and that with your father when he was working at our company.  He told me then that he had been greatly hurt when he was kicked out (laid off) of the company he worked at, without a word of apology.  I detest Mr. Ahn, but I felt bad for his employees who had faithfully worked as our subcontractors the past 25 years.  [Seo-young doesn’t respond.  He gently continues,]  Seo-young-ah, I really admire you. [She turns and looks at him.]   If I had been you, I would not have been able to endure and overcome it all.  [Her eyes begin to fill with tears.]  When I think of how difficult it must have been for you, my eyes well up with tears.

Seo-young: What do you know, for you to cry?

Woo-jae: It was your mistake for not telling about your father in that moment.  Everybody makes mistakes.  It’s the same for everyone; everyone makes mistakes in their lives.  So you forgive yourself first.

Seo-young quietly nods, for once just accepting his sincerity.  Praise the Lord.서영이46_00023 서영이46_00024

Woo-jae gets his ankle checked out at the hospital, with Sang-woo and Mi-kyung watching, and the doctor says it’s nothing too serious.  Seo-young asks Sang-woo for a complete checkup just to be safe, and Woo-jae protests that it’s not necessary.  Sang-woo agrees that that’s a bit overboard, and Mi-kyung mocks her brother.  A tense moment follows when Woo-jae asks his sister to keep the accident a secret, and she says she’s sick and tired of keeping secrets.  Woo-jae tries to break the tension by brightly telling Seo-young to go on home.  Mi-kyung can care for him now, plus Seo-young must be worn out after propping him up all the way down the mountain.  He tells her to go home and rest, and Seo-young docilely agrees – a reaction that surprises Sang-woo.

Seo-young asks Mi-kyung to talk, and our down-to-earth doctor is officially back to her easy-going self.  Before Seo-young can apologize (about the Sang-woo & Mi-kyung craziness), Mi-kyung tells her that it’s all in the past.  She explains that her own recent experiences have helped her understand Seo-young, and she doesn’t want Seo-young to blame herself any longer.  Choking up, Seo-young reflects, “Everyone is so much more mature than I am.”  Yay for continued growth.서영이46_00025

A sleepy Kyung-ho opens his door in the middle of the night to a demoralized Mama Choi.  She asks him to find his father – she searched for him all day, all to no avail.  Haha.

Seo-young arrives home after a busy bee day and listlessly crawls into bed.  How cute is it that she uses Woo-jae’s arm pillow?  Looks like someone used her hubby’s arm quite a bit during her marriage.  Over at the Lee family home, Sang-woo shares with Papa Lee and Ho-jung his surprise at the day’s events: Seo-young brought Woo-jae to the emergency room and called over him and Mi-kyung because of a measly sprained ankle.  Hee!  “By the way, Father, when did you see Seo-young by coincidence?” he asks.  (He’s referring to when Papa Lee claimed to have found out about Seo-young’s marriage by chance while hiking in the area.)  Papa Lee fumbles for an excuse, and Sang-woo finds it odd his father went hiking in that area when they have mountains right next to their own home.  Choosing to deflect the question, Papa Lee changes the subject and asks why Seo-young was hiking when she just opened her law office.  Sang-woo explains that it’ll take her about a year to settle in; though it will be difficult, his sister will handle it with aplomb.서영이46_00027

The news that Seo-young will struggle to make ends meet for the first year or so visibly worries Papa Lee.  He goes into his room and takes out his wooden box (the one where he had kept the articles of Woo-jae and the Kang family), and from the very bottom, in a ‘hidden’ compartment, he takes out an envelope.

The next morning, Seo-young walks into her office and Yeon-hee raises her arms in surrender, admitting she was a spy.  Hee.  We get a flashback to Woo-jae and Yeon-hee’s meeting (probably right after Sun-woo gave him Yeon-hee’s number), when Yeon-hee had said she wouldn’t do anything Seo-young didn’t like.  But Woo-jae said he heard Yeon-hee was a very close friend, a trusted friend, of Seo-young.  Back in the present, Yeon-hee explains she thought that as a close, trusted friend, she had the right to read into her friend’s heart.  “What’s in my heart?” Seo-young asks.  Yeon-hee replies, “You want to love, but you can’t.”  Aww.  Yeon-hee continues that Woo-jae is owed at least this much – even Seo-young said that he didn’t divorce her, but rather that he gave her a divorce.  (The emphasis is that Woo-jae did what Seo-young wanted.)  The person she feels worst for is Woo-jae.  Seo-young replies, “It looks like everyone else is an adult – I’m the only one who is still a child.”  More progress!서영이46_00028

Just then, someone knocks on the office door, and in walks Papa Lee – much to everyone’s surprise.  He and Seo-young go inside her private room to talk.  [Full conversation as requested by LBY]

Seo-young: What brings you here?

Papa Lee: I have something I need to return to you.

Seo-young: [confused] You have something to return to me?

Papa Lee: I heard it takes quite a bit of money to open a law office and settle in.  As you already know, I don’t have anything (any skills, connections, etc.) to offer that can help you.  [He takes out the envelope from inside his jacket and places it on the table.]  Here… it’s what you left with me.  (The word ‘left’ is closer to asking someone to hold onto something for you for a little bit.)  I’m returning it to you.

Seo-young: What is this?

We get a flashback to the day Seo-young said her good-byes to Papa Lee, lying that she was going to America to study.  After she left, a heartbroken Papa Lee found the envelope of money Seo-young had left behind for him, a discovery that brought even greater grief and heartache.  Back in the present, Seo-young opens the envelope – and the money ($5,000) is perfectly intact.

Seo-young: You didn’t use this?

Papa Lee: How could I use that?

Seo-young: I gave it to you to use!  So you could at least repay your debt.

Papa Lee: I’m just returning what you entrusted with me, so you use it as you see fit.  I’ll leave.

He gets up to leave.  Seo-young recalls Woo-jae’s words to her in the car the previous night about how he wouldn’t have been able to endure such difficulties, and how his heart breaks for her.

Seo-young: Father.  [Papa Lee stops in front of the door and turns around.]  Did you by chance meet Woo-jae-sshi?

Papa Lee: I m-m-met him because I was employed there.

Seo-young: What did you talk about with Woo-jae-sshi?

Papa Lee: [silence]

Seo-young: Why did you tell him about those things?!  The only people who have the right to curse you, hate you, and say anything about you are Sang-woo, Mom, and I!  Why did you tell others – why did you say those things to Woo-jae?!  Why?!  I’m going to go crazy because of you!

Papa Lee: I’m sorry.

He quickly leaves, his face stricken with grief.  Yeon-hee rushes in.2013021723431330_1_rstararm

Yeon-hee: Seo-young-ah!  Why did you say things you don’t mean?

Seo-young: He said he told Woo-jae all about himself.

Yeon-hee: What?

Seo-young: Woo-jae was still his son-in-law.  It wasn’t enough for him to call Woo-jae “Vice President.”  You know my father’s past.  [In tears.]  He revealed all of his shameful past.  I’m really going crazy because of my father.

Bawl.  That night, Seo-young goes home and starts to go through the stuff sent over from the Kang residence.  She opens a box, and inside is an envelope full of bills – it was the one Papa Lee gave her to use when she was studying in America.  Waaaail.  Yeon-hee comes over and ends up helping organize Seo-young’s stuff.  She finds the guest registry from Seo-young’s wedding, and Seo-young explains that all those people were hired to pose as guests.  Yeon-hee comes upon a “Lee Sam-jae” in the registry and points it out to Seo-young, who recognizes the handwriting.  She recalls Papa Lee fumbling for an answer when asked how he learned about her wedding.  *covers eyes*  Is she gonna connect the dots?  After Yeon-hee leaves, Seo-young asks Secretary Yoon for the name of the company they used to hire her wedding guests.

The next morning, Seo-young goes to the company and asks if a “Lee Sam-jae” was ever employed.  Lo and behold, they pull up Papa Lee’s file – and there, on his list of events attended, is Seo-young’s wedding.  Eek!  Her eyes fill with tears as she starts to tremble…201302172112001710_1



Whew!  *wipes brow*  See, I gotta wipe my own brow because I ain’t got Woo-jae beside me.  Looks like I need to head to Korea ASAP.  But I digress.  Thanks for stickin’ with us through the maginormous recap that spanned nearly the entire week!

The good citizens of Korea knew what they were doin’ this past Sunday, because they racked up a whopping all-time best 46% rating (AGB Nielsen; 48.5% TNmS) for the 46th episode.  Too much for coincidence? 😉  In terms of story progression, amount of content, and acting performances, I may just have to agree with the Korean citizens that this episode was the best yet.  Seo-young has followed the usual weekend drama pattern of better-Sunday-than-Saturday, and this week was no exception.  I just wish we could go bestestest-both-Sunday-and-Saturday!  But I’ll take what I can.

There were just so many wonderful things that happened in this episode…  But I’ll just pick the last portion, since it is closest to my heart.  Seo-young is finally starting to break out of her bubble of anguish and self-inflicted misery, and can I say Hallelujah?  The scene with Papa Lee in her office just broke my heart – her anger and frustration are not born of hatred but out of love.  She’s so upset because she doesn’t want her father to be looked down upon by others.  She doesn’t want him to demean himself before others.  It just breaks my heart.  And judging by the previews, it seems like we’ll continue to see forward progress – instead of feeling anger at this final revelation, Seo-young realizes just how much her father loves her.  I can’t wait.

New friends have joined us this week once again!  Welcome, azuwaza163, Bengbeng, dee, Elmira Khazaei, idah, intan, Lynn J, marvel, mummygin, Ninabanana, nunna_nom, Nutmeg, Pig pig, ranze, SERWENA1212, sheen, summerlamb, and tessie!  It’s hard to believe we’ve only got two weeks left of going nutsos over Seo-young together…  Let’s make it good! 😀


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