My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 45 Sneak Peek

Sang-woo tries to smooth things over by telling Seo-young (who saw the picture of Sang-woo, Mi-kyung, and Papa Lee) that he and Mi-kyung are – and were – just colleagues.201302162010181710_1

Alas, Seo-young quickly figures things out and confirms the truth with Woo-jae.  He desperately tries to comfort her, but it is all to no avail.201302162038091710_1

Sang-woo tells Seo-young to let up with the self-recrimination and to stop living under the shadow of all her past hurts.  Seriously, lady, give it up already.2013021623323981_1_rstararm

Uuunfortunately, Seo-young seems determined to wallow in self-pity and misery, because she pushes Woo-jae away yet again and tells him she doesn’t even want to be friends any longer.2013021622314070_1_rstararm

The cutie newlyweds have their first fight when Ho-jung finds out that all of the adorable things Sang-woo has been doing were him merely checking off items on her blog wish list.  She tells him she wanted him to do those things of his own volition when he truly loved her, not to fulfill her wish list.  Sang-woo asks her out on a date to make up, but she overhears his phone conversation and erroneously thinks it is about her.  Deeply hurt, Ho-jung wanders around in the dark of the night and runs into a drunken man.  Sang-woo calls Ho-jung, and the drunken creeper picks up instead then hangs up…201302162103011710_1201302162111531710_1



I love Korean dramas (and the K-ent world in general) and am thus more than happy to share the love with everyone.  Unfortunately, some people have taken advantage of our Patch and plagiarized our content.  Some bloggers do not allow ANY copy-and-pasting of their content.  As I noted, I am here to enjoy in the K-ent world with all of you, so I do not mind people sharing our content in other forums or blogs as long as proper credit is given to our Patch.  (Our blog’s name and a link would be preferred.)  Sadly, I found a website that sorely abused my trust.  I do not wish to name names, so I just ask that the website in question please pull down their plagiarized content and send me an email as requested.

To all of our Patch Friends: If you happen to find other sites plagiarizing our content, please be so kind as to let me know (  Sorry for the unpleasantness and thank you for your continued support of our Patch.


22 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 45 Sneak Peek

  1. Hi Pink Blossom, my god thank you for the fast recap! 🙂 You are the best blog I have ever seen! yay! I am like stalking here every 5 minutes to check if there is a recap of my fave my daughter is seo young.. – You got ur point for being rude about violating and plagiarizing this great work of yours, I will support you. It’s not a good habit to get information from others tho.. tsk spank them hard! >.<

    I love HJ and Sw but I don't think I can sleep since I am waiting for whole recap and for next episode, poor HJ she looks miserable and pity but the moment his husband running to look for her *sparks* – might be a beginning to truly open his heart haha! anyways, Thank you so much! God bless you! ❤

  2. thanks for the sneak peek.. at least i have an idea what happened in episode 45.. waiting for tomorrow’s recap proper.. thank you so much pink blossom

  3. omgheee…. HJ-SW’s blossoming relationship on a roll..I wish I could say the same for SY-WJ’s.
    thanks again for your hardwork pinkblossom-ssi… 😀
    those people plagiarizing your patch should be “hanged to death”…hehe-just kidding..
    although they should really ask for your permission to do those kind of stuff.
    Your generosity and effort trying to share your awesome recap to us is amazing and you deserve to be given proper credit for it. ^_^

  4. i get irritated in SY self pity mode… If I am woojae I will leave her alone at least for a month… let her miss me and all that..

  5. Thanks for the sneak peek… Looking forward for your recaps. Waiting patiently….God bless. Belated happy valentine’s day:-D

  6. Thank you for the fast recap. And I agree and support you and if I find any plagiarizing I will be glad to inform you. You have the best blog and you should get the credit not someone else. But I want to be a devil act. for a moment to keep an open mind, and with saying this, this is why maybe they like your stuff and want to advertize and don’t know how. Because I have wanted to do so in the pass but didn’t because I didn’t know how. I liked that you suggested what to put in theirs but could you go a step further and let them know how as well because this might be the problem. Just a thought and I hope I didn’t make you upset by saying this. Again Love your blog check it everyday and most times more than once. Also A big thanks on the Shinhwa Concert info I’m a fan of them as well.

  7. Thank you for the recap (as always) and I support/appreciate your effort in sharing the weekly love and enjoyment. Sad to hear about the thief or thieves…

    Such outrageous bloglifting by inconsiderate kdrama addicts must be uncovered and denounced anywhere. They may be sabotaging this site on purpose…I hope not!

    Nonetheless, let us all support @pinkblossom and her cause. It is only fitting….no more no less.

    Funny, how one vice (addiction) feeds into another (thief)…LOL.

  8. Another great episode – however SeoYoung reacts on anything, I will still follow them. 5 more episodes to iron out everything should be perfect for everyone in this story, i.e., Kang, Choi, SW & HJ and most of all, SY and WJ. SW is right, SY just have to let go of the past – she created most of them anyway. thanks for the quick recap.

  9. thanks for the sneak peek…cant wait for the full recap – it seems like everyone is about 4 episodes behind on subs…god i wish i can understand korean…

  10. Thank you for the prompt review. I will no longer request for more because i know you are going to do as i wish and i would not like to pressure you. I just want to let you know that you are doing a great job here and you play an important role in making the viewers appreciate the drama more. I can’t thank you well enough. Thanks for the love. Love you more….and more….

  11. i appreciate your time and effort in writing recaps for us to be able to understand and enjoy the story. i look forward to your reviews in the succeeding weeks to come.Thank you.

  12. Thanks for the sneak peek. Looking forward to the recap.
    Sorry to hear that proper credit is not being given for your work. 😦

    From what I can figure out from the raws. I like Seo-young’s remorse. She did wrong, and while I understand her choices, she hurt others–a lot. I think penitence is due. Since we are in the season of Lent, perhaps she should give up all possibilities of happiness for 40 day and 40 night in reel time and wear sackcloth and ashes for the duration. With the end of Lent, come renewal and rebirth,. . . . and maybe remarriage. Although these are Christian and Jewish traditions, I am only using them metaphorically not literally.

  13. Thanks for this pinkblossom. Weve only got 5 more episodes to go.
    I know how you feel pinkblossom. It is not fun when somebody copy your work. Tsk tsk. And as a call out to the individuals who copy other blogger’s work, please don’t do that. Let us respect the hardwork that bloggers do. It is not easy to do recaps and screencaps.
    As a reader of this blog, I am enjoying my stay here. Reading recaps is one of my life’s small pleasures and I don’t want that pleasure to be taken away if the authors decided to stop recapping because of plagiarizing. Thank You!!!!! 😀

  14. Thanks for the re-caps, though I’m only watching ep 39 (as the rest is still being subbed!!). Be honest I’m slowly trying to learn Korean – even watching three different dramas at the same time does give me some understanding of the language. But still too slow for my liking!! Fail that I have language apps on both my NoteII and Galaxy Tab2 to keep handy in times when theres nothing else to do – or watch!! Its sad to hear that some people are stealing your content to use elsewhere – hope they see the error of their ways and make right!! FIGHTING!!

  15. Ohh nooo… See Young aaa….,pls stop kept looking back,why you kept digging your own problem,its not your fault neither WJ or SW or MK fault. if ever writer nim could read and understand our frustation,pls dont create such boring conflict..Jeballlll….,my salute to pinkblossom ssi as our angel…

  16. i really love SW and HJ couple and waiting with great anticipation for the moment when SW finally realizes HJ has already entered his heart. was so frantic coz cable provider had a glitz during SY, My daughter airtime. Woke up at 2:10am to watch the replay.

  17. Am truly with you about the people who plagiarize. That is totally not right. Anyway, thanks for the sneak peak and don’t be discouraged about it all and go about your marvelous work-there’s a throng of us rooting and appreciating your work.Fighting!!! Ajah!!

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