Happy Valentine’s Day!!


Hope you’re all having a lovely Valentine’s Day!

For all the single ladies out there – and even those who are taken, ’cause you can always wub Won Bin!

[credit: BiothermKorea]

Choice #1: the Oppa who always makes my heart flutter

Choice #2: the cute Younger Man (cougar town!) who is full of aegyo

Choice #3: the Bad Boy who is a pro at “push and pull” (give and take~)

Choice #4: the comfortable same-age Boyfriend

Which is your choice?  Happy Valentine’s Day!


6 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  1. First of all I’d like to say that I just love your patch!Everything you write is just so lovely and sweet and cute…:)
    As for your question I would choose number two on the condition that this cute younger man has done his military service.This noona cannot wait for two years! 😀

  2. how the heck do you manage to include won bin in a valentines post is beyond me. hahaha happy belated valentines! :)))

  3. Number 1 for me! But nowadays the number of drool worthy dongsengs in kdrama land is growing so rapidly, you should have another choice of younger men full of manly aura to make hearts flutter! I will switch in less than a heartbeat! Happy belated v day!

  4. I’d go for choice 1. everytime i stare at my hubby’s face, i always think he’s so handsome. hahahah, it makes my heart flutter! hehehe!

  5. Would defo be choice 1. For me, he’s my ultimate bias since Atumn days time.. Blush.. Ps happy belated valentine day to all members in the patch..

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