My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 44 Sneak Peek

Seo-young goes to Mama Kang’s rescue.2013021021453446_1_rstararm

Good luck, evil lady, tryin’ to pull a con over Seo-young.2013021022353895_1_rstararm


Mi-kyung finally figures out that Kyung-ho is indeed her first love.  I knew it!201302102115121710_1


Seo-young and Woo-jae enjoy an adorable date.서영이44_00006


Ho-jung warmly invites Seo-young in to celebrate the Lunar New Year with them.  Awww.2013021023240667_1_rstararm

Uuunfortunately, Seo-young finds out that Mi-kyung and Sang-woo once dated…201302102108591710_1

Sang-woo, why the heck do you still have that picture in your phone?!?!


Happy Lunar New Year (agaaain) from Sang-woo and Ho-jung!  [And a veeery belated Haaaappy (solar) New Year!!]201302071441162510_1

25 responses to “My Daughter Seo-young: Episode 44 Sneak Peek

  1. Thank you.

    So looking forward to the recap.

    Love the Mama Kang camping out at Mama Choi. much to Mama Choi’s consternation.

    It looks like a great episode, even though I didn’t understand a word.

  2. Thank you for the sneak peek!!
    After that, I can’t resist watching some scenes in raw.. Even though i can’t understand korean, but Mama Kang’s giddy scene on the bed make me laugh deliriously.. (nothing dirty in this scene lol i don’t know how to put it in words).. Mama Kang looks really happy.. (Actually this scene kind of remind me when Papa Choi quit the job & sampling the youth life hehehe).. At the other side, Papa Kang is alone at the house during the Lunar New Year.. and wow, did i spy bibimbap there Papa Kang? Lol
    I love the interaction between HJ & SY.. HJ is so adorable..

  3. so what happens now between SY and WJ? will SY now realize that there is really no need for her to hold on to her foolish pride and just admit that she loves WJ dearly too? she only briefly showed that in eps 32-39 when she was struggling to understand WJ. but methinks it was not enough. in the next episodes, she should show how much WJ means to her and WJ should also show that they deserve each other!

  4. and at least two other couples are getting a divorce: the parents of WJ and the parents of HJ!what the heck?

  5. and WJ’s clothes/costumes make look very handsome and so put together-debonaire extraordinary. in comparison, while SY is naturally beautiful, I quite don’t like what they did to her hair! and her clothes don’t match or equal that of WJ. perhaps it is also to show how simple her tastes are, nothing flashy and fashionable. Nevertheless, I feel the costume designers could do better. she’s a lawyer after all and she’s recovering from a divorce. she might want to improve her wardrobe a litlle?just asking.

    • WJ’s clothes even when he’s at home looks well put together. Maybe the show’s stylist has an easier job because everything looks good on WJ because of his height and built. ^_^. SY s’ character was always simple since the start of the show maybe because of their family situation. But I agree with you that she could use a new style because of her post divorce life.

  6. I’m glad SY joined them for lunar new year and offered something to their departed mother.

  7. It was so poignant how she bowed ever so slowly. I guess it was one way for her to heal her own wounds and hurts.

  8. so SY and WJ went out? not understanding Korean, I can only guess that the two are in fact at the early stages of a better relationship for both of them. I hope.I believe it is possible for them to get back together. The guy loves the girl. the girl has feelings for the guy definitely. let’s see if they’ll really be able to surmount their current difficulty. will SY be able to allow herself to really freely love WJ this time without lies and deception. and WJ would really be able to accept her (SY) for all that she is and all that she has.

  9. I really hope pinkblossom that your next post would have more transcription of the conversation between the two. there is no one else who does it better than you do. I salute you. thanks for all your hard work. fans like me are forever grateful.

  10. all the episode 44 is good except for the last that Sy figure out that his brother once dated MY and why he still have the photo! 😥 I feel bad haha! jealous I guess hahaha! anyway i love the photo of the couple on sw phone, how adorable! more magical moments for sw and hj! and wj and sy need to get back together so everyone is happy.. recap pls can’t wait! 🙂 Thanks Pink Blossom, more recap for HJ and SW ❤

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