My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 46 Sneak Peek

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Thank you all so much for your kind words and support concerning the plagiarism issue.  Your continued encouragement means a lot not only to me but to all of us here at the Patch.

The Episode 45 recap isn’t quite done yet, for which I apologize.  It will be up later tonight (at the latest), and Episode 46 tomorrow.  Thanks again.


A Sneak Peek of Episode 46

Sang-woo frantically goes searching for Ho-jung and reports a kidnapping at the police station… but Ho-jung is with Seo-young.  LOL.  Seo-young gets a call from a desperate Sang-woo, and she acts as the fairy godmother for the couple, dropping Ho-jung off at the police station where Sang-woo is waiting.  That night, Sang-woo holds a sleeping Ho-jung in his arms… (EEEEEH!!)2013021722005182_1_rstararm201302172020091710_1


Seo-young successfully finishes the Eun-ho case.2013021722443480_1_rstararm


Seo-young goes up to the mountain to do some serious self-reflecting and thinking.  A couple of guys hit on her, and she calls out to Woo-jae to pretend that she is with someone.  But voila!  Woo-jae magically shows up (he was asked by Yeon-hee to watch after Seo-young).  He gets hurt while coming down the mountain, and Seo-young’s obvious concern and care reveal she ain’t so ready to cut off ties quite yet.201302172050151710_1


By chance, Seo-young sees Papa Lee’s name in her wedding registry, and a little investigating reveals that he had indeed attended her wedding…201302172112001710_1


27 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 46 Sneak Peek

  1. Thank u. Can’t wait for your full recap. If its not too much to ask, can you please share the conversation between HJ and SW at the police station-up to the point where they lovingly hugged each other please.. ^_^

  2. Thank you for the sneak peek – seems like will see a lot more lovey-dovey scenes from our OTP in the next 4 episodes.

  3. I watched the raw and had a big laugh when SeoYoung frantically called our WooJae’s name and he answered real quick. Lots of flashbacks that explain the reason why WJ is always there – instead of people misunderstanding him as stalking (he is stalking with some help though). Can’t wait for the full recap. thanks again!!

  4. I started watching this drama from the very beginning, raw, understanding few words only, but enjoying it so much…Now, when the drama is almost finished I wonder if Seoyoung and Woojae will be able to be together again. Their hearts are at half away from this choice, because of their families and relatives…But, still, all of them, family members I mean, they’ve seen that nobody is perfect, everyone has a secret, or make a mistake that later he’s ashamed of, so, in my opinion they can be a couple half away either: Woo Jae should leave the big house to find his happiness with his beloved wife in some other place, just for two of them…
    Is a pity to follow them for so long and now to see them being separate because un-matching backgrounds. I want to see them happy, having children, visiting friends, brothers, sisters, parents, enjoying family parties, things like that. Am I asking for too much?
    Sorry, of course I’m just waiting for your recaps…
    Live well and take care,

  5. HIMi finally I found a site for this drama’s recap… Thanks for the sleek peek and the write-ups:))))))

  6. Thank you for the sneak peak 🙂 This drama is so good! I love it! a lot of progress and improvement for HJ ans SW yay! and a more revelations from SY and his dad papa lee. can’t wait for more episodes to go and the ending! 🙂

  7. thank you for the sneak peek. 🙂 I watch the raw last night and even if I don’t understand some of the dialogues (me and my little knowledge with the korean language), I’m squealing in delight when SW hold HJ in his arms!!! yay!!!! will wait for the full recap! fighting! Thanks again. XD

  8. Thanks for the recap pinkblossom. Wow every secret has to be reveal ya (papa lee attend SY wedding). Finally SY knew.

  9. Ms. Author, I hope those people won’t affect you in keeping this blog as fab as it is. We all are hetr for you.

    Can’t wait for the recaps and the few more episodes left. I hope after this series, you’ll get to introduce us with some more beautiful series.

    Btw, I got addicted with Life Is Beautiful too. Woojae was there too and he’s just awesome.

    LOVE Lots!

  10. Watched the raw episode of episode 46, and was great to see Sang Woo and Hojung, making some great strides with their relationship, I laughed when she ran into the police station, and Sang Woo, came storming out, and how she followed him, and was saying she was sorry, or even when Sang Woo called his sister, for help too, this was a really good episode, a lot to smile about in this eppy:D

  11. I really love lee sang yoon as woojae .. hoping for happy ending will be unfair for woojae for after so much chasing after SY the will end up nothing.. huh!!!! no please..

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