The Quiz Show Scandal- Movie Review

I was bored last night and perused Netflix for a Korean comedy to kill the time. I stumbled upon The Quiz Show Scandal. The premise is that a group of people find out the last question and answer to a quiz show on TV. Now they just have to get the first 29 correct and win the jackpot! Interesting enough. So I pressed play. And it was hilarious! Semi-dark comedy of sorts.


Synopsis: A young woman seems to throw herself into traffic on a highway and 4 cars are involved in a pile-up. The cars involved are:

Car 1: Do Ho-man (Song Young-chang) and his genius son, Ji-yong (Lee Ji-yong)

Car 2: gambling-addict Kim Sang-do (Ryu Seung-ryong) , his wife Jang Pal-nyeo (Jang Young-nam) and their young daughter


Car 3: gangsters, Lee Do-yeob (Kim Su-ro) and Park Sang-gil (Han Jae-suk)


Car 4: four members of a depression-therapy group including president Kim Jeong-sang (Kim Byeong-ok), high-school student Kim Yeo-na (Shim Eun-Kyung) , French teacher Lee Sang-hoon (Lee Sang-hoon) and a cell phone company employee (Lee Moon-soo)


Everyone is taken to the police station to clarify the incident. At the station, restaurant delivery boy Oh Cheol-ju (Ryu Deok-hwan) and drunkard Lee Jun-sang (Im Won-hee) are also present. Everyone at the station finds out the dead woman writes questions for the TV program Quiz Show (similar to “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”). The USB in her possession has the final question for the next show. No one in the history of the show has answered all 30 questions because of the final question is always notoriously difficult.  The next shows winnings are $10 million.

Everyone scrambles to cram trivia knowledge in their brains. The winnings increase by the night of the show to $13.5 million. However, little do the contestants know the producers of the show are running a scam and no one is supposed to win. Game on!

Thoughts: Decent movie. It was hilarious in the first three quarters of this movie. However the show started to lose steam. I don’t know if there was a translation lapse of what but the ending of the movie did not quite make sense to me. I kept rooting for the genius son, Ji-yong, the whole movie, but yah…I don’t want to spoil the ending. Huge cast. But you find those who you want to cheer on. Anyway, to summarize: great buildup but quick downfall and confusing ending. This movie is a good time but don’t take it too seriously.

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